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Chapter Three: O.v.e.r.c.o.n.f.i.d.e.n.c.e.


"What's going on in here?" The shrill authoritarian voice broke the tension within the room and swiftly, Joey released Kaiba and the rest of the boys distanced themselves from him.

The teacher glanced around the room, observing the countenance on each patron, before speaking again, "There was a lot of racket coming from this room and I demand an explanation."

"Sorry, Miss. Takahashi, they were practicing for a Drama project," Serenity said softly, clasping her hands tightly in front of her and biting her lower lip nervously. "They didn't mean to make this much noise..."

"Well, you've practiced enough -everybody out!"

One by one the boys filed out until the only two people left in the room were Serenity and Kaiba. The teacher seemed satisfied with the significantly lower number of students in the room and followed the last boy out, leaving Serenity and Kaiba alone with one another.

Kaiba was left to stare at Serenity's back, wondering what the evil creature was plotting. She certainly didn't seem like the devil's spawn, considering her petite figure, long and neat hair, and the overall tidiness of her appearance. But appearances certainly did deceive.

"What the hell did you tell your brother about me?" Kaiba demanded in the most low and perilous voice he could muster. Serenity turned around and offered him a sweet smile, seemingly unaffected by his more than apparent ire.

"Kaiba, it's wise not to mess with fire," Serenity chirped, sauntering to him. "It hurts when you're burned."

"Enough with the over-used clichés!" Kaiba snapped, stepping away from her. He was stopped, however, from exiting the room by the girl catching him by the arm.

"Then how about I tell you something that's blatantly true. I hold all the cards, Kaiba, and right now, you're losing."

"What do you want from me?"


Kaiba's upper lip curled in disgust. "Does your brother even know what kind of a slut you are?"

A flash of anger darkened Serenity's typically pretty face for a moment but vanished before it was even detected.

"Such a derogatory term...I mean, if a boy did this to a girl..." Stepping up quickly to him, she ran her hands under his jacket and up his torso. Kaiba managed to push her away from him, but that smile of hers never seemed to fade in the slightest way.

"I've had enough with you..." Kaiba muttered, running his hands down his jacket to vanquish the sensation of the she-demon's touch on his body. When he turned to finally leave the room, he half expected her to follow him. However, she did not.

3:05 P.M.

D.o.m.i.n.o. H.i.g.h.

At the end of the day, Kaiba found himself walking in an absurd stupor, not processing anything around him but finding his mind focused on one thing. Her. There was a part of him that wondered what she was trying to achieve by going after him. Was it a conquest? If so, he felt offended. He wasn't a prize for anyone.

His notebook lay on his desk completely empty. The teacher had asked him a question in fifth period and for the first time in his life, he casually answered, "I dunno". The teacher had gaped at him in a solid silence before asking him whether he was ill. It was expected, he supposed. The gasps around the class, however, were a bit too much for him and he proceeded to send scowls around the room.

He hoped that returning to his work would help him clear his mind, as it usually did. Ah, the world of bureaucracy. From the statistics, to the charts to the figures -he loved it all. Typing numbers and mismatched letters to a code on his computer was one of his greatest loves. The sound of soft finger-pads against multiple keys could never be matched.

While the class filed out, he reached to his belt to retrieve his pager but was surprised to find it not in its usual spot. Panicked, he circled his waist with his hands but was unable to retrieve anything.

"That bitch...!" Kaiba hissed, realization dawning upon him. Growling, his expression darkened as it had so many times ago in the past and clenching both his teeth and fists, he went into 'revenge' mode. No one messed with his pager and got away with it.

A sadistic smile characteristically crept onto his thin lips and his eyes narrowed into horrible dark slits. That little monster would certainly get what she deserved, and the possibilities of what he could do to her were endless. There was the traditional 'tragic accident' technique, but he had already tried to use that on her brother and he hated recycling old revenge methods. Perhaps tying her up and throwing her into a pit would be appropriate.

"Mr. Kaiba, please spare me!" Serenity cried out, squirming pathetically against the ropes tightly binding her legs and wrists. "I'll take back everything I did to you!"

"Hmm…" Kaiba, meanwhile, was comfortable on a throne that conveniently offered him a nice view of the pit where Serenity was trapped within.

In contemplation of her offer, he tapped a finger against his chin, his eyes casting heavenward. When his gaze focused on her again, he offered a smirk and inched his fingers to a button placed on one of the golden arms of his throne. Serenity's eyes widened and she began sobbing like the weak female that she was.

"No, anything but that!"

He pressed it anyway and a few dozen snakes fell into the pit. Serenity's screaming increased while Kaiba burst out into a maniacal laugh of pure joy.

"Please, please spare me!" Serenity gasped, a snake winding its body around her legs and another slithering over her torso. "I'll do anything! Anything…"

Suddenly, the pit and snakes vanished in place of Serenity in a scanty French maid uniform. She sauntered up to him, duster in hand, and legs and cleavage too visible, and inched her face closer to his

"Gah!" Kaiba shook his head and found himself breaking into a cold sweat. "No, no," he lectured himself. "Wheeler-bitch is not attractive -she's a monster. Medusa! Eve! The downfall of all man! And above all, she stole my pager!"

The passion of hatred rekindled again, Kaiba picked up his briefcase and attempted to muster a pleasant attitude. One smile, a few words, and Serenity would be done for.

3:26 P.M.

This was becoming disgustingly easy.

In a few days, she would have Kaiba in a collar and on a leash, begging for just a single glance from her. Of course, he seemed bloodthirsty at the moment, but he would soon realize that submitting to her would be far better than having to endure an indispensable amount of mental, and perhaps physical, torture. He seemed tough on the outside, but the way he had been defensive when her brother had attacked him completely diluted that image of him.

"Hey, Wheeler!" Confused, Serenity turned around to meet with an angry looking trio of heavily make-uped girls. Instantaneously, she recognized them and she could feel the temperature drop in the room. These high-skirted, dyed-hair, manicured creatures were none other than the President, Vice President and Secretary of Kaiba's fan club.

"Uhm, yes?" Serenity asked sweetly, feigning innocence.

"Ugh, don't give us that crap, Wheeler. We know what you're up to," the President, Mina Rock, said, taking a step forward. "Now hand over Seto's pager."

"Seto?" Serenity cried out, unable to hide her disgust. When she realized what she had said, she quickly covered her mouth and forced herself to blush. "I-I'm sorry... Oh, but you're on such good terms with him. I wish I could be as well..." She fiddled with the bottom of her skirt, eyes nervously dancing from theirs. "Miss. Mina, how I wish I could be just like you..."

"Give it up, Wheeler," the Vice-President, Whatserface, cut in. "Kaiba already told us all about you and frankly, when adding up the facts, he's right."

"I simply can't believe you managed to fool us all, Wheeler," Mina spat, giving Serenity a good shove. Despite struggling to keep her balance, Serenity found herself colliding butt-first with the floor. "But I knew something was wrong with that story floating around, with Kaiba forcing himself on you. Give me a break, like he would go after anything as scrawny and worthless as you!"

"I... I don't know what you're talking about!" Serenity cried out, actual tears coming to her eyes.

This can't be happening! she thought, frantic and bridging on hysterical. All of my hard work, down the drain! Heh, if only Mina knew that her boyfriend had dumped her because of me... but that's besides the point! I'm screwed! Once I lose my loyal followers, I'll be forced to do everything on my own! Hell, I may even break a nail!

"Mina, she's crying..." the Secretary said, nervously looking from Mina to Serenity and then back again.

"Are you suggesting that Seto Kaiba, the reason we EXIST, lied to us?" Whatserface demanded. The Secretary shirked back and shook her head.

"N-no, of course not..."

"It's not what you think..." Serenity interrupted, a solution birthed from her overtime work. "Kaiba doesn't care about me... he did what he did because he's after my brother and Yugi."

"That seems rather stupid," Mina said, folding her arms and jutting out her hip in 'the stance'. 'The stance' meant one thing -she was contemplating the idea and wanted more proof.

"Well, Mr. Kaiba is very smart..." There were nods all around. "...And in order to get back at his enemies, he knew that he had to start with the bottom and work his way to the top. After all, any analytical mind would know that starting with the problem first would gain no solution. He needs to work through a hierarchy."

Mina turned her head to Whatserface and then to the Secretary.

"She has a point," she said. Her gaze reverted back to Serenity. "I'm guessing Kaiba sent us after you so that we would do his dirty work."

"Yes! And since he knew you held so much power in the school, it would be an apt warning for my brother..." Closing her eyes, Serenity once again summoned a horde of fake tears and gave a well-rehearsed hiccup. "But...but I'm so worried for my brother... I don't care what happen to me, but Joey..."

The Secretary took Serenity into her arms and patted her back comfortingly. "There, there. We'll protect your brother."

"You will?" Serenity pulled away from the spectacled girl, her eyes wide and shining with disbelief.

"No, we're Kaiba's fan club. But we won't go after you anymore."

"Yeah, you're too small to beat up, anyway," Whatserface said. "But that doesn't mean you're off the hook."

"Wha...what do you mean?" Mina took out a pair of scissors, a dark look on her face. "Kaiba hasn't been your first victim, has he?"

"I don't know what you're talking about!"

The Secretary sauntered in front of Serenity, a file folder in hand. "Someone composed a very in-depth timeline, stating the amount of breakups in the school since you came. Any time you become close to a guy, he suddenly dumps his girlfriend or becomes permanently unavailable."

"It's a coincidence!" Serenity protested, feeling her face flush against her control. She then cried out when Mina harshly grabbed a thick lock of her sundry hair.

"Funny. The same thing happened with me and Greg, although I doubt you remember him!" she hissed hatefully.

"No! No, no, no!" Serenity found herself screaming, more in denial of her plotting unraveling than her hair's precarious circumstance. She was about to push Mina away but found her arms conveniently grabbed by the Secretary and Whatserface.

"Think you'll still be pretty with mangled hair?" There was a snap of the scissors as it cut air.

"Kaiba's using you!" Serenity cried out. "If I go after people's boyfriends, then why would I be after Kaiba? It doesn't make sense!"

"Because he's the only one you can't get," Whatserface said, hitting the mark directly. For a brief moment, Serenity felt as if her heart had suddenly stopped. The scissors inched closer to her hair and she squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the fatal snip.

There was an unexpected clatter and nervously, Serenity cracked open a single eye.

By her feet the scissors lay and when she opened her other eye, she could see Mina standing with her arms folded.

"If you ever go after any guy again, we will seriously cut off all of your hair," Mina said furiously, her cheeks becoming pink with vehemence. The other girls released Serenity's arms and with Mina, left the room, allowing Serenity to release a sigh of relief. It was too close -no one had even been lukewarm when suspecting her motives and true identity. She could still feel her heart jackhammering within her chest and when she took a step, found herself wobbling.

She was more than ready to go home, but a figure blocked the door out of the classroom.

"I want my pager, Wheeler-bitch," he hissed. Serenity felt her body become instantly alert and her mind, frazzled, did something even she didn't understand.

"T-then come and get it!" she cried shakily and dropped the pager into the depth of her bra.



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