Chapter 1: Observation

Hi, this is the author. The story takes place during Digimon Season 03/Tamers. After the defeat of the first 3 Devas.

The fresh chilled air of mechanical fumes hummed from the computer engines, pulsating raw energy into cybernetic towers of cold steel. A revolving robotical tower circled a massive blue computer screen. Bright red circular flashes brightly spark from a target like area. In seconds the red target circle vanishes, erased by an outside force. "Gone, the wild one has been terminated sir" Riley, the young red headed female operator replied.

The person Riley was speaking to was none other then her boss, the same man sporting short dark blonde hair and black sunglasses. This man was called Yamaki. "DAMMIT another of those miserable creatures, destroyed by those Pee Wee hockey rejects" Yamaki scowled. Riley sighed softly, thinking to herself how hard the past few days things have been for Yamaki. Ever since the Juggernaut's colossal failure, things have been quite stressful.

BAM! A computer screen was bashed to pieces with a single blow from Yamaki's fist. Blood slowly oozed down the broken shards of monitor glass, the man panting with fierce sweat dripping from his face. "Dam those kids……god DAM THOSE KIDS" Yamaki screamed, "They ruined it all, they ruined EVERYTHING. My life, my job, my reputation, even this freaking planet, they ruined it all. But do they care? OF COURSE NOT".

The young women halted their rotating machine, Riley gasped at the sight of her boss in such a bitter, sorrow filled rage. "Sir please try and calm down" Riley said worriedly, Talley nodded "There'll be more wild ones, we'll get them next time I promise sir". Yamaki growled and screamed, chucking his lighter across the floor. Another piece of Hypnos computer equipment smashed by the lighter. "Sir we don't really have the money" Riley began.

An enraged Yamaki shouted back "You don't think I know that? I know that money is tight; I know we can't properly replace our equipment, I KNOW IT ALREADY. But what the hell else am I supposed to do, sit by and leave the fate of our planet in the hands of a bunch of kids, let them continue playing with those monsters?". A silvery flash of light beamed across Yamaki's sunglasses, some sort of long, slender, silver colored object.

The clinking sound of Yamaki's lighter gleamed brightly in those silvery objects, "You can start by taking better care of your equipment" a voice said. The girls and Yamaki immediately turned to see a man shrouded in darkness by their entrance way. Nothing of the man could be seen; daylight seemed foreign to this silent figure draped in darkness. The only thing visible was two silver colored eyes, and 2 long silver slender shaped blade like objects.

"I believe this is yours?" the man said once again, extending out his silver glimmering hand to return the lighter to Yamaki. The hand sported 2 super long blade like claws, long and sharp, carved like extending fingernails. Reluctantly and still quite bitterly Yamaki took back his lighter with a grunt. "Hey just who the hell do you think you are?" Kelly said, the man smirked at the blonde haired girl. Riley immediately started to page for security.

Yamaki raised his hand and frowned "Don't bother Riley, our so called guest has……business to deal with us". The young Riley blinked confused purple eyes, baffled at such calmness taken towards this obviously bewildering intruder. The man smiled at Yamaki's words. "Don't tell me, specialty agent?" Yamaki asked, the man nodded still sporting that smile. The rage and maddening fury Yamaki felt before had seemingly vanished.

The mysterious stranger retracted his claw like hand, smirking proudly "The board has recently become aware of your progress here at Hypnos. Or I should rather say lack there of", Yamaki growled at that remark. Un-phased, the stranger continued "However you can rest easy knowing your position here is not being terminated or replaced". Fingers tightly clutched over the silvery lighter, silent loathing billowed up deep behind Yamaki's glasses.

"Then why are YOU here?" Yamaki demanded, the man grinned "I'm afraid that's classified information. All that I can tell you is this, I'm taking care of a vital discovery that you have unfortunately repeatedly over looked. While I'm here you and your people will steer clear of anything or anyone pertaining to my mission. Failure to comply or any attempted violation of these orders will result in immediate termination, and severe punishment.

Are we clear on these orders now, Mr. Yamaki?" the man said, knowing full well how furiously angry Yamaki must feel. Riley Kelly watched as their boss lowered his head in defeat, regretfully adding a bitter "Yes sir". The man nodded "Good, I'll be contacting you in less then 48 hours, be prepared to transfer the profiles I need without delay Mr. Yamaki". Riley blinked, she curiously asked the man as he began to leave the room "Whose profiles?".

The man smirked "Why of those 3 children of course. I've heard SO much about them, and I'm just DYING to get the chance to meet them face to face".

RIIIING! "All right class dismissed" the teacher proclaimed, the kids cheer fully flourished from the school with screams of delight. Most noticeable of the kids were 2 young boys named Kazu and Kenta, frequent acquaintances of 2 other very familiar boys. "Man am I sure glad that's over" Takato laughed, "I'll say if they had kept us any longer in class I'd have started to grow a beard" Henry added. Completely unaware of secretive prying eyes.

A white car secretly parked across the street from the school watched them, a man adjusted his micro sized ear radio. The stranger was apparently listening to the boy's conversation. "I better get to the park soon, Guilmon will bust a gut if I don't fill it with bread" Takato chuckled. A disappointed Henry sighed "Awe rats I almost forgot, I promised Mom I'd help clean the house today. The whole family's being dragged into it so I can't go just yet".

The goggle haired boy nodded "That's okay, just come on over after your done, see you then Henry". Takato and Henry went their separate ways and split off in 2 different directions, the man in the car whispered to his radio head set. "Targets A and B have left the school, how shall I proceed?" the man said. The electronic buzzing of a voice replied "Follow Target B, leave A for now. No doubt this is a familiar pattern in Target A's movements.

Target B's location is more important right now, follow B and report all findings and details without being noticed". The man nodded and slowly turned the key in his car, driving the white vehicle after the retreating Henry. The young brown haired tamer named Takato however was not heading home, Takato was heading for the home of his most beloved best friend. "Guilmon" the boy happily exclaimed as he spotted his Digimon companion.

The large red lizard removed his bat wing eared head from his digging hole, Guilmon leapt towards the boy laughing "Takatomon". Playful laughter continued as the two friends shared a heart warming hug, both glad to see each other. "Guilmon how many times have I told you my name is Takato not Takatomon" Takato asked, Guilmon blinked "I think 3 or 22 times Takatomon". The tamer sighed with a defeated laugh "Awe your hopeless".

"Arf, arf" a chirping, dog like bark said from outside the small little stone room. Guilmon and Takato turned to see a yellow stuffed animal dog puppet, both laughed knowing exactly who it was "Jeri". The beautiful young girl giggled as she revealed herself, smiling her innocent smile amidst those amber colored hair locks of hers. Jeri entered the room, carrying small plastic grocery bag. Guilmon sniffed it "Hmmm what's that, it smells good.

Can I have a taste? Please, please, please" the red dinosaur pleaded, Jeri simply giggled "Of course you can silly it's all for you". The bag was loaded with piles of freshly baked bread, all from Takato's parent's store. "Hey Jeri isn't this my store's bread?" Takato asked. The young girl nodded "Yeah, I bought it after I saw you run in and out of your folk's store. I figured you were in such a hurry to see Guilmon, you'd forget all about bringing bread".

The boy gasped and quickly felt around his pockets, a loud groan escaped him as he realized Jeri was right. Takato chuckled "You guess right, stupid me I really did forget, sorry about that buddy". Guilmon lifted his head from the bag, munching down chunks as he garbled a mouth stuffed "It's okay". The children laughed pleasantly as their red friend continued to devour the bread. Suddenly Takato extended something to Jeri, it was some dollar bills.

"Here Jeri, this should cover the cost of the bread for Guilmon, sorry about that" Takato said. The girl shook her head, absolutely refusing to take it. Takato blinked in confusion. "Don't even worry about it Takato, it's my treat, really" Jeri said sweetly. But the Digimon tamer still persisted "No way I can't let you do that, this was out of your own spending money. You went out of your way to help Guilmon and I have to pay you back".

The argument continued as Takato offered the cash to Jeri, who constantly refused regardless of how many times he pleaded. "Takato please I AH" Jeri squeaked as she tripped over a small rock, the girl began to trip and fall. Takato rushed towards to grab her but inevitably slipped on the very same stone. The young kids dropped to the ground softly, Jeri first and then Takato onto Jeri. Awkward stares returned the young children's eyes.

The very embarrassed and blushing Takato gulped, realizing he was practically lying on top of Jeri. Guilmon blinked as he looked at the kids stunned expressions. "Oh my gosh I am so, so, SO sorry Jeri" Takato stammered nervously. The boy's thoughts immediately turned into panic, expecting a violent slap top his face any moment now. But much to the boy's shock, Jeri didn't look upset at all, in fact she looked……happy.

Jeri's Thoughts

This feels strange but in a nice way……giggle just like Takato makes me feel all the time. Sigh I feel so peaceful like this with him……like the whole world seems frozen outside this little room and it's just……us.

Takato's Thoughts

DOH! Stupid, stupid, stupid, I am such an idiot. Jeri's gonna slap my face off any second now and……hey wait a minute. Where's the slap? That's funny, she feels kind of nice……and she smells nice too almost……sweet.

Further moments of silence quickly pass as the young sweet children stared endlessly into each other's eyes, blushing cheeks growing redder and redder. "Takato" Jeri sweetly said, the boy gulped and replied with a high pitched "Yes?". The girl smiled "This is nice". Takato smiled right back, replying ever so warmly and gently to her "Yeah……nice". Guilmon's nose suddenly twitched, the red reptile blinked "Hm I smell something funny, real funny".

Jeri and Takato shook their dreamy, heart filled gaze away from each other to see Guilmon racing towards the door. "GROWR" Guilmon chomped his reptilian gums into a green bush next to his gate door way. The lizard frowned as he tasted nothing but icky tasting grass and plastic. "Yuck, grass isn't as tasty as bread, neither are those funny black things" Guilmon said. The lizard's tamer raised his eyebrows in confusion, "Black things?" he said.

Takato looked down and amidst the drool slopped mess of leaves, twigs, and more drool, laid crumpled pieces of black plastic. Jeri and Guilmon watched as Takato picked up the object in disgust. "What is it Takato?" the girl asked, "Well that's the funny thing Jeri there just sunglasses" Takato said. The trio looked around baffled, not seeing anyone around at all. "Was there someone spying on us? If so then who was it and why?" Takato thought.

Meanwhile still running far, far away from Guilmon's little home as fast as he could, a black suited agent slowly came to a stop. The man panted furiously as he heard a ringing from his radio ear piece. "What's going on down there? What happened to your report? Someone answer me NOW" the voice demanded. Nervously the man responded "I'm here sir, I almost got caught but I made it out undetected. Dam lizard nearly bit my face off".

The intercom buzzed more words "What are you talking about? I want answers not gibberish". The agent nodded "Yes sir, sorry sir, I was following one of Target A's classmates and I spotted her stop at a local bakery. After that, the girl went straight to this secluded location in the park. Target A was there but he wasn't alone, there was some kind of……THING in there with him. It nearly blew my cover but I left before anyone saw me".

"Interesting, can you describe this creature to me?" the voice asked, the man shook his head "Sorry sir I didn't get a good look at its face. But I can tell you one thing sir, that thing is FAST. The creature's senses are highly advanced and it's constantly alert to everything around its surroundings". The voice in the radio signed off and immediately radio his other agents. "Targets A and B have been verified now, proceed with Target C" he said.

A young girl entered her home, kicking off school shoes and quickly resting her sock covered toes in the comfort of her house. The girl's tomato red hair flashed their fiery colors across the mirror. "Hi grandma I'm home, I'll be upstairs I gotta change" the girl called. Once in her room the girl slipped into, a tight pair of blue jeans, red sneakers with a metal toe strap, a white sleeveless shirt with a broken purple heart on it, and a deck of green cards.

Rika smirked "Time for some Digimon hunting, you up for it Renamon? "Always" Renamon proudly replied. The spying agent grinned "I think we've got something here, get me the boss.

To be continued……