The final battle between good and evil, life and death, monster and demon had begun. Clashing blades of digitized flesh slashed their powerful armored weapons against each creature's gigantic hide. Venomon and Wargrowlmon enraged their monstrous combat with each passing minute. Terrified and hypnotized by the dueling demons, the Tamers found themselves able to do little other then watch. The outcome of this fight would decide everything.

CRUNCH! Wargrowlmon ignited his mechanical jets and slammed Venomon's constructing body into the building's walls. Gigantic cracks spread across the building's crumbling foundation; the fighting was only making things worse. The building was going to collapse in a matter of minutes. "HISSS" Venomon screeched as he chomped his toxic fangs into Wargrowlmon's face plate, bashing and hacking with his daggers and claws.

The Maelstrom daggers and black cobra claws tore chunks of mangled metal from the massive android Digimon's body. The mutated Tallos snarled "DESTROY ROWWR", Wargrowlmon dropped down with a thundering crash. The ultimate level Digimon was now on the ground and at Venomon's mercy. Takato screamed "NO Wargrowlmon", the boy wanted so badly to help his fallen friend. Meanwhile, Rika and Henry still remained trapped.

The tamers had been captured by the tightly constricting dragon plug like coils of Venomon; Rika's body grew weaker and weaker. "This is bad, REAL bad, we have to do something or soon everyone we know and love is going to DIE" Henry thought to himself. Venomon hovered over his fallen foe, eagerly ready to finish his opponent without a moment's notice. "Guys, when I give you the chance……save our friends" Wargrowlmon said.

Red energy started to magnetize and charge within the glowing cleaver like blades in Wargrowlmon's arms. A furious Venomon opened his toxic fangs and claws to delete Wargrowlmon permanently. "NOW, RADIATION BLADE" the massive reptile said. The huge monster leapt forward and slashed his radioactive blades against Venomon, savagely slicing off the monster's dragon plug coils. Rika and Henry immediately dropped down.

Kyuubimon and Gargomon leapt into the air and grabbed the 2 falling children, and then quickly moved to Takato. "You heard what the big lizard said, we got to get out of here fast Takato" Gargomon said. The battle raged on as Wargrowlmon mega tackled Venmon's face right into the ground. Hammering metallic fists crashed into the mutant's face again and again. Takato cried out to his friend "NO, no I won't leave you, I can't I just can't".

Wargrowlmon roared "Don't worry Takatomon; I'll be out here as soon as I teach this big bully not to hurt anyone ever again". Takato suddenly felt Henry yanking on his arm, "Come on we've got to get Rika medical help before she dies" the boy said. The heavy feeling in Takato's heart never stopped hurting, not even after the crying boy was reluctantly pulled away. Now the massive mutant monsters were left to finish their war in peace.

The slippery, super sized serpent whip lashed his gigantic snake like tail against Wargrowlmon's back. The robotic dinosaur growled as the tail choked the metal around his neck. WHAM! Venomon smashed his black claw knuckles into the Digimon's steel face, bashing his dark claws into Wargrowlmon. "Toxic Blast BLEAH" Venomon wheezed. Wargrowlmon drove his striking blade punch right into the path of the corrosive beam.

BAM! The bare red fist of Wargrowlmon crunched into Venomon's snake face. The blade had been completely melted off by the toxic attack, but still proved effective in damaging the monstrous beast. Wargrowlmon chuckled "This has been fun but I got to go home now, and so do you……ATOMIC BLASTERS". Two gigantic nuclear cannons fired colossal sized radioactive laser beams from Wargrowlmon's mechanical chest, towards Venomon.

The mutant ducked and chuckled a sickening, slurred laugh. The atomic attack had soared right over Venomon's head. "HA you missed" Venomon sneered, "Me don't think so" Wargrowlmon grinned. It was at that time that Wargrowlmon had reverted back to plain, old, Guilmon. The last of the red lizard's energy was used in creating that final attack. Venomon blinked in confusion at what Guilmon had meant, so he lifted his head to look above.

The atomic blasters were fired at the roof of the industrial building. The tremendous force of the rays had caused a chain reaction; the entire building was coming down on top of Venomon. Guilmon had disappeared into the same exit Takato and the others went into, long before Venomon had realized it. The massive mutant screamed in agony "NOOOOOOOOOO".


The building crashed completely over Venomon's body, completely crushing the mutant creature in a mountain's worth of rock and steel. Bones, scales, coils; all were smashed, crushed, and flattened under the raining weight of the collapsing building. Black blood gushed out from the building's demolished remains. Venomon moaned his last breath of life. It was over, the beast was dead, dangling his blood soaked limp black claw.

It didn't take long for the police to notice a building crashing down in the middle of the night. Paramedics, policemen, and dozens of reporters rushed to the scene of the fallen building. The remains of Venomon was found during the search through the rubble of the building, but no one else was found. Paramedics quickly helped Takato, Henry, and Rika, helping them with their injuries. The Tamers parents were also contacted immediately.

Guilmon and the other Digimon stayed out of sight when the other humans came, making sure their friends were all right. The Digimon then headed home to wait for their Tamers. As Takato say there silently in the back of an ambulance, wrapped in a warm blanket, he heard footsteps approach him. "Huh, mom is that you?" the boy asked. But as Takato looked up, he didn't see his mother, instead he saw a young, sad, sweet little girl in a green dress.

Takato began "Jeri I……"

Jeri whimpered "Oh Takato……I was so worried about you!

The young broke into tears and hugged the young boy tightly; Takato smiled and hugged her back just as tightly. Jeri cried and cried her little heart out.

The girl cried "I didn't know what happened to you (sob), I kept fearing for the worst. I heard about the army, and Guilmon and (sniffle) OH TAKATO".

Takato smiled "SHHHHH it's all right, I'm fine Jeri".

"Please Takato; please don't leave me like that again" Jeri begged.

The tamer nodded "Don't you worry Jeri (whispers as he lightly kissed her cheek); I will always be with you……always".

Jeri asked "No matter what?"

"I promise" Takato replied

Jeri kissed him as she cried "Oh Takato".

Purple eyes widened as Rika watched the whole event unfold before her trembling, tear filled eyes. The young girl hanged her head in sorrow. Another pair of shadows watching in the backgrounds also reacted to the Tamers victory over Tallos.

Riley sighed "Oh sir it's a miracle, there all right, there safe".

Yamaki laughed "No surprise there Riley".

Riley started "Maybe, but none of this would be possible if you hadn't……".

Stop RIGHT there!" Yamaki ordered.

"Sir?" Riley asked blankly.

Yamaki frowned "Before you thank me for "helping" out those little juvenile delinquents over there, let me clarify you misinterpretation. I didn't do it because I liked them; I did it because I had my own score to settle with Tallos long ago. This was just a convenient form of payback Riley".

The woman asked again "So you're saying?".

"I'm saying don't expect me to be nice to anyone or anything ever again. These kids are our sworn enemies Riley, and first thing tomorrow morning, we go back to work. And that means stopping these kids and their digital pets once and for all. Let's go" Yamaki said.

The dark man walked off into the shadow covered alleyway, leaving Riley there to stand and smile. A strange, cocky little smirk.

Riley smirked "Whatever you say sir, but I have a feeling that deep down, you really do like those kids".

The woman followed her employer into the darkness, leaving Rika behind to wallow in her own world of shadows. A curious Henry walked beside the red haired girl with a smile on his face; he tried to comfort the saddened girl.

Henry grinned "Nice to see a happy ending come out of all this mess huh Rika?".

Rika weakly smiled "Yeah……happy ending".

The girl hanged her head down and sobbed to her self quietly.

The boy smiled "You know he hasn't forgotten you Rika".

Rika sniffled "What?".

Henry repeated "I said he hasn't forgotten you, he knows what you said to him back in lab".

"So what if he does? Doesn't matter now. He made his choice, he's got Jeri now" Rika frowned.

Henry shrugged "Maybe, maybe not. Takato's a sensitive guy and even after going through a night like this, he's not the kind that forgets how others feel about him".

The red head blinked "And what is that supposed to mean?".

The boy answered "It means that you need to give him time. Jeri's had a crush on him since they first met in class, it's gonna take him a bit to get used to you liking him too".

Rika blinked "So you're saying that?".

Henry smiled "I'm saying that you never know what the future may hold. Takato's got a big heart, and if you wait long enough and have faith in your love, maybe Takato will feel for you the same way you do for him".

The boy smiled and walked off heading home for the night. Rika looked out at Jeri and Takato, seeing them kiss and smile. The red head giggled a bit.

Rika grinned "Yeah……Rika and Takato, maybe just maybe".

The battle is won, the night is done, but what does the future hold for the hopes and dreams of the future loves in our lives? Well that my friends, is another story for another day.