Hi! Sami, Ryou's Hikari here! This is my third fic, and I only posted my first story two days ago! Wow, I'm going quicker than I expected! This is basically about Kaiba and him never showing his emotion. Anyway, read on!

The eyes of the dragon we gaze upon,

Ice blue, soul piercing, thinking hard and long.

Contemplating, shall he show emotion, or hide it all away?

He cannot lose, he must not lose, the game he aches to play.

The smiles he gains, he hides inside, and rarely lets them out.

He's lost himself, his inner child, must writhe, and scream, and shout.

How can the child be heard among a statue made of ice?

And though the ice is melting, it is not enough to suffice.

"Why can't you show you really care?" The child demands, aghast.

The dragon just ignores him, the illusion of his past.

He died in those long, exhausting years, being taught, 'To lose is to die.'

He denies himself the relief of being able to simply cry.

I wonder why he kills himself, for he is dying inside.

He forces him, his inner child, his soul, to, sadly, hide.

He feels no one is there to kiss his foolish tears away.

He gives the wrong impression to his rivals every day.

His brother knows he's lying, and tries to make him show,

The way he really feels, trapped in, like there's no where he can go.

That no one can understand him, when in fact they really can.

He doesn't always have to be so strong, to be a man.

The saddest factor of his tale is worth a tiny mention.

This foolishness he feels is all for negative attention.

The dragon with ice eyes who holds his pride up, proud and tall.

The blue-eyed dying wonder, who's afraid to show it all.

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