Raoul pushed himself out of his chair and walked unsteadily towards Christine's grave. He carefully laid the music box on a small ledge and lovingly touched his wife's picture. As he turned to leave he noticed a single rose lying beside the gravestone. Attached to it was the ring that Christine had given to Erik so many years before.

He quickly looked over to the spot where he had once fought with the man. Through the mist he could make out two figures. One was heavily stooped and the other was leading the way, leaning heavily on a cane.

As he stared at the two figures the stooped one stopped his companion and turned back. Raoul could not make out the face of the stooped man, but he recognized the woman, much as he had Mme. Giry at the auction. Sara nodded her head in his direction, and after having her hand raised to the lips of her companion, turned and led him away.

The mist seemed to clear in front of them and when the man looked back, Raoul's breath caught when he recognized the white mask covering the right side of the man's face.

"Viscomte?" The nurse asked, stepping to the Raoul's side. "Are you alright sir?"

Raoul nodded, "Yes, everything is fine now." He said, touching the rose and the music box before settling himself back into his chair.