Hi! This is Lolly here, reporting for duty.

I just wanted to say an ENORMOUS thank you to every single person who read and/or reviewed this story. I've loved writing it and I hope that you've enjoyed reading it.

My OVERWHELMING gratitude goes to Stephanie, who forced me to write it most of the time, and update it as frequently as I did. It wouldn't have been even close to complete if it weren't for her.

And also, there's that lemon that I promised, out now... it's in the M section also and is entitled "Grandma's Chocolate Cake." It's longer than most Fitty chapters, so I hope you enjoy it.

I was almost tempted to put it on here, but I decided against it because it's...separate from the story, and is only there for your Jessegasmic pleasure - not the plot. Please review it! It's my first lemon. Haha.

So thanks for coming on this fictitious journey with me. It's sure made me appreciate sight a whole lot more. And I hope that I wasn't too mean to Suze during the story... I only almost got her raped and butchered...nothing too bad.



Lolly, eternally grateful for your support.