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Note: Set in anime-verse, based on episode 21 and 22. Written from Ginji's and Raitei's point of view. Constructive criticism much appreciated.

When I first awoke, it was in answer to his whispered plea.

"Please, stop this, go away..."

The child was heavy in his arms and he was still nearly a child himself, although there are no true children in Mugenjou. There are only survivors, fighters and the dead.

The monsters from the Beltline were circling closer, coming in for the kill. Like a pack of wolves, they sensed vulnerability and their jowls slavered at visions of cracking bones and torn-tender child-flesh.

"Stop this, please..."

The child was slipping from his arms, limp as a sack of dirt. His world was closing in on him, suffocating.

It can't end like this.

Disbelief at the meaninglessness of it all. Was this all there was? Broken shoes, muddy pants, bruises, another dying child, and the unblinking coldness of the skies above?


It couldn't be.


The monsters poised for the death strike, glee in their eyes. And something else, building inside him, around him, prickling the nape of his neck. It hardened from the inside out.

"Stop it."

It broiled and crusted, charred and heaved. Anger, outrage, desperation.

"Stop it!"

Hope and despair in tandem hurtling through space to the stars, to wake me from my slumber.


In a flash of rage, he called me down from the heavens to exact divine justice for the ghosts of children's dreams. And I answered.

And when the dust cleared, he stood alone amidst the ruin and saw for the first time the possibility of salvation, just as later he would see the cost that comes with everything.

It was the beginning of a new era in Mugenjou.

Did he know I was there, had always been there, even before his birth? I was the dragon among the stars, brother to the heavenly snake of Asclepius, we the two serpents entwined above. And I looked down on the bustling billions on the planet, searching for the one worthy of wielding my power.

I found him amongst the rubble, a child whose purity and love were overshadowed by the towers of Mugenjou, but like the wildflowers that grow even in the cracks of concrete, he managed to flourish in that hell hole.

When he called, I answered, and bound myself to him.

I am his wild resolve, the tears of his bitter wrath and the culmination of his desperation.

I am his coldness, his burning rage, the sharp blade of his will.

Everything is in balance. Darkness and light, blessing and curse. I am his offering of hope to those who follow him, and he becomes mine in payment for the path that I clear. There is a price for everything.

I am his hope, his love, his hate, his anger.

I destroy those who seek to destroy him and in this total rending there is salvation and protection. My love is a burning love, intense, beautiful, and bright, but deadly and terrible and all-consuming. No one can escape, not even him.

Protector, destroyer, I am the source of his hope and his despair, and I bide my time, waiting, waiting...

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