Broken Promises

Summary: After he broke his apprenticeship with Slade, Robin vowed to never leave the Teen Titans. But Starfire hasn't seen him for a week, and he's ignoring her. Has he joined up with Slade again? Or is he just having a bad time?

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans.

Chapter Two: Operation Thought-Spire

Starfire rushed to Cyborg. "Cy, can you fix Robin's communicator? I went into his room and found it smashed. Robin wasn't there. I haven't looked in the Evidence Room yet. I thought you might want to do that, seeing as you're Robin's best friend."

Cyborg's eyebrows dropped. "Calm down, Star, calm down. Are you sure Robin's communicator is smashed?"

Starfire took a plastic bag from her pocket, and held it in mid air. The pieces of the communicator were inside. "Yes, friend, I am." She showed Cyborg the spring, the only thing left that wasn't broken.

"BB, get your butt over here," Cyborg called. Beast Boy was busy, playing on the computer and stuffing his mouth with chocolate cake. "Raven needs to come too. Robin has deserted us."

Raven snapped out of her meditation and floated to Cyborg, her legs still crossed. "Robin's gone?"

Cyborg nodded. "Looks like it, yes. His communicator is broken, and Star wants me to fix it so we can get a message through."

Raven shot a smug look at Starfire. "Cy, even if you do manage to fix it, we'll still be at a disadvantage." She began to file her nails, bored. "Well, aren't you going to ask me to explain?"

Beast Boy fainted.

"Leave him," Raven instructed.

"But he surely will be unconscious," Starfire moaned, worried. "We must revive him. The other problem can wait."

Raven smiled, teeth glinting. "No, it can't. Star, you can't get a message to Robin. The communicator needs to be fixed onto his wrist, but it's not. It's in pieces. How else can we send a message?"

Starfire's eyes sparkled. "A Tamaranean Thought-Spire."

Raven pulled off her hood. Starfire saw the jewel turn red, a sign that Raven was angry or didn't understand what someone was saying. "Star, you're crazy. If you can make a Tamaranean thingymaboby out of junk from Titan Tower, I'll cook the dinner tonight."

"A Tamaranean Thought-Spire," Starfire corrected. "And yes, you know how much I love your cooking. I love it almost as much as mine. Anyway, I need everyone to search for metal."

She's cracked, Raven thought.

Maybe I have cracked, too. It's never hurt so much when the jewel on my head was changing colour as it hurt just now. I don't know what else to do except go along with Starfire's plan. There is not much else we can do.


I wonder if the others think my plan is good. I haven't mentioned that Tamaranean Thought-Spires are often dangerous to use. They can blow up. I learned that from my father, when he used one. He was blasted into outer-space and I had to use my powers to save him.

I hope my plan works.

Starfire was sat in her bedroom, moulding bits of metal together using a laser that she had bought off the Internet a few weeks before.

Robin, if you want to be evil, then go ahead. I don't mind. Well, I do, but I'll be content if you promise to come and find me one day, wherever you are. Wherever I am.

I'm serious, Robin.

Much as I'd like to see you then, I'd love you to come back now. Promises are hard to keep, but you vowed to never go back to Slade. I love you so much, and it will be awfully hard for me to let you go.