Summary: They've always wondered why their father married their mother, being the polar opposites that they are. They see their parents in a different light when the two adults think they're alone at home.

Pairings: Implied Sasuke/Sakura

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto at all. All the characters belong to Kishimoto Masashi-sensei.

As Time Passes
From a Different Perspective

"Nii-san, help me with my shuriken throwing," whined a younger boy as he tugged on his older brother's shirt. The older male merely shrugged him off, putting a finger to his lips as a single to maintain the silence. "Nii-san, you promised!" he whined once more as he didn't give up on the pestering.

"Later, I promise," said the older one quickly as he brushed the fingers away from his sleeve, "I'm doing something, can't you see? We're both doing something." A pout formed on the younger boy's face as he looked from his older brother to the one beside him.

"Nee-chan, tell Nii-san to help me with my shuriken throwing!" protested the younger boy as he started to pester his older sister. The sole female in the trio had a slightly irritated look on her face but hid it carefully.

"Haru, Nii-chan and I are doing something," said the eleven year old female soothingly as she patted the boy on the head, anxious as to what was about to happen next, "Maybe later, okay? Even I will help!"

"Promise?" sniffed the younger boy, Haru, as he clung onto his older sister, "You really promise?" The female nodded as she patted her brother with affection.

"Risa, hurry!" urged the older male as he motioned for his sister to come closer. The twelve year old boy crept towards the slightly open shoji door and peered in. Two adult voices reverberated in the room, the female nestled against the male.

"Do you really have to go tomorrow?" said the female with a sigh as she snuggled deeper in the male's hold. His voice was muffled as he buried his face in her hair. "Good luck then, Sasuke-kun," she said in barely an octave above a whisper, "I'll… we'll be waiting for you."

"I'll try to be home as soon as possible, Sakura. I don't want to miss Satoshi's graduation for the world," he said as he looked up at the ceiling, "No one was at mine all those years ago." Outside, the older male swelled with pride as he heard his father say that. His father, the great Uchiha Sasuke, wouldn't miss his graduation!

"I was. You just never thought of me as more than another girl who adored you back then," said the female firmly as she let her cheek rest against his arm, "I wouldn't have missed your graduation for the world back then, if I was just remained a civilian like my parents."

The room remained silent as the two stayed like that. Outside, the three young Uchiha crept away silently, as to not disturb their parents in their quiet place.

"Obaa-san and Ojii-san aren't ninjas yet Okaa-san is," said Satoshi quietly when they reached the outer area of their house, "And Otou-san's family was composed of many great and talented ninjas."

"Okaa-san can be quiet but usually she's lively and energetic. She's also warm and caring," said Risa firmly as she raked her fingers through the pink tresses she had inherited from her mother, "And Otou-san is quiet all the time and is reserved and relaxed. He's usually cold and distant."

"But Otou-san loves Okaa-san and Okaa-san loves Otou-san, right?" asked Haru as he looked at his two siblings, his onyx eyes wide. He was a striking replica of his father.

"Yeah," said Satoshi, his jade eyes frosting. He had his mother's eyes but everything else about him, even his attitude, was from his father, though his mother had mellowed the cold and distant attitude out even a little bit.

"And that's a good thing. It would be horrible if they didn't love each other," said Risa, her sable eyes sparkling with warmth. She was everything like her mother, her eyes from her father. Although she was almost a younger replica of her mother, she was more aloof and distant than the Uchiha matriarch because of her father.

"Come on Haru, let's practice your shuriken throwing," said Satoshi suddenly as he stuffed his hands in the pockets of his pants. Haru's eyes widened at hearing his brother say this. "You have your shuriken set, right?"

"Y-yeah!" stammered Haru as his onyx eyes shone with glee, "I'll just go get them!" With that, the younger Uchiha son ran off towards his room, not noticing the fact that their parents had followed them out, hidden behind the doors that sealed the house.

"Reminds me of when I was smaller," commented Sasuke as his onyx eyes watched Satoshi and Risa talk about other things. All three of them had already learned the Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu but the Sharingan had yet to appear. He, however, was confident that it would show up in at least one of them.

"Except he never found the time to help you, right?" asked Sakura quietly as she looked up at her husband. Sasuke nodded slowly, raking his fingers through his raven locks. Haru had just run out with a silly grin on his face, tailing after his two older siblings.

"I wonder when I should tell them," whispered Sasuke as he looked at their backs, a solitary red and white fan obvious against their own clothes.

"Tell them what?" asked Sakura as she gazed at the Uchiha heirs and heiress growing smaller and smaller into the distance.

"That the entire family was slaughtered when I was seven and that they actually had an uncle before I killed him a few weeks after Satoshi was born," he replied as he looked at the trees.

"Maybe, it's best they know when Satoshi becomes a Genin," suggested Sakura. Sasuke looked at his wife with a confused look. "After all, that's when their journey as a ninja begins," she added.

"Aa," he murmured as he turned back around and began walking, the Uchiha symbol stitched onto his own shirt. She followed after him, a red and white fan on her back instead of the white circle that used to be there when they were younger.

In the trees, a figure stood up and left with a faint grin on his face.

"Foolish little brother," said the figure as he began moving away, growing fainter and more transparent with each step. Looking back, the figure had a fond smile on his face. Opening his mouth, he spoke. "Yet, you have more sense than even I." With his next step, he disappeared, as if he was never there, an image of a man wearing a black cloak with red clouds printed haphazardly burned onto the minds of the three children below.

"Nii-san, Nee-chan, do you know who that man was? I mean, was he from Konoha like us?" asked Haru as he looked at his two older siblings, a confused expression on his face.

"I don't know, Haru," said Risa as she looked at the other male, "How about you, Nii-chan?"

"Honestly, I don't know too," said Satoshi as his jade gaze remained where a man once was and never was.

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