Bound by Brotherhood, Forged in Fire

Prologue: How Did It Come To This?

"How did my life come to this?" Harry Potter wondered.

He was currently sitting aboard a large, but advanced aircraft racing across the Atlantic Ocean at speeds that would put the Firebolt to shame.

It was only two months ago he had been worried about what scores he could get in his OWLs. Now thanks to the betrayals of his friends he was being forced to take self imposed exile with the one friend he had remaining, an old Werewolf, and his formerly dead Godfather, with no idea what would await him.

So he had to ask himself

"How the hell did my life get so fucked up?"

(Note: from here on out to the next few chapters it's going to be a flashback)

Harry had been home from Hogwarts for three weeks.

From the looks of things the Dursley's had mellowed down slightly, and Harry stressed the word slightly they were feeding him OK, he still had to do chores, but thanks to Vernon's big promotion, not as many as before, Petunia was actually hinting towards a move to a larger house on the outskirts of London.

Dudley had changed too. He had actually lost a lot of weight over the term at Smeltings. He seemed to spend most of his time in the basement training with his weights and punching bag, and working on the car his dad had bought for his upcoming sixteenth birthday.

Harry, having finished all his homework for the summer and read through a large portion of his defence, charms, and transfiguration books, had taken to helping his cousin out with the car maintenance. And thanks to Dudley, Harry had found himself to be a very adept mechanic.

While working on the car one afternoon Dudley had looked up as Harry handed him a Monkey Wrench and said "Can I ask you a question?"

"You just did" Harry said over the pieces of the oil filter of the car spread out in front of him "But go ahead"

"What were those things last year?" Dudley asked "And pass me the size six spanner"

"They're called Dementors" Harry said as he handed Dudley the tool "They're the guards at the prison of Azkaban. And one of the foulest creatures to ever walk the earth"

"Why did it feel so cold?" Dudley asked as Harry started reassemble the oil filter "And like I would…"

"Never be happy again?" Harry asked

"Yeah" Dudley replied as he pushed himself out from beneath the car "I kept seeing the people I used to beat up. except they were doing it to me"

"That's what the Dementors do" Harry said "They prey on your worst fears and memories, and make you relive them. When my Godfather escaped from Azkaban a few years ago the Dementors were sent to the school to apprehend him. I had my first encounter on the train. I heard my parents dying Dud. My mum pleaded for my life and Voldermort just went ahead and killed her in cold blood"

"I'm sorry" Dudley sighed

"Don't be" Harry shrugged as he started to reattach the oil filter to the top of the engine "Just go get the bottle of motor oil from the boot and I'll hook this up"

Dudley nodded, and a few minutes later Harry was sitting in the drivers seat with the keys in the ignition

"OK Harry" Dudley said "Hit it"

Harry nodded and turned the key in the ignition. After a moment the engine roared to life.

"YES" Dudley yelled as the engine settled "OK now give it a little life"

Harry nodded as he tapped the accelerator and the engine roared again.

"One more time and we'll call it a day" Dudley called

Harry nodded as he slammed his foot down and the car gave a massive roar as the RPM leapt to 10,000, then Harry shut the engine off and tossed Dudley the keys.

"Thanks for the help Harry" Dudley said as he closed the bonnet and put the tools away.

"Don't mention it" Harry said as he closed the garage door and left through the side door.

"Are you two done?" Petunia asked as the teens entered the kitchen

"Yes Mum" Dudley replied "I just need the guy at the Garage to check the car over next week before I take it for Tax and MOT"

"Fine" Petunia nodded "Go wash up. Dinner is in an hour"

Fifteen minutes later Harry stepped out of his room wearing a pair of faded black shorts that reached down to his knees, a white t-shirt and, an old pair of running shoes.

"I'm going for a run Dud" Harry said "I'll be back for dinner"

"OK" Dudley said as he shifted the small dumbbell in his hand.

Ignoring the sounds of the wheezing breaths of Magdungus Fletcher trying to keep up with him Harry continued jogging.

It was a habit he had gotten into when he got home from Hogwarts, jogging in the morning, exercising between chores in the basement using Dudley's weights. And after three weeks he was in pretty good shape. The faint muscles he had developed with four and a half years of Quidditch had hardened further.

When he got back to the door Harry glanced behind him and said "Go back to yer post Fletcher, I'm in for the night"

"Aye" Fletcher replied before he staggered off.

"There's a letter for you" Dudley said over dinner that night"Came with a brown spotted owl while you were out"

Harry smiled slightly. That was Neville Longbottom's grandmothers owl. Aside from Neville, Luna, Remus, and Tonks, Harry hadn't received ANY mail in the three weeks he had been back. When he asked Remus about it he said he would look into it. But he had been in constant correspondence with Neville since he got back. They were both orphans in a sense, thanks to Voldermort, and they both had issues with Bellatrix Lestrange.

After dinner Harry sat on his bed and read the letter


Got the package. I'll take it tonight, I'll get back to you tomorrow.

So you know, something weird has been going on here. The House Elf has detected a couple of guys at the wards edge. But Gran doesn't think they're Deatheaters. But she's keeping an eye out. I'll get back to you in the morning.

But watch you back.


Harry smiled as he folded the letter and stored it in his trunk.

The week after he got back Remus sent Harry a package. It was supposed to be a birthday present from Remus. Inside was two vials of the Animus Revelos potion and instructions on how to take the potion.

Since Ron and Hermione were currently ignoring him, Harry decided to hold out on distributing the vials Remus said he had until he found out what the deal was.

In the mean time Harry planned to drink the second vial.

From what he read in the parchment the potion would place him in a trance, where he would learn everything about his Animagus form, and then over the course of the next two weeks to a month he would be able to transform faster until it was instantaneous and then from there he would be able to sustain it nearly indefinitely.

Looking at the clock on his desk Harry decided to hit the sack a little early.

So Harry climbed into bed, shut off the lamp, and uncorked the vial of silver liquid.

And in a moment he was unconscious.

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