Message to the Readers

To my loyal fans of the Bound By Brotherhood Forged in Fire story.

For the information of those who don't know yet, I have decided to continue the second section of the story The Power The Dark Lord Knows Not in the X-Men Evolution section of the site, or you can access it by going through my Profile.

For those interested in what is coming up here's the summaries of the stories I have planned.

Bound By Brotherhood Forged in Fire III: Free Your Mind

Forge has created a new type of games console which could revolutionise the Gaming Experience. He asks some of the new X-Men to test it. But when they do things go bad and Harry and Neville have to go in to get one of their own back.

Bound By Brotherhood Forged in Fire IV: I Hate Tests

Harry and Neville decide it's time to take their NEWTs, so with some help from an old friend of Xavier the team is off to Washington. (A small story with a ton of Dumbledore Bashing)

The last three will be posted in the Harry Potter section so you know guys

Bound By Brotherhood Forged in Fire V: Magical Comeback

After a vision Harry decides that he can no longer allow Voldermort to live, but before he has the chance to ride solo the X-Men link up with him to stop an attack at Hogwarts, and at the same time, Mutants are exposed, when the world around them goes to hell the remaining X-Men, Acolytes, Morlocks, and Brotherhood members go to Hogwarts

Bound By Brotherhood Forged in Fire VI: The Boys Are Back In Town

Forced to return to the magical world Harry And Neville must work with the people they hate to retrieve their friends from the Deatheaters. And keep himself from killing Dumbledore at the same time, lets see if he can.

Bound By Brotherhood Forged in Fire VII: An End to the War

After his losses at Azkaban Voldermort goes for the frontal assault. With the final battle closing in how will Harry face his fate.

This will be a heavy duty project, but I know that you'll thank me.

And in response to a review I got asking if Shadow Hearts would be involved in this, to an extent I will be drawing on things from Shadow Hearts in the later stories, but it'll be worth it.

See ya