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" I love you."

Haibara froze, the words she said clinging onto the conversation like a dog on a priceless bone. Conan and Ran just stared at her, their mouths open, gaping at her, and it was miraculous how two people of the different gender looked so much alike. The three of them were at Ran's house for lunch, and just as Ran had just come back from the kitchen bringing back the food, the words just flowed out of her mouth unexpectantly to Conan. It was strange why, actually. She remembered it was something he had said, but for the moment, everything was a blur right now.

Ran dropped the platter onto the table, eyes wide.

" You what? Ai-chan?" she asked.

Feet trembling, feeling a sudden weakness all of a sudden, she dashed for the door, face red, as she grabbed her coat.

" Haibara!" Conan yelled, running after her.

He was a fast runner. Or maybe it was just that she was slow. He had grasped her hand just as she was on her way down the steps to the street. Her head turned to glare at him, not her expression softened at the look on his face. Confusion, expectance, sorrow-maybe even hopefulness? Haibara was not sure.

" You-you love me." Conan said, speechless.

" No I don't." she barked, trying to wrench her hand from his grasp.

" But you just said it." He argued.

" I-I was just kidding." She continued hopelessly, giving up on getting away, trying to give him that usual smirk she always did.

" No you weren't." he said, trying to pull her towards him.

" Oh, yes I was." Haibara almost yelled.

" Haibara!" Conan yelled, as Haibara got out of his grasp, grabbing for the handle of the door but he slammed it shut, his hand on the door, her hands on the handle. " Do you really love me? You can't have been kidding!"

" Fine!" she yelled. " I wasn't kidding, happy?"


" You love me." He said once more.

" No," she stammered, in a voice so unlike the regular Haibara.

" What?" he asked, astounded.

" I was kidding that wasn't kidding, okay?" she spat.

" Haibara." He said, voice soft now, his hand slipping away from the door. " Do you really love me? I-I want a true reply. I-I just don't know how to react."

Haibara didn't say anything, her face not facing his. Tears were starting to fall from her eyes now, and all she wanted was to be hugged. Her sister? Ran? Conan? It wasn't like her to be so weak. Not Haibara Ai.

" I do." She said quietly, opening the door.

And this time he didn't stop her.

She ran out, the rain splattering on her face as the detective agency slowly disappeared out of view.

Ran crept behind Conan, biting her lip.

" Aren't you going to go after her? Conan."

Conan watched the rain splatter down on the streets from the view of the small opening of the door.

" No." he said, almost soft enough to be speaking to himself.

" No, I don't think I will."

Ran watched him walk past her and enter the house, the soft sounds of movement of the things in the house made Ran aware that he had went into his room. She looked at the door holding Conan. She looked at the raining streets. She bit her lip and grabbed an umbrella, running into the street.


Haibara just kept running.

She could hear the murmurings of people around her, catching phrases like, ' Where are her parents?' or ' Did she forget to bring her umbrella?' or ' Who's that?' But she just ignored them and kept running. She cursed herself for being so stupid. Why in the name of Hell did she confess to him? It must have been something he said. Or did. She had somehow totally forgotten the entire incident.


Not knowing anything, she bumped into an unknowing person, and she fell backwards to the ground.

" Watch it, kid." The person growled.

She said nothing but picked herself up, and brushed herself. Boy was she soaked. The stupid jacket didn't do much help either. The very fact that she had no shoes no didn't help either, and she knew she would be sick the very next day. For days, weeks, months? She didn't know. But something bitter inside her hoped she would just die. Just die and be forgotten and thrown away.

Not that anyone remembered her now, anyway.

She laughed at herself. Boy would she laugh at herself if she was looking at someone else's point of view. Confessing her love to a person whose life she destroyed. It was like a Haibara confessing to a-never mind. This scene was so familiar. This was just like when she escaped from the organization, just without a crush, two shocked people and one crapped out situation.

Well, the old situation wasn't so good either.

" Ai-chan?" came a sweet voice.

She whipped around, coming face to face with Ran. She blinked.

" Ran-san." She said tonelessly.

" What are you doing here in the rain?" Ran asked kindly. " It's pouring buckets. Come on in, and I'll make you tea."

Haibara looked away.

" Go away." She said coldly. " I can't go back there."

Ran almost laughed out loud at how mature this young ten-year-old was acting, but bit her tongue. Plus, she didn't want to offend her, and just looked at her watch anxiously. " Come on, Ai." She said persistently. " You won't have to meet him. I'll bring you to a diner. My treat." She added, hoping it would change her mind.

Haibara rolled her eyes.

' How old do you think I am?'

" No thanks." She said. " Leave me alone."

" But I can't let you get into any trouble," Ran said, ready to just grab her by the arms and drag her all the way back. " The professor cares deeply about you, and so do all of all. Conan-Conan included."

Haibara flinched.

" How do you know?" she spat. " You're not my mom."

Ran raised her eyebrows. Boy this girl was tough.

She was just about to give up when a screech of tires came across from the side of the road. The windshield winded down. " Ran?" came Kogoro's voice from inside the car. " What are you doing here? You didn't leave Conan at home, didn't you?"

" Er," Ran began sheepishly. " Yeah."

" Well, come on in. I have a client in the car." He paused for a while a young woman waved at Ran at the backseat. " She wants to speak to me at our place-hey? Isn't that the professor's daughter?"

Haibara flinched.

' Daughter?'

" No," Ran said, almost sulkily. " Just someone the professor's taking care of."

" Why's she wet?" Kogoro asked.

Gasping, Ran put the umbrella over her head, but Haibara hit it away.

" Leave me be." She spat.

Ran bit her lip.

" What's with that kid?" the young lady in the car said, and as these words came out of her mouth, Haibara spun around, and there was that feeling. Cold, dark-chilling. Ran looked at her curiously. Haibara glared at the smiling young lady. Haibara sighed.

" Sorry, Ran-san. I'll come."

" Great." Ran said brightly.

Haibara looked at the young lady.

She frowned.


Conan was on his bed, listening to the rain patter on the windows of his room.

His eyes always drifted sideways to the picture of him and the Detective Boys, all of them grinning as they watched Ayumi cut the cake for her birthday. There was Haibara, smiling softly in the corner, Genta's chubby hand on one of her shoulders, a party hat on his head. All of a sudden that smile she wore on her face seemed so cold and dry, like she was merely putting on a mask for an audience to see. He smiled bitterly at the thought.


They were at the circus, and the three Detective Boys were laughing at the clowns throw pies at each other. Conan laughed along, but noticed Haibara sighed and look away, sipping silently at her drink.

" Oi," he said witheringly, propping one cheek on his wrist. She blinked and looked at him. " Why are you calm at everything? I've never heard you laugh before. The times you ever laughed matches the many times that Genta has felt full before."

" Never." She said plainly.

" Bingo." He said.

She sighed and watched the clowns, hearing the audience roar with laughter. " How do you know that they're crying inside?" he asked.

" Who?" Conan asked.

" The clowns." Haibara said.

Conan watched them.

" Why?" he laughed. " That's just ironic, isn't it?"

" Indeed." She said sorrowfully. " How do you know how they feel under those masks? Smiles of blood, tears leaking out of their eyes from the pictures they show which they can't wipe. Humans are like clowns. They simply don't show what they really are. Just like someone I know."

" Oi oi," he said, " Are you talking about me?"

She opened her mouth to say something, before that cool smirk returned to her face.

" What do you think?" she said, dropping a piece of popcorn into her mouth.


Could she have been-referring to herself?

He looked t her smiling face in the picture.

He looked away.

Do I. . .love her back?


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