A/N- Okay this is the beginning of a story I've had laying around for a while, it wasn't really beta read, I think a few people may have read it, but I didn't really get feedback on it. I figured I'd post it and depending on feedback I'd work more on it or not.

Let It Be

Chapter 1 : The Long and Winding Road

"I think he's coming to." A soft voice said. Jamie Waite's eyes fluttered a few times before opening fully. He blinked a few times, and everything came into a blurry focus. The First thing he noticed was that his head was laying in Val Lanier's lap. He assumed it was Val, because neither Hank nor Tyler had hair that would fall into their face as they leaned over. Val was leaning over him, worriedly.

"Jamie, follow my fingers for me." Hank Beecham said. Holding up his two fingers they glided back and forth in front of his face. When Jamie couldn't follow them Hank sighed. "Looks like you have a concussion." Hank's form moved out of Jamie's blurry vision.

"Man, who could do something like this?" Tyler Connell asked sadly as he dabbed at the blood on Jamie's temple.

"Do you remember what happened?" Hank asked.

"Not really." Jamie admitted, his voice hoarse.

"We're going to have to set your leg." Hank said softly. Jamie felt something wet splatter against his cheekbone, Val's thumb followed quickly and wiped it away.

"Val?" He croaked.

"Yes, Jamie?" Her voice was full of tears.

"Why are you crying?" She didn't answer him.

"How well can you see Jamie?" Hank asked.

"Not to well." Jamie admitted. "Everything's really blurry." In a way it was a blessing that Jamie couldn't see how badly he had been hurt.

"Hank, there's no way we can set his leg." Tyler began.

"Tyler, how badly is it broken?"

"Let's just say I'm glad you can't see it." Tyler replied. And it was true, Tyler was extremely glad Jamie couldn't see the condition of his leg. It was a bloody mess. The skin was mostly ripped away exposing shredded muscles and shards of broken bone.

"How bad?" Jamie asked again.

"Jamie I don't-"

"Just tell me Tyler! Don't sugar coat it, just tell me how bad it is!" Jamie demanded, hoping he didn't sound as weak as he felt.

"Bad, real bad." Tyler cringed.

"Keep your head still Jamie." Val said gently, using one of her hands to apply pressure to his bleeding temple. He winced a little as his vision started to go out again. His friends voices seemed to get farther away and the last conscious though he had was 'damn, I hope I didn't get blood all over Val's pants...' Then his world faded into darkness.


"I'm almost glad he passed out." Hank replied with a grimace. "Come on, we need to get him to the hospital."

"On three." Tyler said taking Jamie's upper body while Hank gingerly took his legs. "One, Two, Three." With a heave the two boys set the third on a stretcher. Val took his hand in her own.

"How could anyone just leave like that?" Val asked, anger mixed with sorrow.

"Its a classic Hit and Run Val." Tyler replied. "More than likely intoxicated." Val brushed her hand across Jamie's forehead.

"Still....I don't see how anyone could do something like this."

"I know Val, I know." Hank flipped on the siren and lights and they sped off into the night.


Jamie's eyes twitched and opened. He had a pounding headache and his whole body was screaming at him. He went to move his arms but found their were tied down at his sides.

"Why am I in soft restraints?" He asked out loud. His vision was still blurry and he couldn't tell whether or not he was alone. When he wasn't met with a response he lay back down and shut his eyes. They suddenly snapped open. He remembered what happened now! He desperately tried to get his eyes to focus. He heard the door swing open.

"Ah, welcome back to the land of the living Mr. Waite." The voice was friendly. All Jamie could really make out was that it was a petite woman with bright red hair. "My name's nurse Miranda."

"Hello." Jamie said. "Um, why am I in restraints?"

"You went into convulsions dear."

"Convulsions?" Jamie echoed.

"Yes, from the hit you took."

"I was hit by a car." Jamie said.

"That's right...can you remember anything about the car that could help us track it down?"

"It left?" Jamie asked surprised.

"Yes dear, I'm afraid it did."

"Ummmm" Jamie's face scrunched up in concentration. "No, I'm sorry, I can't."

"It's all right Mr. Waite. If you do you think of something let us know all right dear?"

"Yes ma'am. Please, call me Jamie."

"Only if you stop calling me Ma'am. It makes me feel old."


"Okay kiddo, lets see....how many fingers?"

"I couldn't tell you. To blurry."

"That should only be temporary. I'll be back to check on you later get some rest dear." Then Jamie was left alone again, only one though ran through his mind, and he voiced it to the empty room.

"I wish I had asked to have the restraints taken off."

Well if I get good feedback I'll start on chapter two. Oh and for those of you who wanted it, chapter two of Male Bonding Gone Wrong should be out in the next day or so.