Valentine's Day Wishes

Kat watched the news of the latest Negaduck robbery. She wasn't impressed. It was the third jewelry stores that week alone, and the week before that he had hit two.

"He need's a hobby." She closed the bar early that night, seeing as it was dead. She walked home through the ally ways and less desirable pares of the city, coming to her small, run down apartment building and climbed the stairs to her apartment. She lived on the top floor and kept her small home nice looking, the outside of the building keeping it a secret for her.

It had light purple walls with a few photo's hanging up, a couch in the living room with a television. The kitchen held the basics. The bedroom had a nice sized bed in it with a silk screen hanging from the ceiling. Everything was a dark, rich bluish purple, and connected to a bathroom.

She looked in the fridge, finding only a few frozen dinners and closed it with a sigh, knowing tomorrow meant a trip to the market. She walked to the bedroom and changed into a tank top and shorts, getting into bed and looked at her calendar.

"That's right, tomorrows Valentines Day. Once again, lonely drunks'll surround me. Only well, could be worse. Though…it would be nice to be treated like someone cared about me." She shrugged and turned over, falling asleep.

A shadow moved a little from the corner of the room, the edge of a red and black cape moved slightly, as the masked malice watched her sleep. She was his obsession, stalking her from the shadows. Now was his chance to make her the Queen he knew she was meant to be, ruling by his side as he turned St. Canard into his personal playground. He moved over to the bed, pushing the silk aside and lifted her gently, smirking and put a rag over her nose and mouth, to assure that she stayed asleep and jumped out the window.

She awoke the next morning and stretched, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, looking around and found something wasn't right. In fact, something was very wrong. She wasn't in her room, looking down found she also wasn't in what she fell asleep in. She now wore a black satin nightgown.

"This isn't right…where the hell am I." She got up and looked around the room. It was walls painted black with heavy red curtains and black leather furniture. She walked to the door to the room and looked out, seeing much of the same of the large living room, only with the curtains open. It was a pent house in the better part of St. Canard. She walked slowly into the living room, not seeing or hearing anything. But the giveaway as to whom her keeper was, was the large piles of cash, jewelry and other valuables around the room.

"Ah, I see my Queen has awaken. Now the fun can really begin." Came a cool, deep voice from behind her. She turned, looking at Negaduck.

"What do you want from me."

"Nothing really." He walked over and ran his fingers through her hair, looking at what she wore. He has his daughter dress her, allowing her to keep her modesty. He slipped a rose cut ruby into her hair behind her ear. "Just to bring you to your rightful place in the world. At my side"

"You're cracked. Now let me go." She moved away from him, eyes defiant toward him. She had to get away. When he had come into the bar, she though he was interesting, finding out slowly he was just insane and dangerous, but never asked him to leave. Now he had finally gone off the edge it seemed. Kidnapping had never been his game in the past; only taking the things that seemed to be worth something. And up till then, it had been gems, money and weapons. Now it seemed, he wanted to play with her life. He grabbed her arm, pulling her over.

"You don't seem to grasp that you are mine. You will be my Queen, even if I have to kill you to do so. Now, be a good girl and go change." He pushed her into the bedroom and closed the door. She turned and looked at the door, now truly afraid of the situation. Before she had been able to at least reason with him when he had gotten drunk at the bar, fending him off. Now he was sober, and insane. Not a good mix.

His young daughter walked in, carrying a black dress, wearing her normal pink dress with curls. She smiled at Kat, having met her once before and liked her from the start. Negaduck had promised her that Kat would be her new mother and liked the idea.

"Hi. This is for you." She offered Kat the dress, who took it gently and looked it over, finally sighing and walked to the bathroom and changed, walking out. The child smiled. "You're pretty in that.

The dress was floor length and black with off the shoulder straps. Tiny gems glittered on it as they caught the light.

Kat looked at the girl and forced a weak smile. 'If I play along, I can get away when he's not looking, and bring her with me. He might hurt her and not relies it in this state of mind that he's in.' she thought. She walked to the door and opened it, letting the child out first and followed. Negaduck looked her over appraisingly, liking what he saw. Now he could put the next step of his plan into action. He smirked darkly and turned, looking out the window. This would be a Valentines Day no one would soon forget.