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Kat raced back to the building and made it inside before anyone saw her. After hitting the up button she relaxed slightly. Negs would still be out getting what he deemed were needed. She just hoped that Darkwing would be able to stop this before it got out of hand. As she exited the elevater doors she was grabbed hard and thrown into the wall, Negaduck staring at her, murder written over his face. "So, my little one. You disobeyed me and left with out my consent. For this you must be punished. And I know just the way." He pulled her to her feet and dragged her inside by the arm as she struggled and threw her into his bedroom and closed the door.

Goslyen looked up hearing a few doors slam, then Kat yelling and her father laughing about something. After awhile the crashes and yelling stopped, only soft crying was heard. Negaduck walked out of his room and closed the door, wiping his hands on a rag, then looking out the window, then over at the priest tired up in the corner. Everything was ready. At sunset he would marry Kat as the room was bathed in gold. Then he would begin on the city. Kat would learn to love him, even if it took awhile and a few beatings to do so.

Kat stayed on the floor, crying softly. It hurt to breath, hell, it hurt to move for a little while. She slowly got up, the dress ripped in a few places. She wiped blood from the corner of her beak and looked for a weapon anywhere in the room to use in her defence against him incase Darkwing didn't come in time. She found a small knife on his desk and slipped it under her skirt and slowly walked to the door, peeking outside into the main room. Negs was watching the city, while his daughter decorated the room with flowers and other things. An ivory dress lay on the couch, waiting for her to put it on, while a priest sat on a chair in the corner bound and gaged.

He looked over at the door hearing it open slightly. He knew she was watching and turned facing the door."My dear, its time to come out. You need to get ready."He smirked slightly, hearing the soft gasp, then the door opened the rest of the way and she walked out. He would break her, make her bow to him. He would enjoy this. "Come on now. Get the dress and put it on. Or else." Kat quickly walked to the couch and picked up the dress and walked back into the room, Goslyen following to help her put it on. Once they were out of sight he walked to the priest and unbound him. The man was shacking, afraid to stand.Negaduck leaned down looking at him. "You're going to marry us. And none of that drawn out crap. Quick and simple." He walked away after the terrorified man nodded.

Kat slipped the wedding dress on and Goslyen helped her with the side of the dress, zipping it. She herself was wearing a frilly flower girl dress with ribbons all over it. " Gosh Kat, you look wonderful." She smiled sadly at the older woman, wondering if she had come back on her own or if her father had caught her to begin with. She turned around to pick up the head piece that went with the dress, not seeing Kat slip the dagger into the lacing on the back of the dress. Kat sat down, allowing the child to place a tiara of silver with pearls and diamonds onto her head.

Had it been anyone else, at any other time, she would have been more then happy to do this. Now she just hoped the caped clown actually came in time and not end up Mrs.Negaduck. Negaduck knocked on the door, drawing both of their attentions to it. "Lets go. I want to get this over with!" Kat stood and followed Goslyen into the main room. The Priest stood infront of the windows, the setting sun darkened his face, making him look ominous. Goslyen handed Kat roses tied with a long silver ribbon. As she looked around again, she saw they weren't alone. Bushroot, Negavolt and a few others were sitting, watching. A few whistles, which earned them death glares from Negaduck, came from people she could only assume were F.O.W.l agents.

The child walks down the center to her father, holding a pillow with two rings resting on it. Negaduck looked at Kat as she began to walk toward him. ' Where the hell is he.' Kat looked slightly out the windows, hoping to see anything that looked like Darkwing's plane and was disappointed when she failed to see it. Before she knew it, she was standing next to Negaduck as the man of the cloth began to quickly read from his book, doing his best to skip through everything. When it came to the part of any objections, none came and Negaduck watched Kat to make sure she stayed quiet. He smirked when she did remain quiet and the man continued, Negaduck took the ring from the pillow and slipped it onto her finger. Tiny points when into her flesh and she looked from it to him. "The hell was that?" He just shrugged and he made her slip his onto his finger.

He leaned in to kiss her. Kat's heart beat so loud she thought they could hear it in the back of the room. just inches from her beak the door burst open, purple smoke filling the room. Kat sighed, relaxing and turned to look. "I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the party crasher, who ruins your cake! I am Darkwing duck." Everyone in the room stood, ready to fire at him, Negaduck stood there in a quiet rage, seeing red and looked at Kat, now knowing where she had gone to. He grabbed her and pulled her into him, crashing his mouth onto hers, brusing her arms as she struggled. The priest was shocked, mumbling the words he dreaded to say to this girl. "I now pronounce you husband and wife...". Negaduck let her go as she went backwards,falling on her ass, glaring at him. He began to chuckle and turned whipping out a rocket launcher and aimed at Darkwing. Suddenly, police, led by Gizmoduck came rushing in. Everything from there was chaos. Negaduck and his daughter disappeared in the crowd. Kat was picked up by launchpad, recieved a stab to his arm when Kat thought it was Negaduck.

As the chaos settled, many people had been arrested, others had escaped, including Negaduck. "Great. Now i have to hide or else my...husband will come back for me." Kat shivered thinking, dreading that day if it ever came. She didn't know why he haddone what he did, but then again, he was insane. He had always been, she just failed to notice it until it was to late. Darkwing looked at her, thinking she looked nice in the dress, despite what it now meant for her. He walked over to her, handing her a communicter with a tracker in it. "Incase he comes back for you, I'll know where you are and can talk directly to you...take care of yourself." He walked back to the Ratcatcher with Launchpad and drove off.

Negaduck watched her from the shadows as Darkwing stood close to her, his object of desire. His Queen was, for the moment, out of his reach. He would have to let things settle down before he went to her again. By then perhaps she would know she was his. He smirked widely as she tried in vein to et the ring off. The only way to remove it was to remove ones finger. He turned and walked back to the bakery and hopped into the impressive cake to begin plotting his next crime.

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