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My name is Dr. Drakken! Welcome to my lair! MWA-HA HA HA HA-HAH! What are you staring at? I just thought of my greatest diabolical scheme yet.

"Don't tell them anything about it. They might tell Kim Possible."

I'll handle this, Shego. Don't mind her; she's just been a little upset for the past few days. You see, not to long ago, I came up with an ingenious way to eliminate Kim Possible once and for all! Ha ha ha! I made a laser canon that was powered by Shego's plasma-generating powers. With it, she could have destroyed Kim Possible! But that buffoonish sidekick of Kim's had to ruin everything. He pushed Kim out of the way and took the blast for her! I was in total shock. I didn't think that lack-wit had that much courage in him. Unfortunately, when Kimmie saw that her best friend was hurt, perhaps dead, she lost it and destroyed my Plasma Amplification Canon. Shego's powers help her heel rapidly, so she's gotten over her wounds (the physical ones, at least). Me, on the other hand, I still have some bruses. Kim Possible thinks she's all that, but she's not!

Anyway, it turned out the laser only gave that buffoon a few burns and a broken arm, so it's back to the drawing board with the PAC. That buffoon is such a pest, and his name is Ron Stoppable. For the longest time I couldn't remember his name. Some people have said that he holds Kim back. I say, "HA!" to that. That boy foiled my plans to tap into the molten magma deep beneath the earth's crust. You see, I stole the world's largest laser drill at set it in the worlds biggest cheese wheel. I captured Possible and Stoppable, but when they escaped I told Shego to forget the buffoon and find Kim Possible. It turns out that my guards were so preoccupied with Kim that Stoppable was able to use the laser drill to melt the cheese wheel (it was actually made of cheese).

Stoppable may be a buffoon, but he's a determined one. Once I tried an evil plot on Christmas, feeling certain that Kim Possible would take a day off for the holiday. But I didn't count on the buffoon coming. Since Shego was on vacation, I was left to deal with him myself. He couldn't stop me from launching my Drak-Force 1, but while we were fighting we launched the escape pods and activated the self-destruct mechanism. Fortunately, we were able to escape in the garbage's impact resistant container. Once we landed at the North Pole, we fought with incredible anger. I blamed him for the whole mess.

"Well, it was Stoppable's fault."

Bit your tongue, Shego! But, when I found out that he too was a fan of Snowman Hank, we decided to set aside our differences for the sake of the holiday. When Kim and Shego found us, they were—what's that phrase?—"totally weirded out" to find Stoppable and I actually getting along. I even caught Kim kissing Stoppable under the mistletoe. I had a fun time, but once we entered the new year, and the truce was over, I opened a bag of freak on both of them!

"And they kicked your but right backto jail."

Ice the sass, Shego! Are you still mad about Stoppable defeating you? Oh, well, Shego went solo on a plan to destroy Kim Possible. She put some sort of drug in Kim's drink to keep her from fighting at full strength (that's just low), but, when Stoppable saw the Kim was hurt, he opened a bag of freak on Shego.

Stoppable even stopped me from completing my greatest scheme ever! I made a serum derived from the pollen of the rare Aurora Orchid. When it made contact with Kim's skin, it concentrated her blushing mechanism. Whenever she felt embarrassment or humiliation, the serum started to make her disappear. MWA-HA HA HA! But that buffoon somehow found the cure all on his own! I have to find some way of separating those two. Leave! NOW!

I'll be doing Dementor soon, so stay tuned.