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Prologue: Be Careful What You Wish For...

"Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed, reaching one hand out futilely toward him, as if to stop what was happening. She watched from her prone position sprawled on the ground as he looked down, staring in blank confusion at the sharp tip of the tentacle sticking through his shoulder from his back. Naraku had just barely missed his heart.

"Hi-raikotsu!" Sango cried laborously, flinging the boomerang with what was left of her energy. It swung around and severed the tentacle spearing Inuyasha's shoulder before returning to Sango, whose legs collapsed as she tried to catch it. The severed tentacle fell limply to the ground, and Inuyasha continued to stare at it as it's weight pulled it out of his body.

Despair began to wash over Kagome in overwhelming waves. They were going to die. They were all going to die, and she couldn't do anything about it. She was drained, so tired, and wounded, and it was all just too much. Kagome closed her eyes as tears began to spill down her cheeks. Please, she prayed, I never wanted any of this to happen. I just want to put everything right. I wish I could do everything right...

The jewel shards around her neck pulsed.

Across the battlefield, as Naraku finally lifted the dazed hanyou by the neck, the nearly completed Shikon no Tama pulsed. Once. Twice. Inuyasha focused his eyes as he felt the energy surging and rising, concentrating and building. Naraku looked at Inuyasha for a moment, before his eyes flew past him, to the prone form of Kagome. "What are you doing?" The jewel pulsed again, stronger, faster. "Stop it!" There was a note of fear in Naraku's voice.

Kagome stared at him, uncomprehending for a moment. And then, she seemed to realize just what was happening. As Naraku opened his hand and dropped Inuyasha, Kagome opened her mouth. Her eyes were drawn to Inuyasha, who was breathing laboredly. His eyes opened sluggishly and he looked at her. They stared at each other for a moment. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. Kagome moved her hand up to clutch at the vial holding her jewel shards. "I wish..."

"No!" Naraku screamed, moving toward her. But he was suddenly so far away, and moving so slowly.

"...I could start over, and make everything right..."

Naraku was almost to her - which only helped Kagome's position, because the closer the jewel came to the wayward shards, the stronger and faster the pulsing became, until they weren't separate pulses, but one long burst of energy and light. As Kagome turned her head away from the blinding light, she had one thought. I'll always be with you... Inuyasha...

Chapter One: Down the Rabbit Hole... Again

Kagome blinked in confusion. "Umm..." she said out loud, "how did I get inside the well?" She looked at the surrounding walls and toward the sky and discovered she was still in the past. "Huh. That's...weird. About to be killed by Naraku one minute, here the next..." Her eyes widened as she realized what she'd just said. If he'd somehow been able to transport her here, she'd never be able to get back in time to save her friends. "Inuyasha..."

She looked down at herself in confusion. But... if she'd just been transported from there to here... where were her wounds? She'd had a nasty cut on her arm, and her leg had a large gash down it from one of Naraku's tentacles. But they were all gone, and her uniform was uncut and pristine. Almost as if... As if it never happened...

She stood up, deciding to get out of the well and figure out just what was going on. She'd go to Kaede and speak to her. Maybe the jewel had done something, something involving that bright flash of light and explosion of energy...

She turned around to find the vines she used to climb out, and stopped short. Lying there, right by her feet... was an arm. A severed arm. Kagome stared at it for long moments, uncomprehending. It almost looked like... it almost looked like Mistress Centipede's arm. Kagome gave a nervous little laugh. But that's not possible! That was such a long time ago!... right?

Shivering with a foreboding feeling, Kagome grabbed the vines and pulled herself quickly out of the well. After that, she headed toward the Goshinboku. Once she made it to the sacred tree, she'd find the path to the village, and see Kaede-

Except she never made it that far. As soon as she stepped into the clearing around the Goshinboku, she froze, staring at the old tree. The tree that Inuyasha had been pinned to by a sacred arrow for fifty years. A tree that Inuyasha was still pinned to.

As if in a dream, Kagome moved forward, one slow step at a time, until she reached the root that had grown up around Inuyasha's body. She pulled herself up, so she was standing level with the boy. Leaning forward, she peered at his sleeping face. "Inu...yasha?" she said hesitantly. Nothing. He didn't open his eyes, his ears didn't twitch; he gave no response that he'd heard her. "Oh, Inuyasha," she breathed, laying her head on his chest for comfort. "What is going on? What's happened? What... what have I done?" She was sure this was her fault. Wasn't it always her fault, somehow? She was the one who'd awoken Mistress Centipede, just by being near the well. She was the one who had the Shikon no Tama in her body, thus bringing it back to the Sengoku Jidai. She was the one who accidentally shattered it into hundreds of pieces. She was the one who was always being kidnapped and held hostage and needed to be rescued by Inuyasha. And I'm the one who freed Inuyasha. If it weren't for me, he'd still be stuck to the Goshinboku, dead to the world, and suffering no pain at the hands of Naraku. He wouldn't be tortured by Kikyo's clay incarnation.

But, apparently, she never had released him. Or maybe... maybe she hadn't released him yet... Kagome's eyes were drawn to the arrow sticking from his shoulder. Right where Naraku had speared him with a tentacle. She lifted her hand to the arrow, intending to pull it out...

"Get away from there!" Kagome spun to find a dozen archers from the village pointing arrows at her. She shrieked as they let loose the volley, spinning to press herself against Inuyasha for protection.

Now This seems familiar, Kagome thought sardonically. She was sat on a blanket, arms tied behind her back, listening to the villagers whispering about her. She knew some of them from her many stays in the village, but none of them seemed to recognize her.

"Make way for the High Priestess Kaede!" A man yelled, and Kagome breathed out a sigh of relief. She could talk to Kaede, and figure out just what was going on-

Kaede stopped in front of her and started throwing herbs at her. "Hey!" Kagome cried.

"Demon begone!" Kaede cried, ignoring her.

"I'm not a demon!" Kagome told her, upset. If she hadn't thought she was in the past before, she was sure now. She'd forgotten about this part. Of course, she'd forgotten a lot of it - it had been almost two years ago, and so much had happened to her since then, this incident had been pushed to the far recesses of her mind.

"Are ye not?" Kaede asked. "Then why were ye found in the Forest of Inuyasha?"

"She could be a spy from the war," Kaede's assistant murmured. Kagome rolled her eyes.

"Why would anyone wish to invade a poor village such as this?" Kaede returned. She looked at Kagome for a long moment, before leaning forward. "Let me have a look at ye." She took Kagome's chin in her hand and turned her head this way and that, inspecting her face. "You're a clever girl?" she asked. "...or be ye a half-wit?"

Kagome clenched her jaw. She'd forgotten about THAT, too.

To be continued...

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