I'm very glad everyone likes this story. I started writing it just to see where I could take it, and never expected to let anyone read it. I don't have a definite outline for this, just several little miniature-plots I can do. More like stand-alone episodes than an ongoing plot. But I'll try to make it interesting.

Several people have wondered how Kagome Inuyasha kept their memories. Honestly, I hadn't thought of it when I started the story -I just didn't want to have to go through them learning about each other again.I have figured it out, even though it's not that big a deal... I just can't tell you. ;P Because it will be revealed later in the story. But it's not really a big thing, so don't worry about it too much.

There is OOC-ness in this chapter. This is hopefully the worst it will get. Maybe I should have rewritten it, but it's not that bad, I think Inuyasha ( Kagome, for that matter) are allowed a little OOCness, after this big-ass curve-ball they've been thrown, so I left it in. Tell me what you think.

Subduing Dog Boy

Inuyasha and Kagome arrived at Kaede's hut shortly after the old woman. Inuyasha set Kagome down in front of the hut with a flourish, making Kagome give him a strange look. "What is with you?" She shook her head in confusion. "You're acting- well, if I didn't know you, I'd say you were being playful!"

Inuyasha grinned. "Of course I am!" he replied, surprising Kagome by not getting angry at her observation. "Kagome," he said earnestly, still unable to keep a note of giddiness out of his voice, "I'm not gonna get my face slammed into the ground anymore! I'm free!"

Kagome's face fell before she quickly smiled to hide her reaction. "Right. Of course. And, I'm sorry I was always 'slamming your face into the ground' all the time."

Inuyasha saw her sadness and shook his head. "Hey, don't worry about it. Sometimes I deserved it."

Kagome looked up at that, annoyed. "Sometimes? Try 'most of the time'."

Inuyasha scoffed, but was inwardly glad she didn't seem so sad anymore. "'Most of the time'? Maybe half the time. Maybe."

"Half!" Kagome cried. "More like the vast majority! I wish I could sit you right now!"

Inuyasha grinned brightly. "Yeah, but you can't!" He snickered to himself and entered Kaede's hut, leaving Kagome alone to fume at his smug behavior.

A moment later she heard Inuyasha yell, and her anger was completely forgotten as she rushed inside to see what was wrong.

What she found upon entering made her stop and stare. Inuyasha looked horrified. Kaede was kneeling, her hands still clasped together and her index fingers pointing out. And there, right where it should be, nestled against Inuyasha's collarbone, was the subduing rosary.

Inuyasha lifted his hands slowly and wrapped them around the beads, but made no move to try and pull them off - he knew it would be futile. Kagome's hands flew to cover her mouth, lest she burst out laughing and really upset him. But... it was just so funny! He'd been so excited to finally be free of the subduing spell, only to...

Kagome snorted, causing Inuyasha to turn and glare at her. "Oh yeah, it's real funny for you! You're not gonna get slammed into the ground at someone else's whim!"

Kaede cleared her throat. "Am I to understand that ye know of the subduing spell?"

Kagome nodded and moved to sit by the fire. Inuyasha followed, but folded his arms across his chest and sulked as he did it. "Yes," Kagome responded. "Inuyasha was trying to... get the Shikon no Tama from me." She decided to leave out the fact that he was trying to kill her to get the jewel. "You put the rosary on him and I said the first command word I could think of. It was... degrading to him."

Inuyasha snorted at that. "No kidding! Being told to 'sit' like I'm some common mongrel dog. Then gettin' slammed into the ground whenever you feel like it..." Kagome scowled. She liked playful-Inuyasha much better than grumpy Inuyasha.

Kaede looked thoughtful. "If the subduing word were 'sit', that may explain why ye were 'slammed into the ground'."

Kagome blinked. "You mean... the word itself determines the form of subduing?"

Kaede nodded sagely. "Am I to assume that I did not have time to explain this to ye the first time?"

Kagome shook her head. "No, you just put them around Inuyasha's neck and told me to say the word of command, and that only I could come up with it."

Kaede nodded again at this information. "It is difficult to tell exactly how the spell will interpret the command word. But if ye used 'sit' as the command, that would explain why the spell forced ye to the ground, Inuyasha."

Kagome blinked in surprise, then looked at Inuyasha, who gazed back impassively. "So," Kagome began, "if I used a different command, something else would happen?"

Kaede closed her eye and declined her head in confirmation. "Yes. But be forewarned, Kagome; the command you choose may be interpreted any number of ways by the spell. Every spell is based on intent."

Kagome nodded and was silent for a long time, staring forward but not seeing the fire in front of her. Inuyasha kept glancing at her from the corner of his eye nervously. The longer she stayed quiet, the more anxious he became.

"Child," Kaede finally spoke softly. Kagome's eyes shifted slightly and focused on the older woman. "Ye must set the word of command now. Have ye decided what it shall be?"

Kagome glanced down and swallowed. "Everything has started over again. I can't help but think I - we, should make the most of it." She looked over at Inuyasha, who watched her with slightly wide, curious eyes. His defenses were down, and Kagome could see the real Inuyasha; the sweet, insecure boy underneath all the cockiness and posturing and defense mechanisms. "Kikyo isn't here, Inuyasha," she said softly. "She can't take you to hell. The only thing you owe her, is killing Naraku, for what he did to you both."

Inuyasha's eyes shuttered. "Kagome..."

Kagome took a deep breath and continued. "I just don't want you to feel torn between us, Inuyasha." She paused, and focused on exactly what she wanted to happen. A bare amount of her miko powers flared up; she looked into Inuyasha's eyes, and said, "Kiss me."

Inuyasha's eyes widened in slight embarrassed panic. He gasped as he felt the prayer beads activate - but they weren't dragging him to the ground, but pulling him toward Kagome. He looked down at the beads, then up to Kagome. She was blushing so much her whole face was pink, and her whole body was tense; he could see the insecurity in her eyes, could almost hear the thoughts spinning in her head. What if he doesn't want me? What if I just remind him of Kikyo? What if he still loves her more than me? But she'd been right; Kikyo was gone, not in the picture at all. She'd been the reason why he'd held himself apart from Kagome, why he hadn't allowed himself to love her. Now, there was nothing stopping him but his own fear.

Taking a deep breath, Inuyasha lifted both hands to cup Kagome's jaw, closed his eyes, and kissed her. It was a simple pressing together of lips, completely innocent and appropriate... But it was their first kiss, and Kagome thought it was absolutely perfect.

The spell dissipated after about ten seconds. Kagome could feel when it wore off because Inuyasha relaxed and pulled back slightly - but he took his time ending the kiss and pulling away completely. They stared at each other for a moment, Kagome blushing slightly. Then, Inuyasha grinned. "That wasn't a very good subduing command, y'know."

Kagome frowned in confusion. She recognized that smile, and knew it boded no good for her. Finally, she had to ask. "And why is that?"

Inuyasha's smile, if possible, grew wider as he replied, "'Cause now I'll do everything I can to get you to subdue me."

Kagome's eyes widened and her face turned bright red. She reached forward and shoved him back, muttering, "Shut up, Inu-chan."

Inuyasha was too elated to take offense at her use of his hated nickname. Even if he did something that would normally earn him a 'sit', all Kagome could do would be to order him to 'kiss' her, which he would happily do. Life was finally looking up.

To Be Continued...
I very carefully made sure that Kagome never once said anything that might activate the spell. She never says 'sit', or any other command, until she actually sets the command word. Kaede Inuyasha say 'sit', but they aren't the ones setting the spell; Kagome is. Just thought I'd point that out. So, tell me what you thought! I hope it wasn't too over-the-top. -