Story: Four Faces of Two Kisses||Chapter: Hands-On Experience
Romance: Yami no Yuugi x Bakura, Yami no Bakura x Yuugi
Chapters: 1-4||Words: 3,888||Total: 3,888
Genre: Romance||Rated: PG-13
Summary: Two kisses. Four points of view. Two bodies. Four souls. One moment that could change so much.

One of the most annoying drawbacks to sharing a body with someone is the fact that whatever they feel, you feel. It won't be quite as intense, but as long as that connection is there, you will feel it. That's why I was able to stab myself in the arm, and my host didn't really feel that much of it, until I wanted him to. Being much more experienced at this gives me something of an advantage, of course. I certainly need every kind of advantage I can get with the way things have been going.

But that's really not your business, is it? Of course it isn't. You want something else altogether. You want to know about that. That little event that happened just the other day. I don't know why, you were there as much as I was, and I know you felt it too.

What's that? You didn't? He didn't let you? I didn't think he was that selfish. Then again, I don't suppose it's that much of a surprise. He is the Pharoah, and that means he's going to keep what he wants and not let anyone touch it. But I am a thief, and I take what I want. Whatever it is I want.

Oh, stop that. I'm not going to take that. I want you to give me that.

You blush such a pretty shade of red. Even prettier than my host, really. I was talking about the Puzzle, silly boy. What did you think I meant? I think I can guess, really. It's not like I haven't experienced it before. I'm not like the Pharoah. I've had hosts before, and lived for decades at a time. A few of them...I destroyed their souls completely and ruled their bodies as if they were my own again.

Why are you looking at me like that? I've been a stealer of souls for longer than most civilizations of this day have existed. Did you ever think I was any different? But we're getting off-track here. You wanted to know about what happened.

They kissed. That's all. I'm sure they wanted to do more, but given that he's using your body, and I certainly don't want the one I'm using to be that close to his spirit, they didn't. What do you mean, it's the same thing when it's you and me? I decide what I will do, and don't you forget it.

Go away, Pharaoh. You promised your little partner that we could have this hour, and I swore I wouldn't interfere when you and my host want to go on a 'date' this weekend. If you don't leave us alone, I'll never leave you alone.

Hm, threatening a Pharaoh and not having to worry about my mind being crushed or my soul destroyed or anything else I value taken away, because I have in my grip something that he treasures. I could get used to this.

There, now you're back again. How nice. Why are you staring at me like that? You don't happen to object to me touching your face, do you? It looks so much nicer when it's you and not the Pharoah. So very soft. You look easy to break, but I know you're not. I like that. I like a challenge. Don't get that look in your eyes. I promised I wouldn't hurt you. Am I that untrustworthy? Have I ever broken a promise that you know of?

Clever, that. It's the ones you don't know of that worry you? As well they should. But this isn't the time or the place to talk about that kind of thing. I won't hurt you, not at all. You're going to have to trust me. Stop laughing. It really can't be that hard. I've gone to a lot of trouble so you would.

Good. You're calming down. Now, you wanted to know what they did. Yes, I know I already told you that they kissed. But since you apparently didn't feel it quite like I did, I think I should explain just what happened, so you'll understand why I wanted this time with you. Are you paying attention? I don't intend to explain this twice if I can avoid it. I have other things I can be doing than sitting around here all day. And I'm quite sure the Pharaoh would just love to be anywhere but with me. No, he doesn't have to come out to agree with me. Put him away. He's boring me already. Really, does he never say anything besides those trite old phrases? In three thousand years, one just might think he could've come up with something more creative than 'tomb-robber, get your hands off my partner!' I didn't see your precious partner objecting to my hands being where they were.

You'd think there was something wrong about them being under his shirt. Really now, Pharaoh, are you as repressed as all that? I would hope not. That is my host you want that date with, isn't it? Yes, I thought it was. If you like, you can see just how romantic he can get when I'm filling his head with images from when I was a child. Yes, those images. Of course I would. It's his past, too, you know. He should know just what you and your family did to me and mine. Especially if you're going to 'date'.

Finally, he's going to leave us alone. I do intend to show my host, you know. But perhaps when we're alone. It'll be much more fun that way. Right now, I'm having too much fun with you. Are you having fun with me?

You are? Good. I want it good for you. Yes, that was meant to sound like that. Have you ever thought about changing your hair color? What do you mean, what brought that on? Oh, if you must know, I think you look too much like him. You should look better than he does. You are better than he is.

Stop the flattery and talk about the kiss? Very well. It started like this. They were about this far apart. Oh, now what is your problem? You didn't expect me to show you like this? How else do you think you can understand it if I don't show you just what they did? I'm not that much of a storyteller. I'm a thief, after all.

All this time I was in my soul room, sharpening my daggers and thinking about how nice it would be to take command and slam one of them into that Pharaoh for laying a finger on my host. Don't interrupt. You'll break my concentration.

As I said, it was easy to feel what was going on. It wasn't as intense as what my host was feeling of course, and I'm quite glad of that. Though it would have been kind of funny to see the Pharaoh's expression if my host's last meal had wound up all over him. Especially since he fed my host that last meal. Maybe I should think about doing it some other time.

Thinking about it, I don't think they were really planning it. At least my host wasn't. I could feel how surprised he was the closer they got to each other. He was hot all over, the more time he spent with the Pharaoh. I would've been too, only for entirely different reasons. There's lust and then there's bloodlust. I don't need to tell you which I prefer.

I'm not scaring you again, am I? Not that I care. I'm just curious.

Where was I? You shouldn't keep on distracting me; it'll take us forever to get to the point at this rate. As much fun as it is to make you blush and to have you on my lap like this...what do you mean you didn't notice? That's where my host was on the Pharaoh at this point. You don't want me to leave anything out, do you? I didn't think you did.

They didn't do a lot of interesting things for a while. My host was just like you are, sitting on the Pharaoh's lap, like you're on the lap of the King of Thieves. And the Pharaoh caressed his hair, just like this. What does that feel like to you?

You're shivering? Yes, my host was doing that too. I think your shivers look so much nicer, though. You don't object to me playing with your hair, do you? Of course I timed the question properly. Why should I wait until I get permission to do something? Quite soft hair you have here. No, the Pharaoh didn't do this. This is a special addition all my own. I don't see or hear you complaining. And I'd better not.

I notice no sign of the Pharaoh this time. Good, you're learning. And so is he. It's about time. Now, where was I? Oh, yes, the hair. Very soft, and the colors are just perfectly defined. The bangs aren't even as sharp as they look, which are most definitely as sharp as the edge of one of my knives. That was a compliment; don't glare at me. You're not made to glare, so don't even try.

You want to hear more about their kiss? I do aim to please. Very well, the Pharaoh had my host in his lap. I'm quite aware of how odd that must've looked if anyone had been fool enough to spy on my host.

Of course I don't want anyone spying on them, silly boy. I'd rather no one got the idea they could touch him with impunity and still live to talk about it. It's not that I would care about killing someone, but if I did, I'd have to spend all that time finding somewhere to put the body. It's easy to just dump it into the shadows, but I can be so much more creative. Remind me to tell you about a few of the things I've had to do over the years.

Now, we have the situation set up, don't we? Yes, one on the lap of the other, just like this. Yes, it was turned around with them. Do you really think I could sit on your lap and we wouldn't both be dying of laughter in no time flat? Of course not. Glad you admitted it.

The Pharaoh played with my host's hair. It made him shiver, just as you were. Only you look much better doing it to me. I think we'd covered that much. Then the Pharaoh did this, his hand going down my host's neck, caressing. No, I'm not going to snap your neck. Would you trust me? No, he didn't caress it like that. But I am. There, you like that, don't you? So very tense. I can get rid of that.

I was talking about a massage. That's all. I'd heard that you have quite the dirty mind, and I do believe what I heard was right. Stop the blushing. It's attractive, but I don't believe you're as embarrassed about this as you want me to think. Oh, there's no need to admit it. I can see the truth quite plainly in those pretty eyes of yours.

My, I wasn't aware a mortal could turn such a shade of red. It doesn't match your coloring at all. You really must stop it. Now, to continue. The Pharaoh then leaned my host forward a little, and leaned up himself. Both of them stared at each other for a while. I don't think they had any idea what was coming next. I could see it from a mile away, though. That's what comes from having so much more experience in things. There are reasons I'm better than the Pharaoh, of course. Don't try to tell me differently. I know you're just trying to be modest on his behalf. Don't bother.

Yes, they stared at each other for almost a good minute. They were so close, my host could feel the Pharaoh's breath on his own lips. I could feel it too, and I must be glad you brushed your teeth before we settled into this. It's a definite improvement. My host takes much better care of himself than that.

Then they moved a little closer. Finally. I was beginning to be bored just waiting for them to either do something or not do something. Hanging in the middle is not good for my nerves, and that is not good for the lives of those around me.

I could feel the Pharaoh's lips on my host's, and it was almost as if they were on mine. I wanted more than anything to take full control just then and do all those things I mentioned earlier. I could feel everything my host was feeling. The heat had almost tripled, as if he were on fire. Is that how you're feeling now? No? I must be doing something wrong. No, I'm not going to explain why I said that. You'll find out in due time.

The two of them appeared to be intent on sucking the breath out of each other. I'd heard cats do that, and they were sacred three thousand years ago. Annoying little vermin have never forgotten this either. Oh, you don't see the connection? Really, doesn't the Pharaoh tell you about anything? Wait, he'd have to remember, wouldn't he? My point is that cats were sacred, and he certainly thought he was, so to have him sucking the breath from my host wasn't that surprising.

What else happened...yes, I remember now. The Pharaoh put his hand behind my host's head, just like this. That's not scaring you, is it? Good. Then he leaned it forward, just like this.

I can feel your breath on my lips now. This is much, much better than having the reek of his tomb in my nostrils, borrowed though they are. I can't really say how to describe it. Sweet, that's for certain. Perhaps somewhat minty. When we do this again, I want you to cleanse your mouth just the way you did earlier. I like this scent on you. And we will do it again. If the Pharaoh wants any private time with my host, we will absolutely be doing this again. You wouldn't have any objections, would you?

Does it really matter what else they did? I can think of a thousand things far more interesting to discuss. Do you need a demonstration? Or just want one?

You can't possibly still want to know what they did. You do. Are you a voyeur of sorts? You have to be, with wanting to know all of this. Learn to peek from your soul room, then we won't be interrupting our time with what went on with them.

At least you didn't blush this time. Now, to finish up what they were doing. They kissed, and appeared to be draining the very life and breath from one another. They took only the smallest moments to breathe, and I think that was only because they had to. Can't you see it?

You can't? I think I'll have to work on my descriptions. But I might know a way I can show you what they did. Here, let me try. Don't protest now. This is what you wanted to know, and since my words don't seem to be doing it properly, I'll find another way. Don't be all that surprised, either. You know as well as I do what we've both been aiming for all this time. I said I aimed to please. Now I'm going to please myself. And you. Yes, I said you. That way you come back for more, and I get more of what I want.

Surprised I'm being so honest? Don't be. Lying wouldn't get me what I want this time. I'm sure you'll try to figure out a way to prove I am, and the Pharaoh will help you, but whatever you come up with, you'll be wrong. Stop struggling. This won't hurt a bit.

Your lips are so soft. Yes, you can still hear my voice in your mind. How do you think I communicated with Ishtar back during Battle City, in front of all of you? Smoke signals? The Pharaoh never bothered to tell you, of course. Anyone with an Item can communicate with someone who has another one, if they try hard enough. He wanted to keep your mind all to himself, the selfish bastard. None of them wanted you to know. They keep you a child they can use, just for his purposes.

Can we keep the explanations and questions for later? I'm enjoying this too much to worry about anything else right now. Yes, you have very soft lips. I should have expected it, to go with that soft heart you have. At least you've stopped fighting me now. I can feel you melting back into the kiss. I knew you wanted this. Your hair's as soft as your lips, and I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to stop kissing you.

No one's ever done it before? No one's ever kissed you before? Not even the Pharaoh? Not even in your soul rooms? How nice. I took your first kiss. I think I'll take your second right now. Just as sweet as the first. Tasty and divine and warm, more intoxicating that the finest of wines, setting my borrowed blood on fire with lusts I can't indulge in at the moment. This has to be more interesting for my host than his first kiss was for me.

No, this isn't my first kiss. You can tell, I'm sure. Yes, you can? I know. Who was my first? I can't remember.

Don't look at me like that. I was barely thirteen when it happened the first time. It wasn't anything like kissing you is, though. I think it was some tavern wench. I probably killed her not long after. I seem to remember setting fire to a tavern, at any rate. Of course I don't have the Pharaoh's memory problems. It's just that after three eons, things blur together.

You should be honored. I don't usually tell people when I'm going to take something from them, but I'm going to take your third kiss right now. There. Lips sealed together like a tomb, opening to the probing of the greatest tomb robber that ever was. Two tongues dueling against each other in a battle that I will win from you. Even if it's the only battle I will ever win.

And you never heard that. I can make sure you didn't if you ever speak of it again.

Skin as soft as satin under my hands. You've never known them to be gentle, and it doesn't happen that often. Touching you is one treasure I can never steal from anyone else, because you're giving it to me, you're so much closer to me, I don't think you can breathe anymore than I can right now, and I don't care, because kissing you, holding you, feeling you in my arms and on my lips, in my mouth, is so much more than anything I've ever felt in my life.

I don't remember opening my eyes to stare into yours, but there they are, looking back at me, violet and wide and far larger than eyes should be. They're somehow darker, full of passions that you never truly acknowledged until this moment, I know. You're not the innocent so many have claimed you to be. Not your friends, they know you too well, not the Pharaoh, whatever he might wish, but those who don't know you. I hear them talking about you. They can't believe someone as small and frail as you, in their words, could know the things I see in your eyes that you do know.

There is a large gap between knowing things by looking into books and magazines and knowing them by living them. Hands-on experience is a much better teacher than anything else, I've always felt. You agree, don't you? You do now. Let's take another kiss. Mmmm, even better than the ones before it.

Our hour's almost up. It just flew by, unfortunately. I could do this again and again, until the end of time. I think I'll take one more, for the road, so to speak. I didn't think you'd object, and you don't.

Taking your breath into me, your lips on mine, mine on yours, feeling my breath sliding between your lips, hearing your heart beat so close to mine, right under my fingertips, lips growing ripe with passion and knowledge, never wanting this to stop, never wanting to have to leave, never wanting you to move away from me. It's almost enough to give up my revenge for, to keep you this close to me forever.

Almost, but not quite. Because when I have my revenge, I can have you forever, and the Pharaoh won't be around to put limits on what we do, when we do it, or where we do it. You looked eager for a moment, don't deny it. I said not to deny it. Yes, I know he's your partner and your friend and all of that. But I have my reasons for wanting what I do, and you know them as well as I do. I'll never turn from that path, no matter where it leads me in the end.

Even if it means it leads me away from you? That was a cruel question. I didn't think you had it in you. I think I like that. No, I'm not going to answer the question. We both already know the answer. Now stop asking things like that. Any moment now, the Pharaoh's going to be back, and I don't want to think he's watching me kiss you. I don't sleep often, but I have enough nightmares when I do not to add that to it.

Another kiss. And another. And another. Until infinity itself is the number, and I can feel my host stirring, knowing the time limit is up. I can see the Pharaoh stirring in you as well, the spoilsport. They'll want to know what we did. Tell my host, if you feel you must, and the Pharaoh. Let them know that I have succeeded in stealing the greatest treasure that ever has been or was or will be.

You mean you don't know? You didn't notice? Silly boy, I didn't take the Puzzle. I told you that I wouldn't already. You were right there when I stole it, and I know I have it right here in the palm of my hand. How do I know? You kissed me back, that's how I know, and you did it so eagerly, so hungrily, so willingly, sucking the life from me as I sucked it from you, your hands under my shirt, your body against mine. It took me less than an hour, I think. One of my better thefts.

Mutou Yugi, holder of the Millennium Puzzle, the theft happened right under your nose and you didn't see? You'll have to do better.

I stole your heart, silly Pharaoh's host. And you'll never get it back.

To Be Continued