Story: Four Faces of Two Kisses||Chapter: Forbidden Treasure
Romance: Yami no Yuugi x Bakura, Yami no Bakura x Yuugi
Chapters: 4-4||Words: 3,972||Total: 15,595
Genre: Romance||Rated: PG-13
Summary: Two kisses. Four points of view. Two bodies. Four souls. One moment that could change so much.

Bakura Ryou, I've been wanting to talk to you for a very long time now. Weeks, months. I know the thief will want some sort of recompense for this encounter, but we'll deal with that later. For now, I want to talk to you.

You're right, we've really never been introduced to each other. But we know who we are. I've been aware of you since you first came to Domino and we discovered you have one of the Millennium Items. I've never gotten along well with other Item holders until we met you. Of course, the only one we met before you was Shadi, and he didn't exactly make the best first impression.

You, on the other hand, were entirely different. You share a love of games that rivals Yuugi's and my own, and a heart that is as full of love and self-sacrifice as it can possibly be. That's only the beginning. You're also beautiful. I'd compare you to amber, to diamonds, to clouds, but those things pale in comparison.

Your eyes are like amber in shade, but in life, you far surpass that cold gem. Your eyes glow with all the hues of life and warmth. Your skin is like diamonds, fair and flawless, but warm to the touch and yielding to the caresses of pleasure, or so I imagine as I look at you. I hope to find out soon that it's true. As for the clouds...the clouds envy your hair; it's so much softer and finer than they could ever dream, should clouds be able to dream.

Please, listen to me. Don't just listen to him, I can tell that's what you're doing. Yes, I suspect he might know my true name. I won't trust him to speak it, though. He might know it, but that doesn't mean he'll tell it to me honestly. And you shouldn't pay attention to anything he says. You're right, he can't be trusted.

Yes, I snorted. He can't be trusted, no matter what it is that you're trusting him to do.

You don't mind if I move closer to you, do you? You look so red, I have to ask. If it's really bothering you, I could move back. But I don't think it is. You're just not used to it, yet. I'd like the chance to change that.

No, I don't want the Ring, at least not yet. Your other and I will deal with that when the time is right, I believe. But for now, it's you that I want to talk to and deal with. You're not normal, by the way. No matter what you think, you're not.

It's not an insult. It's what you are. Or aren't. Normal people wouldn't have hair like clouds, either in color or in texture, nor would they have eyes that are so soft and so warm and caring. You're simply too beautiful to be normal, no matter what you think.

You had a sister? I'm sure she was lovely, but not anywhere quite as fair as you are, Bakura Ryou. I wish I could call you just Ryou. It feels more as if it's your name than anything else. He seems perfectly willing to use that name as if it were his own, while ignoring your given name. Not to mention that it is the name of your family, and I'd like to refer to you a bit more informally.

Your skin is so soft. Why do you look away when you speak of your sister? Ah, that is a little weird. You don't need to be consistent, no matter what you think. I haven't been always so myself. But I hope you don't mind if I laugh a little. You look so adorable when you're saying things like that, I just can't help myself.

I like touching you. It's more than just how nice your skin feels, it's how happy it seems to make you. And how much you blush. I'd never thought anyone could be quite this red. It's unusual, but it suits you rather well. Not as well as your natural pale skin does, but it's quite beautiful.

You look much different from the Dark Spirit as well, as much as I look somewhat different from Yuugi. He's pointed and sharp and quite cold to gaze upon. You, on the other hand, are warm, as I've said before, soft, but strong as well. Stronger than you think, or than you can bring yourself to believe, with him haunting your mind day and night.

You are babbling on quite a bit. I think I might just have to do something about that. Yes, I think I will. I know just what to do as well. Be careful, this might startle you some.

Your lips are every bit as sweet and tasty as I'd dreamed they were. It wasn't much of a first kiss, but I think it will do. We'll have to do this again sometime. Very soon. Are you busy in the next few seconds? And since you ask, that was the only thing I could think of to have you be quiet.

I've been wanting to speak to you of how I've begun to feel for some time, but forming the words to say what I mean hasn't been easy. I don't remember if I've ever wanted to tell anyone this kind of thing before. I've never even thought about it before, to be honest. My goals have always been to find out who I am and to win games, as many as possible, and to punish those who have harmed Yuugi in any way.

I can't even begin to think of when things changed. Sometime after I met you, of course. But other than that, I just don't know. It's simply something that happened.

That was your first kiss, of course. It was mine as well, at least that I can remember. I could say that forever, that I can remember, that I can remember, because I have so few memories that are truly just mine. I know the things that Yuugi does, and everything we've experienced since we became aware of one another as separate personalities, but they're not quite the same as true memories, like people who don't share bodies have.

I could do better than that kiss. It could be longer. Deeper. I've seen others who have been in love kiss, and there were other things involved, such as tongue.

My, I do believe you have just set a new record for blushing with that.

This is a game, true. But it's not like the usual kinds that we've played. Not Duel Monsters, not Monster World, not chess, nothing at all like this. This is a game that really can't?lost, not as long as the feelings between us are the same.

Why shouldn't I keep on looking at you, touching you? You're quite pretty to look at, and your cheek is warmer and softer than the finest linens or satins. And as you said, this is a game, and the prize is something morethan just yourself, or myself. The prize is what I believe would be called an us'. I like the thought of that.

Looking at you makes me think of things other than winning games and bringing victory where defeat loomed only moments before. I think of time spent in quiet contemplation of one another, of time spent just being with one another. I think of being in one another's arms, and long times dreaming with nothing but each other in our thoughts. I believe this is what is called love. I want to know if this is true.

Looking at me makes all your troubles go away? Yes, you did say that out loud. You need put no kind of barrier on your words, Bakura Ryou, least of all him. I like to hear the truth, to know the truth. If it bothers him, then you don't need to worry about it. He doesn't have to listen, and you don't have to run your life to bow to his whims. You don't have to take care of him in any way.

I'm glad that you're not Yuugi. I'd much prefer you to be yourself. Yuugi is my friend, my savior, and a beacon of strength when I need it at times. He keeps me from losing too much sanity. You give me somewhere to put the sanity, the love that has spawned just from knowing you. As much as I care for Yuugi, that is something I don't feel that he could do.

I think we've talked a little too much. There's something else we could be doing with our lips. Yes, you have the right idea, and I'll be answering your question. Yes, I am going to kiss you again. Here, I'll do it.

It really does get better with practice, it seems. At least the second kiss is richer, fuller, and more tempting than the first one was. I could kiss and kiss you for quite some time. I wish we didn't both have other things to do. I could hold you forever like this. You don't really have that many objections, do you?

No, I haven't actually practiced, not like that. And that came out quite well, I believe. I think you can relate to people rather well, at least you've done so with all of our friends. You do tend to be quiet, but we can all understand why, at least those of us who know about the Millennium Items. I wish I could've gotten to know you before then. I think I might well have enjoyed your company even more then.

I would've noticed that you've changed, I think. It's more than just the slight physical differences between the two of you. You are quiet. He is not. He talks too much, as a matter of fact. If those who knew you then didn't notice, then that is their fault, and not yours. Whether you let them in or not to notice. True friends notice no matter what. After all, Jounouchi, Honda, and Anzu did when I first began to manifest within Yuugi. They didn't know what it was they were noticing, but they did see something more than vaguely different hair and mildly altered eye color.

You can contradict me if you like, but no matter what, I know that you're wrong. You are also noticed because you are you, not simply because you wear one of the seven Items. I can't honestly say if I would if you hadn't worn one to bring you to my attention, but does it truly matter? I do notice you, more than I notice many other people.

I don't know if I quite agree with your sense of justice, Bakura Ryou. Those who cause harm to others do deserve to learn the error of their ways. Perhaps not quite in the same way that the Dark Spirit has punished them, or in the ways that I myself have in the past, but some things simply need to be done.

So you want to know what it is that I want to talk to you about? I haven't made it clear? Then I'll have to say it again. This I don't mind, because I like the language that I'm speaking it in: the language of lips to lips, hands to hands, flesh to flesh.

This one is slower, softer, deeper, sweeter. I really don't want to pull back from this one. I wish neither of us had to breathe, but that's a wish not even the Millennium Items can grant. I wish that I could kiss pure life into us both, so that we don't have the biggest obstacle to all of this. I don't consider Yuugi an obstacle, of course, just the fact that I myself have no body of my own, and that you must share yours with him. It's an entirely different situation.

Yes, he's going to want something, I don't doubt it. As long as it isn't one of the Items I hold, he might even get it. The chance to talk to you about what I feel, what I want and need from you and with you, is almost worth anything. Almost. There are some things that I won't give him that aren't Items, no matter what.

What was that? You've wanted to talk to me, to be with me, as I've wanted to be with you? Stop being so upset that you've said things that are on your mind out loud. I want to know these things. I will always want to know them, to know what's going on inside of your mind.

You've had dreams of us being like this? So have I, but I don't think you're really ready to hear about them just yet. We'll talk about them another time, and there will be other times. And now I want to know what you've dreamed, what you've wanted to tell me. Let me hear, and then I'll tell you what it is that I've wanted to say all this time. I've been saying it all along, with every word and touch and kiss, but I don't think you're quite listening. I'll have to say it some other way, I believe. We'll find out. So speak, now.

Listening to you spill out your heart is one of the most fulfilling things I think I've ever done. Only winning Yuugi's trust back at Duelist Kingdom has ever surpassed it. I agree with you on so many things. I think if we had somehow been born into a situation where we had our own bodies and the concept of sharing them wasn't one that we had to deal with, then we would have both spoken to each other sooner. Or I would have to you. Somehow, I can't imagine you quite being forward enough to speak first. But perhaps you would've said something on some other fashion.

What your father thinks of your choice of lovers is really no concern of mine. I know that you're worried over it, because this isn't precisely a normal situation, but if he wants to argue with me, I will fight for you. I myself don't really find females unappealing, but you're more appealing. Anzu is quite lovely, and a very good person. But you appeal to me more, I believe, when it comes to matters of the heart.

If any of those who claim to be your fan club would come near you again, I just might have to step in myself. All they judge by truly are looks, and if they don't care to see the person beneath the face, then they aren't worth spending time around. And since they all were also worshippers of Otogi when he arrived in Domino, they're fickle as well. I've never been able to abide that. Loyalty is paramount.

You're not a bad host. You're the most generous I've ever encountered. We didn't even begin to speak until you'd already made certain that I was comfortable and had a drink ready for my hand, and a footstool. You seemed almost ready to flutter in anguish when I arrived, actually. As if the thought of someone coming to visit just to talk was one that you'd never entertained in the slightest.

But I think I can think of something else than just words. If I must I'll say it in ways that you might understand more than what I've been doing, but for now, I think this will do. Besides, you're quite attractive when you're confused, and you just seem to get more and more confused each time that I kiss you.

He'd better leave us alone long enough for me to deal with this situation. I could make things uncomfortable for him if I really wanted to. I don't know how he keeps coming back, but I could find a way to stop that if I searched hard enough, I believe. If he refuses to let me finish this, to let us finish this, I will search hard enough. Until then, I'm going to kiss you again. That tasted even sweeter. Were you having some sort of sweet treat before I arrived? Creampuffs, perhaps? You certainly taste like it.

Really, to say that my kisses are full of life, when I have only what life I gain from playing games and what Yuugi lets me, or forces me, to have? That's a little amusing, but I think I see what you mean. No, Yuugi's not going to mind. He just knows that I wanted to come over here and talk to you, not that I feel for you as more than just a friend.

I think I began to realize just how much I did care during Battle City. I was concerned for everyone when Malik's Ghouls were stalking the city, but at the same time, I don't think I've ever truly feared until I realized that you were one of the finalists, and that it could only mean that the Dark Spirit was back again. It was just then that I realized I wanted the chance to speak to you without his interference. When he revealed himself during our Duel, I knew then that I had to win, for the sake of the world, and for your sake.

I didn't want to admit it to myself, even then. If I had let on, then Malik would've had another way to cause me harm. Though I'm quite glad he's changed now and would more than likely be only glad for us, he didn't know then and the darker side of him would've used any weapon at his disposal to destroy me. I believe he could have even called you from the shadows to torment you for my viewing pleasure'. I can't say what I would've done if he'd done that. I'd rather not have to think about it. Not when I can think of so much more interesting things.

Such as kissing you, tasting your sweetness, caressing your hair, your cheek, and thinking about doing ever so much more. You are sweet. Don't question the Pharaoh, Bakura Ryou. It won't get you anywhere. At least not anywhere that isn't with me. And you've just broken the record for blushiness that you've set not that long ago. What will you do if I try this? The back of your neck is so tense. You feel as if you need a massage. I think I'll try that.

Interesting, you're tensing up and arching just like a cat would. You don't think so? But how would you know how a cat reacts if you've never had one? Ah, I see. And you will see me again, no matter what. As I said, if I must, I'll do anything I have to in order to see you again after this. While I have you so close, I think another kiss is in order. Perhaps a little more than a kiss? I know you're somewhat taller than I am, but you're quite comfortable on my lap like this. It does feel right to have it be like this. I think we can stay like this, at least for a while, if not forever. I want you to be mine forever, Bakura Ryou.

As much as I care for Yuugi, he isn't the one that I want forever. You are. Nor is Kaiba much more than an interesting rival and potential friend. I believe I heard somewhere that Kaiba doesn't have issues, he has volumes. Complete collections, even.

All the things you have to say may well be true, but I choose not to believe them even if they are. I am the son of Ra, once the supreme monarch and unquestioned God of Egypt. Which means that what I say is the truth, and the law, if you're going to call me that. I am the son of the sun, and you are the moon itself. You glow, you glimmer, you're sometimes hidden by the darkness, but you always return, no matter how long you're away.

The kisses aren't going to stop while we're here together. They're going to go on for as long as this time lasts. Even though I'll leave someday, I will always carry this memory with me, as you will carry it with you. If I do see your sister, I'll give her your message. I'm sure she'll be as eager to see you happy as I am. But until then, I'm going to rain those kisses on you, over and over again.

Yes, I told you what I wanted to tell you. So you still don't understand it. I'll say it again and again, until you do. If things go back to the way they were, then we'll find a way to change them again, somehow, in some way. We'll find a way to be together, even if it takes another three thousand years for that to happen. I think you have the right idea, however. We'll enjoy what we have now, and worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes.

I'm going to kiss you until neither one of us wants to do anything else but kiss. I'd so love to do more, but that's a step that we're not ready for, nor should we be just yet. He wouldn't permit it to happen, and while I can't say I care about upsetting him, he'd take over your body and ruin our pleasure before it began to happen. Not to mention, this is Yuugi's body that I'm in, and I wouldn't want to do anything like that without his consent and full knowledge of what's going on.

I intend to let him know, if he really asks about what we did. I don't quite know how I'll tell him, since this is nothing quite like we've talked about, but I'll think of something, before he gets too curious. It'll take him a while. He can be patient, when he thinks there's a need to be. So unlike the thief. I'm certain if he hadn't been watching all along that he would be mad to know just what you've been doing without his attentions'. He won't let you have a life of your own. You mean nothing beyond a convenient casing for him to do his twisted deeds in.

I don't mean to make you sad. Forget that I said it, if you like. No, you're not just a host, there's so much more you can be, and you will be one day, when he's gone forever. I refuse to think that I will be gone as well then, so don't even let that cross your mind. I'm not. If we can't have a life together now, we will someday. I decree it to be so.

Stop laughing at me. I like to see you blush, and smile, but that laughing...oh, that's all right. Laugh if you want. You look just as beautiful doing that as you are when you do anything else. Perhaps even more beautiful. I'll have to find other things that can amuse you. Maybe if I try to tickle you?

No, I don't want you to move, though the way you're squirming really isn't good for either of us. Stay still, please? You're perfect where you are, and I know the thief is going to want some payment. Yuugi will want to know what we did as well. I can feel his curiosity, but he's keeping himself out of this for now. That's just the way he is. We can wait a while, though. We can just be together. I can have you, the treasure that I can't touch the way I want, not forever, not yet.

Bakura Ryou, the spirit within the Millennium Ring is a thief, who would take any treasure that I valued, simply because it belonged to me. But he has one thing that I can only touch when he permits it, and that is you. My forbidden treasure, that I have only this one stolen moment with.

The End