AN: If you can, please at least look over the one in Spanish so you can understand the distinction. In Spanish there are two words that both translate to "Master" at least in the Star Wars context. The first one, amo, is used by a servant to his lord, or a slave to his master. The second, maestro, is what Vader calls the Emperor and carries the context of "teacher." I wrote this fic in Spanish to explore that distinction. In the English version, I will use "Master" as the valid translation of both amo and maestro.

I Should Call Him Master (Debo Llamarlo Amo)

I should call him master (amo), because that is what he is. I served him for his teachings, but he has taught me nothing for many years. Therefore, he is no longer my master (maestro).

Obi-Wan was a Master (maestro). The Force surrounded me when I was with him. He guided me on its paths and gave me its wings. I loved it. I loved it all. I was a Padawan. Powerful, happy, free. I fulfilled my dreams because I had someone who guarded me, who loved me. I was happy because Obi-Wan was my Master (maestro). Like the Emperor should be.

Watto was a master (amo). My body was his. I could do nothing without his permission. I hated it. I hated it all. I was a slave. Without rights, without a soul, without my own life. My dreams died because I was not my own person. My life was not my own because Watto was my master (amo). Like the Emperor is.

He will kill me if he knew what I write. He will kill me if he knew what I thought. Years from now, he will kill me for some little thing. But for right now I live. For now I do his bidding. And through it all, I call him "Master" ("Maestro"). But I should call him "Master" ("Amo").