Disclaimer: I don't own Sailormoon

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailormoon. If I did, I wouldn't of had a Super S season ^.^


Halloween 5:00pm

Usagi peeked into her room; she hoped that Luna was out with Artemis for Halloween. Score; an empty room. She lightly skipped in; sometimes she could be so conniving. Besides, why buy a costume when you have a magical pen? What a waste, she didn't have a lot of senshi business anymore, not after Galaxia. There was no point in buying one now anyway. She had to be at Mamoru's in a half an hour.

She picked up the pen, she would have to transform out of the house, who knows how the costume would turn out… Moi, the same person or whatever must have designed the fukus so better to hope for the best later.

Usagi ran downstairs, wearing jeans, a pink t-shirt and a light blue windbreaker with a white bunny on it. To tell the truth, she wanted new clothes, people still gave her rabbit oriented clothes, one day she walked into her room and realized there was way too much pink. Pink was okay, but clothes wise, blue brought out her eyes and she looked like a princess in white, well, duh.

"Bye mom, I'm spending Halloween with my friends and I'm sleeping over at Rei's!" She called, she had probably already told her mom… maybe, it was better to remind her.

"Okay sweetie, call me before you go to bed!" her mom called back. 'Okay, good. Now all I have to do is get away before-'

"I bet she's spending it with 'Mamo-chan'" Shingo mimicked her in a dreamy voice.

"What?!" her father called. "Usag-" Usagi closed the door before he could finish she closed the door and ran away.

Halloween 5:15

"So what are you being?" Minako asked Rei as they waited for Makoto to finish getting dressed.

"I thought I'd be a hot looking devil, if Mako-chan ever finishes!" she finished yelling. She hesitated, "Um, gomen ne Mina-chan but, what are you?"

Minako pouted, "I'm a fairy." She said stubbornly. She stood up, she had sparkling wings and a sparkling scarf. Then she had a bodysuit, which was all see through with sparkles except for her torso, keeping her arms and legs warm. Her torso was white and there was a long white skirt with two slits on the sides that she had outfit to make it a little less skimpy. She also had dainty little white high heels. 'Well, they look pretty good' Rei thought. Her plastic wand with glittery water inside acted as a glow stick to top it off.

"Oh, I see," Rei said, with a smile plastered on her face and her eye twitching. :sweat drop:

"Ta da!" Makoto jumped out of the bathroom. Rei ran and pushed past her immediately, outfit in hand. She muttered something like 'I'm saved!' and disappeared behind the door.

Makoto gave a thoughtful look at Minako, "Fairy, " she stated, "cute, how do I look?" Before answering Minako ran up and gave her a hug.

Makoto looked scared, but then Minako answered. "Aww, you're a cat, how kawaii!" She circled her friend. "With a tail and little ears!" Makoto did have a black tail and black ears on a headband. She also wore a black cat suit with black pleather boots and pleather gloves out of which stuck three-inch nails. Minako stared at the dangerous looking nails a little.

"Oh," Makoto saw her, "Those are retractable," Makoto pressed both of her palms and the nails shortened two inches. (AN:I'm assuming you can all subtract, by the way, this is for you Guen-chan.) "Hurry up Rei-chan! We have to be at Mamoru-san's in a half an hour!"

"Why are we meeting them there anyway?" Rei's muffled voice said.

"For three reasons," Minako yelled back, it was really silly, they were having a normal conversation but they were practically screaming. "One: It'll be easier for Ami-chan to meet us there, coming back from that party with her mom. Two: Usagi-chan wanted a chance to talk Mamoru-san into coming…" Makoto smothered a giggle, imagining Usagi dressing him up like a pumpkin or something. "And three: I think, they wanted some alone time before we started."

Rei stepped out, "I'm ready, oh, Mako-chan, that outfit is so cool." She noticed the costume for the first time. Makoto looked doubtfully Rei. "You like?" She asked spinning around.

"Um," :sweat drop: "You sure you want to…" Rei gave her a confused look. :sigh: "Never mind. Red is definitely your color." And so it was. Rei had a head band like Makoto only with little red horns sticking out of her raven black hair. She had a body suit similar to Minako's only in red and the see through part wasn't exactly see through, being black. Her torso had red sequins that made her sparkle. Her skirt had a really see through black slip with two slits that you could see because the skirt was a wavy silk wrap around that parted in the middle to flank her sides. Finally she held a pitchfork with a black handle and red prongs.

"You guys look like exact opposites!" Mokoto said; she was very amused. "Don't feel bad though, it looks good!" She covered her mouth with her hand to stop from laughing. They yelled at her and she stopped, "Don't fight, tonight's gonna be fun!" An idea struck her, "I'll let you guys use my body glitter." They stopped arguing and gave each other looks, then dove at the glitter. After they had it smeared everywhere but on themselves they broke out in a fit of giggles.

"Okay, let's go, before you guys break something…"

Halloween 5:30 Juuban Park

Momoru was already there when Usagi arrived. He smiled when he saw her running towards him, odangos bouncing. "Mamo-chan!" She gave him a huge hug that he returned.

"Hi, Usako." He saw her flushed face, "Are you cold, why didn't you let me drive you?" He put his arm around her as they walked toward his apartment.

'Because then I wouldn't have an excuse for making you come with us…' She thought, but she said, "At first I felt like walking, Its refreshing. I was only a little cold but I feel better now." She snuggled in closer to him. "I missed you," she said truthfully under her breath without thinking.

"I missed you too, Usako." He said. He had missed his chance at America and he didn't think he would try that again. He went to the best Medical School in Tokyo anyway. He had seen how much it hurt Usako, the first time and then after he'd come back… she tried to hide it, to make him happy, but he felt her stiffen.

Tears pooled in the corners of her eyes. She tightened her grip on his arm. "First you left and didn't write me. I thought you didn't want me and then I found out you were dead." A sob escaped. "I was all alone…"

He bit his lip, he hated it when she cried. She's always so cheerful and happy, making other people feel better, either that or she was angry, but that looked really cute. He stopped and turned her so he could look in her eyes. "Don't cry Usako, I'm here now and I won't leave again." He wiped away a couple of tears. "It's Halloween and you're going to have fun with your friends."

With this her eyes brightened, "Yeah!" Moi, she has really fast mood swings. But what she was thinking is 'maybe he'll come willingly then!' She grabbed his hand and skipped along. They got there before they knew it.

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