Halloween 6:45pm Setsuna's apartment

Halloween about 7:05

"I cannot believe I lost a knight and green haired ghost." Hotaru said. She was hardly ever wrong but it had been hard to keep up, she was so much smaller and younger than everyone. Michiru had continued to follow them and Hotaru was now walking around aimlessly, picking random houses and collecting candy.

"Hey! You!" A boy dressed in black, just like her ran up. He had six or seven friends with him. She noticed he was holding a real metal scythe. "What are you supposed to be?"

Hotaru rolled her eyes, "I'm death, just like you, is that all?"

He looked angered by her comment; "You have the costume all wrong. You shame me! First of all deaths a boy." Hotaru snorted. "Second, you're blade is all wrong, it's not even a sythe it's a, a, thing."

Hotaru narrowed her eyes. "It's a silence glaive. Property of the Messiah no Silence."

The boy looked confused, "You got that from a restaurant?" (AN:For those of you totally lost by this joke, Messiah pronounced in Japanese sounds the same as the word for 'a place to eat' Messiah no Silence means the Silent Messiah (reference to BSSMS). The boy is confusing the two words.)

:Sweat drop: "No, never mind, did you want anything else?" Hotaru asked, 'some people…'

"I want to challenge you to duel then. There's only one death and I'd prefer the politically correct one."

Hotaru looked skeptical, "You kid me." The boy shook his head. A smile grazed Hotaru's face. 'I could teach the chauvinist a lesson… Naw, Hotaru, wouldn't be fair. However you can scare the hell out of him.'

"I accept, what are the rules?" His friends were closer now and they all laughed.

"No rules, but I suggest you don't let me touch you." A strange grin that made Hotaru feel weird contorted his features. 'Well, he's kinda good looking but in a creepy way.'

"Ecchi," she said far under her breath. "Fine, I'll start." She did a really cool twirling thing that had the glaive spinning above her head, behind her back and in front of her on an angle. She stopped twirling as well as the glaive and crouched into a fighting stance.

For a second the amusement was gone from the boy's face, but it returned. "Well, you certainly know how to use that thing, how strange. It does me some justice in a way. Here we go." He dropped into a fighting stance himself. No fancy swinging.

'That wasn't supposed to happen. He was supposed to run away screaming.' "Why don't you just give up?" 'Pretty please? I don't want to hurt you… fatally.'

He laughed, "You didn't expect to have to fight me, you were bluffing. I knew it. Well I meant what I said." With that he lunged at her and swung the scythe downwards. It would have cut her from shoulder to hip had she not brought up the glaive, blocked the attack and jerked the scythe to the left until he was no longer facing her. She whipped the other end down and caught the back of his knee. He fell down on his butt.

Hotaru stepped away. "You done?" She almost missed the scythe swinging at her feet. She back flipped and land gracefully about six feet away. (AN:Doesn't she ROCK!)

The boy stood up and laughed. "You're very good at this. I thought I wouldn't even have to try and you'd give up. Well, now it's on." His eyes started glowing an eerie red. They bore into her and lit the oncoming darkness. "No one makes a fool of the son of Satan."

Hotaru gulped. 'Um, I think he's serious…'

The scythe came down so fast she only saw a glint and a blur. She moved out in time but it became clear that the heavy black cloak was impairing her movement. 'Well, if he's the son of Satan, then I'm the Senshi of Death and Rebirth. Oh, gee, I am.' He became invisible and reappeared directly behind her. She dove forward and rolled to a stand again.

'Normal people can't do that.' "Saturn crystal power, Make Up!" The whole street was lit up in a purple light, no one could see, and then, there stood Sailor Saturn. Most of the boys ran away in fear. The normal @$$hole boys.

"Okay boys, let's show her how it's done." All three sets of eyes glowed red, it gave Saturn a headache. She closed her eyes. When she opened them again, each boy's eyes were pupiless and red; their bodies surrounded by a black fog.

Saturn wasted no time, she attacked the one on the right. She swung the glaive one handed at his neck and he ducked. She brought her foot down on his shin and heard a snap. He doubled over. The leader attacked her from behind and she used the back of the glaive to hit him in the face. It probably broke his nose since he screamed in pain. The last one came from her back left. She was already looking behind her on the right from her last attack so she spun to the right and hit him in the side of his head with an inside roundhouse.

When her foot landed she twirled the glaive over her head and made a clean swipe from his neck to under and through his shoulder. (AN:Writers block cured, having sooo much fun with this!) He splattered black bloodlike gel everywhere, then any traces of him disappeared in a black fog and the sound of screaming. 'Eww.'

The leader yelled in rage and attacked her back with the scythe. She blocked it, spun around while capturing the scythe in between the blades and snapped it out of his hand. He fell next to his friend and looked at Saturn in fear. She held her glaive at an angle pointed at him and was coiling to thrust it through his body. In a swift movement he pulled his 'friend' in front of him. She plunged the blade through both of them and they exploded the same as before. 'That is so gross.'

She stood alone for a second, breathing in the cold night air. She sighed. 'Senshi life: never a dull moment.' She powered down into her original costume and picked up her candy bag. 'Must admit though, I do rock.' She picked a direction where she had felt the outer presence when she was Saturn and started walking.

Halloween Somewhere near the Zoo

"I'm tired of walking in this poofy piece of $&*#. Why the hell did I agree to do this?" She sighed. 'I'm near the zoo? I wish I hadn't lost Setsuna and Haruka.' She stopped at the sound of screeching wheels and looked around. A familiar car, that looked somewhat like Mamoru's was speeding towards the zoo. She instinctively backed into a shadow. As soon as the car was close enough she was sure it wasn't Mamoru. It was a couple of drunk collage students. They slammed to an ungraceful halt and beeped the horn.

Three more collage students ran out of the zoo's gate and jumped in the convertible, laughing hysterically. 'Suspicious, I might as well check it out.' She silently ran through the shadows toward the main entrance as the teenagers drove off…

In a not-so-straight line.

She peaked into the zoo, it was kind of dark out, and the zoo smelled of plants and animals. She walked past the checkout counter and checked if the boys had stolen money. 'No? Well they must have done something. They weren't here to feed the fish.' She heard rustling. She looked around. A bunny scampered out of the brush around a corner.

Michiru sighed. And that's when she swore she heard more than that. A rumbling and squeaking noise, rabbits don't make that sound. She froze on the spot and looked in that general direction from which the sound was coming from. In the far away distance she heard the squeaking of an opened gate; swinging back and forth. In the back of her mind Michiru wondered if the collage boys had opened the gate; and if so, than to which animal did the cage belong?

The pounding of feet became what sounded like the pounding of hooves. And the sound of squeaking became obnoxious squaking. The smell of wool, fish and animal food filled the air. Michiru looked to her left, the to her right. "Ahhh!" she screamed, she turned and ran towards the exit.

Followed by a dozen Llamas and a score of large Penguins.

"Ahhh! Ahhh!" She practically jumped over a bench and somersaulted to the ground. She got up quickly but not before a Llama bit her shoulder wrap and started to eat it. When she pulled away it ripped off. "Damn you! Stop eating my costume!" She yanked herself away, only to trip over a penguin. However, the Llama's wanted more of the delicious princess costume. They stopped trampling around aimlessly and followed poor Michiru with a vengeance. The penguins were caught in the stampede and followed suit. 'I could stop and destroy them, but they're animals, it wouldn't be right, they don't deserve to die.'

She ran out of the Zoo and down the street, screaming curses occasionally.

Followed by a pack of Llamas and penguins.

Halloween 7:15 (Ha ha, Setsuna would know the time, ne?)

Setsuna hummed happily to herself. "Mmm, chocolate." She heard a grunt and looked down. Haruka glared back at her, candy apple in her mouth to gag her. "What's wrong, can't take what you can dish out?" she asked sweetly.

Haruka murmured something that didn't make sense. Setsuna pulled the candy apple out of her mouth by the stick and pulled her hand back from Haruka's teeth. "You #^%&@! At least get off of me!" She flailed around like a fish out of water. Now some of you are wondering what situation she was in, let me enlighten you:

Don't ask how, but Setsuna had wrapped her friend up in what used to be her ghost costume, she looked like a worm. Setsuna was, at this moment, sitting on her while eating chocolate they had collected together; that's another long story, don't ask. Now Haruka was wiggling around madly under Setsuna's relaxed form while screaming curses at the top of her lungs.

Setsuna patted her cheek, "If I get up, you'll attack me. It's not my fault you burned the pink teddy bear, I had to eat the daisy." (Like I said, loooong story, don't ask.)

"Fine, I will handle the masking tape incident like an adult, just get off me!" She coiled herself so that she could swing back and hopefully knock Setsuna off her. As she lunged, Setsuna stood up and she flew backwards. "Aiiiieee!" She stopped struggling and struggled to stand up.

Setsuna fell over laughing. "Hahahaha! You look like you're gift wrapped! Hahaha!" Her laughter died down as her body forced her to breathe.

"Untie me you witch!" She fell over again. (AN:Imagine her tied up like how Nuriko tied up Tamahome, lol) Sighing, Setsuna leaned over her companion and gingerly pulled the bow that was causing so much trouble. And with that, a very pissed Haruka was free. "Hmph, just to show you I'm more mature, I'm going to let this all go. Including the masking tape incident."

She stood up and brushed herself off. There was a pause between her and Setsuna, "Got anymore candy?" And they started walking back towards where their friends were when they had left them.

"Setsuna-mama! Haruka-papa!" Hotaru ran towards them and jumped into Setsuna's arms. "What took you so long? I had to turn into Saturn in order to find you."

"You turned into Saturn in public? Hotaru…" Hotaru gave her a 'shut up, cause I'm not a baby and I had a good reason' look.

"Well, I don't know what you two were doing but I had to battle minions of hell as well as Satan's son, so I henshin and used the silence glaive." :Sigh: Hotaru jumped down.

"Where's Michiru?" Haruka asked, she was staring off into the distance and appreciating the feeling of wind through her hair.

"Oh," Hotaru looked down. "We split up because I couldn't keep up and she followed you guys, the only reason I found you was because I could sense you as Saturn. I think you guys were headed towards the Zoo when we broke off."

There was a pause. "We should go get her and let her know we didn't kill eachother."

After ten minutes of walking towards the zoo Haruka stopped.

"What's wrong?" Setsuna asked.

"I feel a disturbance in the wind. As if thousands of wild animals made strange noises at once, and were suddenly silenced."(AN:Did you get that? I know you did Guen, urasai. I'll explain later Claudine-chan, go Star Wars!)

"I must have hit you harder with that roll of tape then I thought, or was it the candy apple?" Setsuna asked. Hotaru gave her a 'What the hell went on, you guys need a keeper' look.

"Michiru's in trouble. We're gonna need the car, I'll go for it." Haruka said. With that she clanged away.

They walked a little further and came to a puddle from a water balloon. (AN:Imagine Jurassic Park) The water made little ripples. They stopped. Again. They stopped.

The ripples sped up and there was a roar of trampling feet and penguin squaks. And somewhere in there, you could hear a human screaming.

"Stop eating my dress! Ow! Don't bite me! Get out from under my feet, stupid birds!" Michiru came running straight towards them. When she finally looked up and saw the others she did her best to wave her arms frantically and screamed, "RUN!!"

After a second of hesitation Hotaru and Setsuna were running aside Michiru. Setsuna tried to throw away her 'costume' but the wind and the fact that they were running like mad caused it only to unroll and fly into her face. There was the sound of muffled curses as Setsuna fell behind.

She tripped over a penguin and got her hands caught in her hair, again. Setsuna ran around in tight circles, occasionally bumping into a llama or two. When she succeeded in pulling the sheet above her head it got caught and pinned her hands behind her back.

Then she caught up with her friends, expressing her feelings through a surprisingly vivid vocabulary considering she spent her life guarding a door. "I wondered where Hotaru learned those," Michiru said. That's when they heard the battle cry…

"Why are they being chased by penguins?" Ami asked.

Usagi rolled her eyes, "Does it matter? Stranger things have happened, just accept it, this is anime; let's go save them!" With that she let out a battle cry and started running into the herd. Makoto joined as well as Rei. Mamoru rolled his eyes, but followed Minako hesitated, but followed after her friend and Ami was yelling for everyone to stop.

Usagi dodged a llama and tripped on a penguin, she fell flat on her face. In one swift motion Makoto lifted her up onto her back, Mamoru tried to drape the cape over Usagi and it ended up on the three of their heads. Makoto stopped and was rammed by a llama. Usagi was up around over her shoulder and started to flail around and whine. Mamoru ran into Makoto and with a CRACK their heads smashed together, they fell and their mass of limbs collided with the rest of the herd and Minako.

Rei reached the outers first, "Ano! What's going on?!" she yelled to Hotaru.

"I'm not sure you noticed, but we're running from the herd of llamas after us," Hotaru answered, amazing how she could be sarcastic at a time like this.

Rei looked behind her, most of the animals were tangled in with Usagi-taichi. "No, you're not! There's no one following us." She stopped yelling because they were far enough away from the others to hear.

Hotaru stopped running, Michiru and Setsuna also stopped. They looked back, only to see Minako's face screaming, "RUN!!" Behind her the herd had regrouped and was again charging.

Also behind her was Mamoru, followed by a stumbling Makoto. When they had fallen Makoto's nails extended and got caught in Usagi's cloak, which was tangled around her body so that they were stuck together.

Rei took off running, the only thoughts going through her mind were, Moi, if I were stuck to Odango I think I would let the Llamas and Penguins get me.