By Misha

Disclaimer- I do NOT own the series or anything in them. Naoko Takeuchi has that pleasure, not me. I wish I did, but I don't. I'm also not making any money off using them in this story so please don't sue me.

Author's Notes- Okay this a depressing story. It's Raye's POV after the fall of Crystal Tokyo. yeah. It's major angst, so if you don't like that kind of story don't read. But if you do enjoy.

Grief is the most powerful emotion.

It blinds you, controls you.

When you are grieving time has no meaning. Months, years, days, what do they mean when you have lost a loved one?

I knelt beside the grave and blinked back the tears.

Ten years.

Ten long years.

That's how long she's been dead.

I remember every detail of that night. The night Crystal Tokyo fell. I never thought it possible that I would live to see two beautiful kingdoms perish.

But I did.

The only difference is that I got to die at the end of The Moon Kingdom, this time I was forced to live on.

It was June 20th, the same date as the fall of The Moon Kingdom. Neat, huh? There was an attack, nothing we could do could stop it.

She tried, the same as her mother tried.

She used the crystal and it killed her, but it also killed the enemy. Unfortunately her daughter was also lost. The crystal somehow sucked Small Lady into it's spell and she too died. Endymion committed suicide after the deaths of his wife and daughter.

I wish I could have too.

It was over just like that. An entire kingdom had fallen in minutes. Three lives were over just like that.

I stand here now at their graves. I lay a rose on each grave and wonder why they were taken from us.

Especially her.

My princess, my leader, my friend, my queen. She's been it all. Now she's gone.

Why did we live? What was the point in the senshi living without her? We had lived to protect her for so long, and we failed.

We paid the highest price for that. We have to live on in this ruin, remembering what was. Crystal Tokyo is recovering, but it'll never be what it was.

Not without her. It's like after the fall of The Moon Kingdom, Earth survived but nothing else did. The planets fell again, but Earth survived. It's just not what it was.

Mina has taken over as queen, she's the only one of Serenity's family left. She was her cousin in the moon kingdom. Mina's a good ruler, but she's not Serenity and we all know it.

We loved her so much, everyone did.

It isn't fair it ended like this.

I remember the first day I came here, right after they died. It seems like yesterday.

But then are years when she's gone? I've loved her for two thousands years, I loved him too. But it was different.

My love for Serenity made me ignore my love for Endymion, made me put it behind me. And I did. Because I loved her I stopped loving him.

Now I've lost them both and the little girl I always wished was mine.

All I have left is my grief.

The End