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White Cats are Trouble

Ancient Magic Tragic

Anzu's head perked up when Yugi strolled into the game shop... without Yami. Jumping on the counter, the white cat looked at the younger male, meowing in question.

"He'll be home in a while," the young gamer told the feline, "He's gone to see if," here he made a swooning gesture "Anzu-chan is well." Anzu blinked, trying to comprehend what in the world was her childhood friend doing. She pushed it to the back of her mind and settled down to try and sort out her own mess.

Ok, her transformation happened after a silly dream...

Before that she had watched Cinderella (her all time favorite movie)... She had fallen asleep right after

Before that she had been talking to Malik...

Before that she had just gotten out of...


Malik!!! Her fur bristled at the thought of the Egyptian. With a small hiss, she scampered out into the city, running full throttle to find the one her seemed to know more about her inside life than she did... and had control of her mind for a time.

Yami chose that moment to walk in the door. Grandpa and Yugi watched the former pharaoh walk up to his room with the stupidest grin on his face. Blinks shared, the younger of the pair followed him up to the room.

"Uh... Yami?" Yugi asked nervously, "Is everything alright?"

Yami, who'd been laying on his back on the bed with a hand over his heart, looked up at his Light. "If you call a racing heart and weak knees 'alright', then I'm a picture of health!!"

This confused Yugi "Come again? Did you talk to Anzu?"


"Did you see to her at all?


"Then what's going on?!" Yugi began bouncing on his heels, not liking this Yes or No questionnaire game.

"You promise you won't tell?" Yami sat up, looking straight into identical violet eyes.

"Sure! Just tell me!!" Yugi was almost in his ""Chibi"" mode.

"I... read Anzu's Journal..." The pharaoh confessed "and it said she's in love with me..."

"YOU DID WHAT?! AND SHE SAID WHAT?!" Yugi screamed. The king of games had to clamp a copper hand over his smaller half's mouth and yell back at grandpa, telling him that Yugi had just hit himself.

"For the love of Ra, would you shut up?!" Yami hissed, "I went to her house and her door was unlocked..." "Unlocked?" Yugi managed to get the hand away from his mouth.

"Don't you hear good? Yes, unlocked. I went up to her room and found the journal on her desk... temptation took its toll on me!" Yami confessed completely. He then looked over that the white pillow that lay beside his own, "Where's Azure?"

"Uh..." Yugi looked up with is eyes as if the answer was on the other side of his eye lids. "She was here when I come in... I think she went outside."

Yami growled "Great, first Anzu, now Azure! Ra have mercy..." The teen got up, put on his dark jacket before rushing downstairs and out the door.

Yugi just sat on his bed, blinking. At least he wasn't so oblivious now, was he?

Anzu managed to find the apartment shared by Ishtars. And boy was she mad. Finding Malik typing something on his computer, the feline sat and stared at him. Ishizu noticed the cat as well, and glanced at her brother.

"Malik?" She called quietly.

"Yes?" Her brother answered without taking his eyes off the computer.

"Since when did we have a cat?"

Malik blinked and looked down at the green orbs of the feline.

"Well, well! And how is Anzu today?" Malik smirked, turning in his chair and resting his arms on his legs.

"Anzu?" Ishizu asked in confusion. Malik muttered something under his breath and waited.

"I despise you, you know that?" Anzu found her hiss turning into human words.

"Despise me? Now why would you feel that way? You know how the pharaoh feels about you... you've discovered many things..." Malik began ticking things off his fingers before his sister exploded.

"YOU'VE BEEN PLAYING WITH ANCIENT MAGIC AGAIN!!!" the usually calm woman roared. Anzu and Malik both shrank back.

"B-but sister!" Malik began to plead, "You yourself said that the pharaoh needed a new life! I just thought that... well..."

"You thought WHAT?" Ishizu advanced toward the blonde male. When Malik tried to answer, "Never mind. I don't care WHAT your excuse is this time, brother..."

"Uh, not meaning to intrude but... how am I going to change back?" Anzu managed to ask from her perch under the nearest chair.

Ishizu sighed as she went to explain, all the while throwing murderous looks at her younger sibling.

"It all actually depends on what specifics of the spell. The smart one actually thought of doing a transformation spell... which should last only a week,"

"A week?! Do you realize how much school I'm missing?! If my grades drop, Malik Ishtar, you better hope you disappear before I get my hands on you!" Her voice dripped with utter hatred and venom. She wasn't going to loose her valedictorian status over a little magic.

"I thought you wanted to get your hands on the pharaoh?" Malik offered with a sly grin.

Anzu hissed again, baring all teeth and claws.

"It should wear off by tonight or tomorrow!" Malik backed away from both females, both armed with deadly glares. Anzu lashed herself with her tail before sauntering off the way she had come in.

'So it was Malik after all... I know that his clan is 'spose to protect the pharaoh in any life he's in,' Anzu thought as she trotted back home, her collar bell ringing throughout the silent streets, "but still... why did he have to mess with my life?" As she mused in her thoughts a small pain began to throb in every joint, every muscle. Her world was starting to swirl and turn as she staggered on her feet.

"Azure!" called a voice from the edge of her mind before darkness took over.