So, after finishing Rough Seas, and before I started my next project, I knew I had to revisit The Greatest Generation. Originally, it was finished in a hurry, and going back, I was amazed at my writing quality - terrible. It was good to see how far my writing had come since then...and still how far it needs to go.

One of the things I love about fanfiction is the many different writing levels and skills. There are authors that make me think, "Why do I even bother writing?" and styles of prose that I aspire to. Still, writing is a craft, and one I have to constantly work at.

I would consider this story in it's first draft form. I made a number of big changes, cutting probably close to 10,000 words and introducing some different story lines, but I think this still needs massive work in the way of character development, detail, and style. Who knows? Maybe I will revisit it in another two years and see how far I've come since then.

I hope you enjoyed the new version - I did spend quite a bit of time trying to make it better.

Some things that are still bothering me (please let me know if you can make suggestions):

1. No development of Wiseman (where did that plot line even come from!!) and Nephrenia, they just kind of appear...and I should do something about that.

2. Not enough tension throughout story.

3. Need more descriptions / adjectives in general.

4. More songs and lyrics.

No matter when you finish this story, you can always answer...

What was your favorite moment or scene?

For me, it's difficult. This story goes all over and everywhere, but I do like the confrontation between the senshi and Wisemen / Nephrenia - it's epic and I can totally picture it.

What would you most like to see illustrated?

Obviously, if any scene strikes you, you are more than willing to draw, sketch or color any moment from this story. I'm toying with the idea of commissioning the picture, but with the lads in vintage military dress... Thoughts?

I would love, love, love an editor to kick my ass on this story. If that might be something you're interested in, please let me know.

Who would've thought, well over a year later that I would actually finish this monstrous tale? What was mostly a writing exercise for me, is actually something I am really proud of and more than ready to get started on a major rewrite. Like another story that I finished, I realize how far my writing has come and how much potential this story has. With a little bit of elbow grease, I think it's going to be something amazing. I will try and get hammering on the rewrite shortly…especially since I'm fairly certain this is my last Sailor Moon story. This story took a lot of creativity out of me and now that my beloved Senshi and Shitennou are together…well, I'm not sure what's left.

As I mentioned throughout the story, the biggest influences in this story for me was the amazing manga collection. I referenced them time and time again.

Thank you for all your fabulous reviews. For my core group…those who I could always count on, to you I am especially grateful.

Richforce – how fitting that you were my first reviewer. As I have mentioned before…the fact that you would take a few moments for almost each and every chapter to comment really meant a lot to me…especially when, many time, I wouldn't get a lot of reviews…I could always count on knowing that someone out there, you, were reading. Thank you! P.S. Feel free to spin off the Animates over there in Russia. I just couldn't include any more characters.

Elementalmoon – thanks for your review!

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Gin – thanks for your review

Dezzi – I think I ended up taking your advice and making the girls pretty strong. They were definitely kicking some ass by the end of the story.

Mad-4-Manga – you already got a shout out over on Keeping In Line, so I'll say it again thank you so much for all your support on all my stories. I'd like to think I'm a fluff Queen on some days. You always gotta remember the fluff. I love that I could always hear your voice in your reviews.

Lija – whether signed in or not, I always appreciated your insightful reviews. It's so interesting that in Chapter 9 you would tell me to keep on, no matter how long it took. Well, I kept at this thing and I think with some revisions, it will be an even better story. Above all, I appreciate your honesty and the obvious time you took with your reviews.

Asga – like richforce, you were there for me with a review, no matter what and that really meant a lot to me.

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Pearl-Cape – I couldn't let them die this time. It was too sad to write it the first time. They all deserved happy endings! It took them long enough to get there.

Yellow – you got your happy ending, right? It took awhile to get there, but it all worked out ok.

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