Author: Nora Shu.

Genre: General.

Rating: G. Nothing deviant at all.

Pairing: None, but can be seen as Elricest if looked real hard at.

Taste: Soft and hard.

Warnings: None.

Summary: Edward was strength.

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist does not belong to me.

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Two Sides to One Coin

Edward was strength. Where Alphonse ended, Edward began.

Alphonse always used his head, thought things through while Edward never thought things through unless forced to do so.

Sometimes there were things that needed to just be done and not be mulled about from one side to the other; some things were simple and just as seen, and on those few things Alphonse stumbled while Edward succeeded.

Edward's innate reaction to lash out at everyone and everything because his height was one of his greater faults; if it were Alphonse in Edward's place, the young teen would have smiled kindly and agreed wholeheartedly before thinking of options to help his growth issue instead of flailing about in anger.

But there laid Alphonse's greatest fault; his kindness. Alphonse would have let anyone walk all over him, lay back and willingly let them just for the sake of proper manners, if it weren't for his older brother. Edward, who could not stand the sight of his young brother being trampled on, always shot out in his defense, never backing down until his sibling's honor was restored.

Those were the two sides of the Elric coin; on one side there was calm and collected Alphonse, and on the other Edward with his whiplashing hot temper. Neither was better than the other, and both accepted their faults and their virtues and used them to shield the other from where the world lashed at them.

The Elric brothers were less than perfect, but they had each other to lean upon when protection was needed, and to fight for when reason called for it.

They young boys stood up for each other as they promised to watch over one another whenever the time called upon it.

They were the two sides to a single coin, and without each other they were lost.