Ehehe... I promised myself I shouldn't start this before I wrapped up the projects I had open already. However, I've learned that when my Muse orders me to write, I better damn well listen, lest Muse take the inspiration away. Needless to say this was NOT how I was planning on beginning Tears, but I rather like how it turned out. (No, it won't be from this perspective the whole story.)

Oh, and since I've completely slagged off on the disclaimers, I better put one: I don't own 'em. Please don't sue me. I don't have much to sue for.



Mommy and Daddy were yelling at each other. They didn't yell very often but it was afraiding when they did. Now I was very afraided, because this was different, Mommy was crying, Daddy sounded very afraided, and I was crying too but they weren't listening. Then I remembered how I cried when I ouched my knee and Daddy hugged me and then I cried like that.

Mommy and Daddy stopped yelling and Daddy picked me up and hugged me and kissed me on the head. While Daddy was hugging me Mommy was stopping crying and then they were talking but not yelling and I could hear them. I couldn't hear when they yelled, it was too loud. Mommy said, "We can't go to Iselia! There's a human ranch right there!"

And then Daddy said, "Anna, the only dwarf in Sylvarant that I know of lives off those cliffs. You'll die if you don't get a Key Crest!" And I didn't like that, so I hit Daddy and yelled in my meanest voice, "NO!" And Daddy frowned at me and said in his mean voice, "That wasn't nice."

And I frowned back. I didn't want it to be nice. Stupid Daddy.

"This is why I didn't tell you, Kratos," Mommy said. "We can't take Lloyd that close to a human ranch. And what if the master of that one recognizes me?"

"He won't," Daddy said. "Forcystus never leaves the Iselia ranch. He knows about you, yes, but he's never seen you."

"What if Kvar is there?"

"He won't be."

"What if?"

Daddy frowned again. "Anna, listen-"

"Do you want our son to be captured by those things?"

"Do you want our son to live without his mother?" Daddy said in his mean voice. "I don't! I don't want to live without you, either!" Mommy looked like she was going to cry again and I wanted to hit Daddy again for making her cry but I knew he'd hit back this time and I didn't like getting spanked, so I didn't. But Daddy didn't like making Mommy cry and his mean voice went away. "Anna, who am I? I was Cruxis' second in command. We've evaded them this long, and it won't take long. If we stay here for the rest of the day and sleep, we can go in the night and be away from there by sunrise."

Mommy looked down at her feet. "And how do you know this dwarf will help us?"

Daddy grinned. "Dwarven vow number eight: Never abandon someone in need. He'll help."

Mommy sighed. "All right. But we need to stay as far from the ranch as possible."

"Of course."

I didn't know what they were talking about but Mommy went down the stairs and Daddy climbed in the bed and told me to take a nap. I didn't want a nap so I tried to climb out of bed and fell and hit my head and cried. And Daddy picked me up and looked at the bump and told me not to do that again and closed his eyes and I guess I had to take a nap. So I laid down and closed my eyes too and then Mommy came back and she laid down and we all took naps.

It was dark outside when Mommy and Daddy woke up and I wondered why we were walking when it was dark. Dark was when we sleep. Daddy put me on Norsh's back while I was still sleepy and then when I was awake he picked me up off Norsh and I got to ride on Daddy's shoulders and it was the funnest thing ever.

I love my Daddy.

We went into some woods and it was scary and I wanted to cry but Daddy told me to be very quiet so I did. Then Norsh started barking and Daddy yelled and I was afraided so I held on Daddy's head tight and Daddy yelled louder and I cried and Mommy laughed. I wondered why Mommy laughed and asked her and then Daddy put me down and made me walk. Mean Daddy.

And then we started walking up and I was tired and I asked Daddy to let me ride his shoulders again and Daddy said, "No, you know you're not allowed to ride Daddy's shoulders when you pull his hair," and I said"But I was afraided!" and Daddy said, "Scared." And I said, "What?"

Daddy didn't answer me and went up to a rock and climbed up on it and looked around. "I think we're almost past the ranch," he said, then Norsh jumped up on the rock with Daddy and Daddy was surprised and he fell down and said a word I never heard before and Mommy yelled at him for volgir lingwich. And I wondered if a lingwach was like a sammich and I asked Daddy and he didn't answer so I asked louder, and he said, "No."

And then Mommy said in her mean voice, "Honestly, Kratos, do you want Lloyd to learn words like that?" And Daddy's face turned red and he said in his make Mommy happy voice, "Sorry." But Mommy wasn't not happy. Silly Daddy.

And then a scary looking man was there and he said to Daddy, "Well, look what we have here. The rogue Angel, the escaped host body and their putrid little spawn." The man had pointy ears and looked like a cat and there were lots of scary looking people with him. Daddy yelled at him and Mommy turned around and ran and Daddy picked me up and ran too, and his chest was going thump thump thump thump really loud and I think he was afraided.

But Daddy was carrying me again and I loved that and I loved Daddy and everything was okay while I was with Daddy.