Disclaimer: I do not own any of the WWE superstars and along with the mortal fear of being sued, I only lay claim to the story idea and any real life similarities are completely coincidental.

Summary: Randy Orton watches as a new recruit to the RAW locker room has an unfortunate accident and steps in to help her. Will love bloom or are these two superstars only bound together through guilt?

Genre: Romantic and Dramatic – Keep tissues handy at parts.

Additional Characters: Shawn, Trish, Paul, Matt, Jeff and Stacy (as Angels on the Other Side) and some others. The main female lead is also a WWE superstar.

Additional Information: Fourth novel in the Love United Series.

A/N: The characters in this story have been put together at least once that I know of on the site, and it sucked when I found out but the actual idea is different from anything I've done this far, and I don't think anyone else has it yet either. Since someone else beat me to it, I hope someone else uses this idea when the story is over and done. Carry on and write wonderful masterpieces with it, but do remember where it comes from. I am using Randy when he broke away from Evolution but I am also making Ric Flair a good guy for the time being. I tend to like the old guy and don't want to make him an ass in this.

"You HAVE to stop this match right now!" Randy screamed as he sat beside the young lady's side, not wanting to leave when she had just admitted something didn't feel right.

He had been there plenty of times, more then he wanted to count, going on his sixth concussion in as many weeks, and for the sake of this woman's sanity he was damn sure going to stay by her side until they knew she was indeed alright and it had just been a scare.

The girl was new, someone brought over from Smack Down because she wanted more then pillow fight matches and underwear throwing contests. She wanted to really wrestle and with that came what was now happening in front of the world, the possible injury.

"What's the matter with her anyway?" Ric asked, not wanting to get involved. This woman had asked to be in this match and was now probably complaining about the force they all used against each other.

She opened her eyes then and instead of focusing in on Randy which he had expected, the stayed in place, not moving at all. It looked like she had just had her lights knocked out.

"I can't see, please help me, I can't see anything!" she screamed, choosing that moment to try and get up and get things running back to normal. She obviously knew where she was, and who she was but she had a totally separate idea of where to go then the rest of them.

Grabbing her by the arm, afraid to let her go for fear she might do more damage to herself then already done, he got a good grip on her and cradled her into his arms, her head now lying tightly between his chest.

Something sure wasn't right if the young girl was having trouble seeing where she was and even the little things in front of her. He did the only thing he knew to do, he got out of the ring as gingerly as he could and headed up the ramp. The medic's could help her and if they couldn't well it was just too damn bad, he was going to the hospital with her.

Ric threw him a disgusted look as he watched his tag team partner now walking out of the ring and down the ramp with the third part of the other team strapped to his chest. If this was some sort of plan for television he was pretty pissed he hadn't been told about it.

Getting her to the back, he laid her down on a nearby stretcher and as the camera men followed him back he shoved them out of the way.

"The girl is injured, most probably blind and all you assholes want to do is tape it, well screw off and let somebody help her. This isn't a game now boys." He growled, shadowing her from the cameras which were still being shoved in her face.

In one easy movement, Randy grabbed the closest one by the shirt and was going to make an example of him. Pushing him against the wall, the cameramen then took off back to the ring to tape Flair and left Randy seething and waiting for some help.

"Don't worry sweets, they tried to tape you and I wouldn't let them. Help will be on the way soon I swear."

A few hours laterhe stood outside of the hospital room patiently wondering what was going on inside as he was trapped on the outside. It didn't take much for him to find out as the door opened then and a nurse made her way down the hall, followed slowly by a doctor.

"Are you a family member?"

"No, but I am her friend. I was the one that was brought in with her. Can you tell me what happened to her Doc?" Randy asked his hands balled up into a fist, awaiting the answer. To say he was worried now was an understatement.

"Well overall her physical body seems fine; everything is able to move and is very alert. The only thing that seems to be causing her pain and discomfort is the pain in her eyes. I am afraid after running some tests it doesn't look good for her."

Randy threw the doctor a look, explaining his misunderstanding of what the doctor was trying to tell him now. "What do you mean Doc?"

"Sorry sir, what I am trying to say is that your friend took quite a hit to her eyes and it seems it has left her temporarily blind."

"So then it should go away in a couple days is what you're saying right man?"

"No Mr. Orton that isn't what I'm saying. It doesn't look permanent at this stage but it could very well get that way. We will keep her here for a couple of days to observe and to make sure she is having the pain dealt with, but we don't know how long she could stay this way."

As he shook the doctor's hand and watched him walk away he walked up to the window of the room and casually looked in, shocked and sick with the feeling that she couldn't look back and see him right as he was.

"I can't believe this, I made her blind." He said to himself as he stared at her through the window. There was really nothing he could do for her except make sure that for as long as she was like this he was by her side to be her eyes. It was the only thing he could think of after what he had done to her.