A/N: Wrote this on a whim when I got home when it came to me during my walk home from a long, boring day at school. This takes place during out current season (11). As we all know, I don't own the characters. The only characters I own are Karen and Harper. Enjoy!

Haunting Present

Chapter 1: The Initial Rush

"What have we got?" Carter shouted as he saw a woman being pulled out of the Ambulance on a Gurney; she was unconscious and bleeding heavily. A man jumped out behind the Paramedics and followed them inside. Frank almost kicked him out until he flashed his badge at him, he was cop. Probably needs to read this girl her rights or something.

"Female, Officer Karen McKay, 28 years of age. GSW to the chest." Morales informed Carter and Luka as they banged into the ER.

"She's a cop?" Carter asked a little shocked. She looked too young to be an officer; he just thought she was some teenage puck who was shot in a gang.

"Pulse Ox is low, 82 and BP is 90/50." Pamela finished for Morales. "That's right; she's SVU." She said going back to Carter's question as Ray, Abby and Neela joined them. "This is her partner, Harper." She said pointing to the officer that was following them as the doctors took the officer into a Trauma room.

"One, two, three." Carter counted as they placed Karen on the bed.

"Pulse is weak." Ray informed everyone. "Let's spin a Crit right away." He suggested almosting sounding hopeful, as if he thought that was wrong.

"Airway's blocked." Luka said as he tried to intubate her. "Number 8 ET tube. What's her BP?"

"Hold on..." Haleh said from a monitor. She could feel Luka's eyes bearing down on her as she was figuring out the girl's BP. "Pulse Ox is holding at 82."

"That's why I'm tubing her." Luka said trying again as Haleh moved to another monitor and around Neela who came to his side as always. She loved to watch Luka work; as she told Abby, she had a thing for teachers. Abby was in the room as it was and she cracked a small smile at Neela's behavior. "Get me a blood pressure."

"Chest Tube Tray?" Ray asked again with his hopeful tone.

"No, start a Central Line." Carter corrected him and Ray went to work.

"BPs holding at 90/50." Haleh said a little late.

"Give me 4 units of O neg, hang two on the Rapid Infuser."Luka ordered while still struggling a bit while trying to intubate Karen. That was unusal, Luka had been intubating for so long it'd been awhile since he'd had trouble. So, in light of that, he had Neela finish the job while he moved to help Carter find the bullet.

"Give me some Cricoid Pressure." Neela said having as much trouble intubating as Luka had.

"You ok over there, Neela?" Sam asked from behind. Neela looked back momentarily at her but returned to the girl's mouth. After a little more struggling, she succeeded in intubating Karen.

"I got it." She informed moving around to look at a monitor next to Haleh, but close to Luka to not get lost.

"Ok, start the central line now." Carter said again to Ray.

"Betadine and a Sterile Drape." Ray said moving around to the opposite side of Carter as they worked to find the bullet in the fading cop's chest.

"BPs dropping: 70/50, Pulse is 120." Lydia alerted them as a monitor beeped.

"Squeeze in two liters and prepare for a Subclavian." Luka rushed as the beeping continued rapidly.

"Send a Trauma Panel, type and cross for 4, and get X-ray in here for a chest. And a one shot IVP." Carter said to Lydia. She nodded and left to get everything. "If we don't find this bullet, we're gonna lose her." He said to Luka and Ray who looked at each other and Carter nervously. They'd lost patients before but this was a cop, it wouldn't be right or fair to lose her.

"Hey, how is she?" Detective Harper asked a passing Lydia. "Is she all right?"

"She will be." She assured him unconvincingly as she ran back into the Trauma. "Running two units."

"Is she conscious?" Harper said entering the room, ignoring Lydia's words that Karen would be fine.

"She's Hypotensive with 2 GSWs..." Ray started to explain as Carter pulled out one bullet from her chest. "..Strike my last, 1 GSW to-"

"Is she conscious?" Harper shouted agian nearly hitting Ray.

"Get him out of here, Neela, now, please." Luka asked angrily but as nicely as possibly and Neela listened. She walked up to Harper and pulled his arm, leading him out of the Trauma.

"You can't do this to me!" He shouted back as Neela had to push him out and closed the doors while security pulled him away. "I'm her partner!"

"She's responding to Fluid Resuscitation." Sam said from a monitor. Karen's BP and Pulse Ox went up and down from good to bad like it was nobody's business. Just when things looked good, things got worse.

"Pressure's up to 90 PALP." Lydia said handing Luka what he needed. "Pulse Ox is 83."

"Ten-Blade." Carter ordered as he looked around for the second bullet.

"Toes are down going, that means no Spinal injury." Ray said to Carter and Luka. "Hang the next two units on the Infuser."

"Hold on, it's not set up." Haleh said as she moved to do so.

"Get it set up!" Ray ordered angrily that it wasn't already done.

"I got it." Sam said exiting to find the tubing. She was nearly run over by another Trauma led by Susan going next to them when she found what she was looking for. "Got it." She said holding up the tubing and passing it to Ray.

"Second unit is in." Luka said as he moved calmly as the monitors weren't beeping rapidly anymore.

"Pressure's up to 100 Systolic." Lydia informed him..

"Give a gram of Cotetan." He told her.

"Right and left pupils are 5 millimeters and reactive." Ray said taking down her information on her chart for Carter and Luka.

"BP's down to 81 PALP." Haleh informed over the now beeping machines. Luka cursed under his breath as they strapped Karen down to keep her from soon going into seizsures. They ordered amps of Eppy, Morphene for her pain and a heavy sedative to get her to sleep. Hopefully, that would be enough to stop the Seizures and give them time to find the second MIA bullet.

"What's the Pulse Ox?" Ray asked Haleh and she was about to respond when Carter jumped in.

"Doesn't matter right now! Hook up the Thoraseal!" She nodded and did as she was told as Carter ordered Ray to get back to work. "Come people, let's move! We're losing her!"

Chapter 2: The Initial Shock

Preview: After the operation...