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Chapter three:

He had always been very good at sports, especially baseball. He's been playing since he was about eight or nine years old, and nearly 9 years passed and he was still in great shape and skillful to go on playing it. Every sunday morning the gang was " reunited". Harold, Sid, Stinky, Curly, Eugene, Gerald and Arnold all joined together to practice the sport they had been marked with since childhood.

" So.. have you talked to her yet?" Gerald whispered Arnold as he tried to concentrate in the direction the ball was heading.

" No.. I couldn't.." Arnold said distracted.

" How come?" Gerald rose an eyebrow and managed to catch the ball, Stinky had missed to hit with the bat.

" STRIKE ONE..!" Sid's voice was heard.

" Ahm.. I was gonna but.." Arnold started.

" But what?" Gerald pushed. His friend seemed so innocent and too naive for his own taste. He had to learn how to deal with women especially if they were ruining his life.

" Well I don't know.. Something tells me she's going to have a very good laugh at me.." Arnold said sinceerely.

" Bro you have to put your thoughts together.. what's more important, Helga laughing at you as she always does, or Hilda being stopped?" Gerald asked bluntly.

" Hilda being stopped I guess.. I wouldn't want Helga to laugh at me either but.. if I had to choose.." Arnold said as he heard Sid calling strike number three. It was his turn on the bat. Suddenly everybody turned around and Arnold's turn disipated.

" Hey girls.." Curly said smiling to Ronda. Arnold tried to peek inside the crowdness of people and glanced at Helga a couple of times. If he wanted help it was now or never.

" What are you looking at you stupid football head?" Helga asked in her usual annoyed tone.

" I need a word with you.." Arnold said as he caught her arm and softly dragged her far from the yard where they once were playing baseball. Helga's mind began floating around when she felt Arnold's grasp. It was so delicate and yet firm and demanding. He wanted something.

" If you're looking for the best place to kill yourself and incriminate me, this won't do it.. too many people around.." Helga said sarcastically as she waited for Arnold to reply but it took him a great deal of time to finally speak up.

" I need you." Arnold said bluntily and looking right into her deep brown eyes.

" You.. what?" Helga said clumpsily. She couldn't believe what her ears had captured. She began smiling thinking that moment was the one she had been expecting for a lifetime.

" I need your help.." Arnold completed. All of the sudden, Helga's smile was ripped off. It had been a very brief moment that she felt amazingly but now she felt the urge to kick Arnold until he bleeded to death.

" Good.. what for?" Helga said trying to sound as if nothing had happened. But Arnold had seen her expression when he told her he needed her.

" It's Hilda.." Arnold said again without looking at her.

" What about her? Oh good lord don't tell me you wanna date this one too.." Helga said in a sort of angrily tone. Her whole life words with Arnold were spoken when he needed girl's advice and was desperate. Lila was the begining, then some girl named Sora, then MaryAnn, then Jackie, Solange, Dorah, Summer and finally Hilda. She had hated so much when he went to her just to talk about other girls.

" God no! Look she's driving me nuts! I can't cope with her! She's too annoying! She even beats y.." Arnold's eyes widened as he suddenly stopped the sentence. He was gonna say " you" but that couldn't have ended nicely.

" Who? Me? Say it! She beats me?" Helga demanded an explanation.

" Kinda.." Arnold replied scared.

" NO.. GOD NO! NOBODY BEATS ME AT ANNOYING YOU! NOBODY! DON'T WORRY ARCHIVALDO! I'LL KILL HER IF I HAVE TO!" Helga said as she winked at him and left him quickly. Arnold was shocked. She was going to help him, not for the reasons he had intended to but in the end she was at least helping. She seemed serious as well.

(8 8 8)

" So.. do you think an old fashioned dwell would do it?" Helga said smiling widely.

" Helgs calm down.. I don't think violence is the answer.." Phoebe said wisely as she kept reading a gigantic book with interest and amusement.

" Then what is? Violence solves everything! If I kill her would you give me an aliby?" Helga said smiling with satisfaction, picturing in her mind the scene of Hilda's head chopped off.

" No. Think with your head not your jealous heart.." Phoebe answered not even bothering to look at her.

" What's that supposed to mean? What does my heart have to do with this?" Helga asked defiantely.

" Nothing.. nothing... maybe you could talk to her.." Phoebe suggested reluctantely.

" I'm far done talking.. It's action time! Oh I know.. I've got a great idea... she's going down.. nobody takes my place at bugging Arnoldo.. NOBODY!" Helga said loudly imitating a hard man's voice.

" Helga.. please tell me what are you going to do before you do it so I can start thinking of how to fix it.." Phoebe said as she closed her book and paid full atention to the blonde girl.

" Ok Phoebs! The only reason why Hilda is bugging Arnold, I mean.. football head of course, it's because he is very nice and softy towards women and well anybody. She needs to know that he has someone to stand for him.. someone strong and cruel and without any conscience.. someone like me!" Helga paused for a moment.

" So.. you're gonna tell her Arnold is your friend and to stop picking on him?" Phoebe asked smiling, since that solution came very well in her mind.

" No.. that wouldn't work.. friend's presence won't do it.. She needs competition.. Arnold needs a girl... That's it! From now on Arnold and I are oficially dating!" With that words Helga started clapping and Phoebe's jaw was dropped all of the sudden. " And don't you even think I'll leave her alone.. na ah.. she likes making his life a living hell, well here's the pioneer.." Helga added as she began laughing.



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