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Chapter 1

"Starfire what are you doing?" Raven asked as she walked over to her

"I am just thinking" Starfire replied

It had been four years since the group had defeated Slade for the second time. There had been no new villains and all the others where in jail, the boys decided to go to Gotham city to fight crime there and told the girls to stay there and that they would come back. The girls had changed lots since the boys left………. Starfire's hair was a little bit longer and it had blonde strikes in it, she was also a little bit taller. She had learnt to speck better English, but occasionally she would mix up her words. Raven's hair was down to her back shorter then Starfire's but not by much (like in birthmark). She was still a lot shorter then Starfire but did grow. She could show emotion sometimes, her and Starfire had finally destroyed her father without the boys help. The girls where doing okay by themselves but did miss the boys.

"Thinking about what?" Raven asked

"The boys" Starfire sighed

"Oh" Raven sat down next to Starfire

"It has been four years Raven" Starfire looked at her

"I know" Raven replied

"Are they going to come back" Starfire asked hopefully

"I don't know Star" Raven replied

The siren began to go off

"Trouble?" Starfire asked

"About time" Raven smiled as she ran to the computer

"What is it?" Starfire asked

"It's Mumbo………..he is trying to rob the bank" Raven looked at Starfire who nodded

The two girls flew to west side bank. When they arrived they saw Mumbo waiting for them

"Titans or should I say what's left of them………..I have been waiting for you" Mumbo laughed

"Mumbo why do you bother?" Raven asked

"Yes you know we are going to take you down" Starfire added

"On the contrary my dear girls I have this" Mumbo pulled up what looked like a gun. But it wasn't an ordinary gun, it was different, it had a blue and yellow glow

"Raven I am not sure I like the look of that" Starfire didn't take her eyes of the gun

"You shouldn't" Mumbo smiled

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos" Raven chanted as she tried to get the gun

"Got to try better then that" Mumbo laughed as the black aurora surrounding the gun disappeared

"Okay how did he do that?" Raven turned to Starfire

"I don't know" Starfire replied as her hands and eyes went a dangerous green

"Come on then what are you waiting for?" Mumbo asked

The two girls flew at him. Starfire threw her starbolts, as Raven hurled anything she could. Mumbo held out the gun

"Abracadabra" Mumbo yelled as a bright light shot out of the gun, both of their attacks back-fired on them

"Awe" Both girls had hit the ground by their own attacks

"Isn't magic great" Mumbo smiled

"The only magic here" Starfire got up

"Is our magic" Raven also got up

"Not true" Mumbo replied

"How is that not true?" Starfire asked

"Because I am Mumbo the magician"

"Yeah and magicians are only illusionists" Raven replied

"Even with you're father gone you act like this" Mumbo muttered

"What was that?" Raven sent a death glare at him

"Raven we must get the gun" Starfire said as the two girls flew at him

Raven flew at him throwing cars and sign posts at him, Mumbo held out his gun continually yelling abracadabra making Raven's attacks go back to her. Raven dodged all the attacks as she distracted him. Starfire flew behind him as she shot starbolts at him; Mumbo fell to the ground as the gun slide over to Raven.

"Told ya' we where going to take you down" Raven picked up the gun

"Now you must go back to jail where you belong" Starfire smiled as the police ran over and handcuffed him

"Nice work girls" One of the police officers said to them

"Thank you" Starfire giggled

"Thanks to you our town is safe, keep it up" The officer turned and walked off

"That was cheesy" Raven looked at Starfire

"Oh friend may we get pizza?" Starfire asked

Raven had a blank look on her face as she looked at Starfire

"Did I do something?" Starfire asked

"No" Raven sighed "Yes we can go for pizza"

"Oh joyf- I mean cool" Starfire smiled

Raven laughed as her and Starfire walked to the pizza shop. When the two got there they sat in their usual spot.

"Remember when we would argue over the pizza toping" Starfire looked at the menu

"Yeah…………I wonder what the boys are up to" Raven sighed

"As do I" Starfire looked up at Raven "Raven tomorrow would you wish to go to the mall of shopping?" Starfire asked.

Raven looked at Starfire as Starfire smiled and gave that please, please, please look

"Sure Star" Raven replied

"This will be very fun" Starfire clapped

"Umm yeah……………fun" Raven replied

When the girls had finished eating they decided to go back to the tower. They flew across the water that surrounded Titan's Tower, they noticed a car parked out front of the Tower.

"Could it be?" Starfire's face lit up

"I'm not sure" Raven replied as both the girl flew down onto the ground

The girls walked to the front of the door as they opened it, the elevator doors where open so both girls entered it as they pressed the button to go to the main room. The doors opened as they walked out into the main room.

"SURPRISE!" A girl screamed, it wasn't the boys but hey it was her

"TERRA!" Starfire squealed as she ran up to her and hugged her

"Hey Terra what are you doing here?" Raven asked

Terra had gotten out of the stone three years ago and had bonded with Starfire and Raven. Yes even Raven now trusted her.

"Well I was bored so I decided to come here" She smiled, Terra had changed a bit too, her hair was the same length but she had black at the tips of her hair, her eyes where still blue and she was taller then Raven but shorter then Starfire

"We haven't see you for a year" Starfire finally let go of her

"I know, how time flies hey" Terra rubbed the back of her head

"Yes it dose" Starfire smiled not really knowing what she meant

"You guys look great…………but you didn't look to happy when you saw me"

"No we are happy to see you" Starfire hugged her

"We where just hoping it was the boys" Raven continued

"Oh yeah………………….. Still haven't come back hey?" Terra asked

"No" Starfire looked at the ground

"OH I know" Terra smiled

"What?" The other two asked

"Lets go visit them" Terra replied

"We don't know where they are" Raven sighed

"Oh" Terra scratched her head "They will come back" She looked at them

"Maybe" Starfire fell onto the lounge as she sighed

"What you thinking of Starfire?" Raven asked

"Robin" Starfire replied

"Starfire you don't want to marry him"

"Nobody is taking her away"

"You're sister she was interesting but she could never take your place…. No one could ever take you're place"

"Starfire you're my friend………I don't care how you look"

"We're not going to drift apart, Star. I promise. We'll all be friends forever."

"I guess one more dance won't hurt me"

"I can't……… You almost got hurt………Next time it could be worse"

"You're exactly how you should be………no matter how much you change on the outside you'll always be Starfire on the inside"

"It's okay Star………It's okay"


Starfire sighed as she came back to reality finding Terra in her face

"EEP!" Starfire shot one of her starbolts at Terra

"awe" Terra said quietly as she fell onto the floor

Raven giggled a bit then walked over to Starfire

"Thinking about him hey" She asked

"Yes" Starfire sighed

"They be fine………………….WHAT ABOUT ME!" Terra yelled

"Oh yes sorry friend" Starfire ran over to her and helped her up

"Yeah…….. I know you miss your boyfriend" Terra snickered

"He is not my boyfriend" Starfire pouted

"Sure" Terra nudged

"Terra unless you want to be back where you where five minutes ago……. I suggest you stop" Raven sighed

"Right" Terra smiled

"So please Terra how is you're boyfriend?" Starfire asked recovering remarkable quickly from being angry

"Good" She smiled "We are living in New York"

"Wow that is a long way away" Starfire looked at her with deep interest in her story

"Not really Star" Terra replied

"Terra, Raven and I are going to the mall of shopping do you wish to come?" Starfire asked

"Raven's going to the mall?" Terra looked at Raven

"Not like I have a choice" Raven replied

"Oh" Terra laughed

"What do you mean?" Starfire looked at her two friends

"Nothing" Raven replied

"Friends…………….People I think it is time for bed" Starfire yawned

"My room still there?" Terra asked

"Yeah" Raven replied

"Don't mind if I stay do you?" Terra looked at Raven

"Ask Starfire" Raven walked to the hallway door


"Oh yes friend you may" Starfire smiled

"Thanks" Terra smiled

"I'm off" Raven replied

"Me too" Terra walked off in the direction of her room

"I am going as well" Starfire walked to Raven "Good night" She smiled as she walked to her room

"Night Star" Raven replied as she watched her walk into her room

Raven sighed as she walked over to the window "When are you guys coming back?" She asked herself she remembered all the things about Beastboy.

"You think you're alone Raven………….but you're not"

"I'm sorry he broke your heart"


"You know you're haunted house was WAY creepier then that stupid movie"

"You owe me big time you owe me big time………………………Call it even?"

"Try not to get jalousie"

"You're just jealous cause I sound like a rock star"

"Maybe you should call me ………Beastman"

"Yeah it's been totally lame here without you Raven stinks at video games……It's like she's not even trying"

"Who knew we had a doctor in the house"

"I think this might be where air fresheners are from"

"And where have you been? Shopping for ropes?"

"Oh, no you don't! I've had it with this mystery girl routine! I wanna know exactly what you're talking about!"

"Heh, heh, my bad."

"And we take him down. Oh I'll find him! That domentic doofus is never hypnotizing me again!"

"Ha, ha! Good one!... HEY! Wait a sec! I do TOO have a brain! I just don't use it much..."

Raven sighed as she turned around to see Terra.

"AHHH!" Raven screamed as she threw a painting at her

"Awe………….and since when do you get scared?" Terra asked on the floor with the painting hanging around her neck

"I don't……. I just needed a reason to hit you" Raven laughed

Terra looked up at her "You where scared…….. You didn't expect me there did you?"

"Terra I can read minds and sense things………… I knew you where there" She lied

"Oh okay………….. I'm going back to bed" Terra smiled as she walked off

"Yeah me too" Raven muttered as she went to her own room.

It was the next day and the girls where getting ready to go to the mall.

"I'VE LOST IT!" Terra scream echoed through the tower

"Friend lost what?" Starfire looked in Terra's room

"The dress I was going to wear" Terra exclaimed

"Terra it's here" Raven called out

"WHERE!" Terra ran out into the main room

"There" Raven sighed as she pointed to the lounge

"THANK GOD!" Terra ran over and grabbed the knee-high pink dress

"Please Raven what do you think?" Starfire asked as she spun around

She wore a pink shot skirt (Like the one she usually wears but pink) and a yellow mid-drift tank top. Raven looked at her.

"You do not like?" Starfire asked

"Ummm it's nice" Raven replied

"What are you wearing?" Starfire asked

"I'm about to go get changed now" Raven replied as she took a sip of her tea

"HHHHHHHHHHHHHHOWWWWWWWWWWWW DO I LOOK?" Terra slide into the main room in the pink knee-high dress with her hair tied back into a ponytail.

"Yeah nice" Raven got up and left the room

"Raven would you like to borrow a skirt?" Starfire asked

"NO!" Raven yelled back

"Okay" Starfire looked at Terra

"OOOOOOOOO can I put you're hair in plaits?" Terra asked

"Okay" Starfire smiled

"Cool" Terra smiled

Ten minuets later Terra had finished Starfire's hair. Then Raven came out, She had a pair of light blue jeans that had some rips on the front (Yes people they are suppose to be there) and a purple tank top on. She left her hair out.

"Oh wonderful Raven" Starfire clapped

"Yeah, yeah, can we get this over and done with?" Raven sighed

"Come on Raven just have fun" Terra smiled

"Fun…………………wooh……….." Raven replied

"Good enough" Terra grabbed Raven as the three girl ran out the door to the end of the island

"Terra do you want a lift?" Starfire asked

"Nar I'm cool thanks Star" Terra replied

The three girls flew across the water as they landed on the other side.

"Let us walk to the mall" Starfire said happily

"It's right there" Raven pointed to the mall

"Great" Terra said as her and Starfire ran over to it

Raven sighed "They are going to get run over………………..one could only hope" Raven laughed to herself as she followed the other two.

When they got to the mall Terra and Starfire went straight to 'Pink and Me'

"What a stupid name for a shop" Raven looked up at the sign

"RAVEN LOOK!" Starfire squealed

"What?" Raven asked as she walked in

"Pink ribbon" Terra got a piece as she tied it around Raven's hair

"What the hell are you doing?" Raven glared at her

"We all know secretly you love pink" Terra and Starfire giggled

"I hate pink" Raven said in her mono-tone

"But you must leave the ribbon in it looks very nice" Starfire pleaded

Raven's hair was now in a ponytail but the two bits at the front stayed out.

"Fine but if anything else pink even TOUCHES me, I will take it out" Raven folded her arms

"OOOO Star what about this" Terra held up a pink mini skirt that had layers (Like a cake :P)

"Oh Terra that is very nice" Starfire clapped

"Try it on" Terra gave Starfire the skirt

"Me?" Starfire asked

"Yep" Terra smiled as Starfire took the skirt and went into a change room.

"How much longer?" Raven asked as she lent against the wall

"Oh Raven stop it" Terra growled at her "At least TRY and have fun you can have emotions now you can be happy" Terra looked at her "Have fun"

Raven gave her a look "I don't like pink" She replied

Terra gave her a blunt look "What ever" She sighed

"Fine I will try" Raven folded her arms again

"YAY!" Terra hugged her

"Get off me Terra" Raven pulled away

"STARFIRE!" Terra screamed out

Raven rubbed her ears as she looked over at Starfire

"Please is this good?" Starfire asked

"It's good" Terra smiled "Its better IT'S GREAT!"

"Yeah what she said" Raven replied

"I wish I mean I am going to buy it" Starfire smiled as she went back into the dressing room

"Aren't you going to look for anything?" Raven asked Terra

"No I have to much pink" Terra smiled "I want blues and stuff"

"I'm hungry" Raven complained as they waited for Starfire

"I am too" Starfire came out in her normal clothes

"Then buy the clothes and lets go" Terra exclaimed

Starfire walked to the counter and bought her new skirt.

"Come on" Terra jumped up and down waiting for Starfire

"I'm coming" Starfire called out

"Good I'm hungry" Terra called back

The three girls walked into the food court as everyone looked up at them.

"I think this was a bad idea" Raven whispered to Terra and Starfire


"Oh my god" A girl yelled

"What are we going to do?" Terra asked

"Umm be nice?" Starfire I asked

"We are going to have to" Raven sighed

"Can I have you're autographs" A little girl ran up to them

"Sure" Terra wrote on the piece of paper first

"You girls are my favorite you kick bad peoples butt" The little girl smiled as Terra handed the paper to Raven

"What's you're name?" Raven asked the little girl

"Mika" Mika smiled

"Okay Mika" Raven smiled as she gave the piece of paper to Starfire

"Oh you are so cute" Starfire squealed

"And you are very pretty" Mika replied

"There you go" Starfire gave the girl back her piece of paper

"Thank you" The girl ran back to her mum

"I hate being nice" Raven sighed

"No you're just not use to it" Terra smiled

"Why are you doing that?" Raven asked

"Doing what?" She asked back

"When I say something you disagree" Raven replied

"Cause it annoys you" Terra smiled

"I'll annoy you" Raven got ready to choke Terra

"Have the boy Titans come back yet?" A reporter called out

Starfire and Raven looked down at the ground, Terra saw their faces


"Are you saying there where relationships between the Titans?" The reporter asked

"Uh-oh" Terra looked around

"No" Raven said quickly

"Right" The reporter replied

"Are you trying to say something?" Starfire asked

"Not at all" The reporter replied

"Come on girls I'm hungry" Terra whined

"Okay" Raven grabbed Terra and Starfire and walked to the food shop

The girls ignored the reporters as they ordered their food.

"I think we should take away" Terra looked at the reporters behind her

"I agree with Terra" Raven nodded

"I would like a Mc' Happy meal please with the cute adorable toy" Starfire smiled

"Umm I want chicken and chips" Terra smiled as well

"I want a soda" Raven said

"No food?" Starfire asked

"Nar I'm not hungry" Raven replied

"Okay" Starfire smiled as she got her food

"Let's go home to many people are following us" Terra looked at Raven and Starfire

"Agreed" Starfire sighed

"Sorry Star" Raven said as they walked out of the mall

"At least you got a really cute skirt" Terra shrieked

"Yes that is true" Starfire giggled

"Come on" Raven sighed as the three girls flew over to Titans Tower

The girls walked into the front door and into the elevator

"Well that was fun" Terra smiled

The doors opened as they saw three people standing in their home.

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