Hey guys so this is the last chapter of Since You've Been Gone!

Chapter 20

There was a silence in the room that could scare the bravest man, no one wanted to say anything because it would mean the end of something amazing they have all had together; Raven took a deep breath in as she closed her eyes slowly.

"This is it; once I do what I need to we need to carry this right through to the end." Raven voice broke every now and then as she tried to keep herself under control.

"What's the plan then?" Cyborg asked as he placed his large brown hand firmly on her shoulder.

"I will call fourth what I need too, and then we find Robin and kill those other bastards." Raven replied taking a small glance over to Beastboy.

The pain she saw all over him broke her heart, she couldn't stand what she was putting him through but she knew she had too. She glided gracefully over to him as he tilted his head up to look at her.

"I'm so glad I met you Garfield Logan." She whispered as she lazily draped her arms around his shoulders.

"Like wise." Beastboy managed to squeeze out as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"You know I've never loved someone as much as I love you, I hate what I'm putting you through but you have to be strong, for Star… for Terra." Raven gently placed her pale forehead onto his as she looked into his deep emerald coloured eyes.

"I don't want you to do this." He spoke no more then a whisper but it shot through Raven like a like a rifle.

"Don't say that, please." She pleaded as she pulled him closer so that his body was up against his.

"I don't want you to die." Raven could hear his voice break as tears fought to escape from her eyes.

"I will wait for you…"

"Do you promise?"

"Of course…"

Beastboy gently put his hand around Raven's neck as he pulled her closer, their dry lips touched softly as the world disappeared around them; the passion in this kiss was unlike any other as tears streamed down Raven's pale blood-stained cheeks. The kiss seemed to last forever but eventually Raven broke to breathe as she gave him a small smile.

"Rae, he's near the training room, making his way towards the main room." Cyborg's deep voice filled the room cause Raven to look back at him.

"You guys ready for this battle?" Raven asked taking a look at each one of her remaining friends.

"Right behind you Raven." Bee was the first to speak as she pulled Raven into a large hug.

"Look after Cy." She whispered into Bees ear, hugging her back tightly.

"I will." Bee replied as she let go and ran over to the door, crying softly.

"I will always fight with you friend." Starfire whooshed into Raven with salty tears already falling from her eyes.

"Don't let him go once he's back… Look after yourself Star… I love you, you're like the sister I never had… Don't ever forget how special you are." Raven whispered into the alien princess ear, giving her a little squeeze once she had finished.

"I will miss you." Was her reply before she slowly let go and made her way next to Bee, crying loudly.

"You've always been a lil sis to me." Cyborg looked down at the once gothic stand-offish girl, now a beautiful woman.

"You've been like a big brother to me too Cy." Raven sent a small smile his way before he scooped her up into a hug.

"Look after Beastboy for me." Raven added in the smallest voice, hugging him tightly.

"I will." He placed Raven back onto her feet before making his way over to the two girls, pulling them both into a hug as he reached them.

"I'm going to fight with you Rae." Terra's small voice squeaked from behind her.

"I gave you a second chance and you want to blow it?" Raven softly sighed, turning to face the young girl.

"I can do it Rae… let me…" Terra replied bravely as her eyes pleaded with Raven to let her help.

"Alright but you stay behind everyone else you hear?" Raven let another sigh escape as Terra let out a happy squeal before running towards her, throwing her arms around her.

"You're a beautiful person Rae, I will miss you." Terra whispered hugging Raven tightly, before quickly letting go and running over to the other.

Raven stood looking at the shattered Beastboy in front of her, she tried her best to give him a smile even just a little one.

"I will meet you again." Raven took a step towards him, grabbing a hold of his large green hand.

"Will you?" Beastboy asked in a disbelieving voice as his eyes stayed plastid to the ground.

"Yes… I promise…" Raven gently placed her free hand on the side of his face, forcing him to look up at her.

"Don't do this Rae." He tried again ever so quietly, knowing it wouldn't stop her.

"I need to stop this BB, support me… I need it." She replied in a tone matching his, looking deep into his eyes, missing the happiness that used to fill them.

"Okay… Rae…" Beastboy sigh in defeat before he pulled her into one last hug, holding her tightly.

"I love you… forever and always." She closed her eyes and felt peace, even if it was just for a split second, a tear slid down the curves of her cheek before falling off her chin and onto the floor.

"I love you too." He pulled away from her grip, knowing he'd never feel her warm body against his.

"Let's go, shall we?" She sounded stronger then she felt as she took Beastboy's hand into her own.

Raven and Beastboy walked hand in hand over to the other four huddled together waiting for Raven's guidance into the unknown, they all sent her a smile and a look that said 'I'll miss you'.

"It will take me a moment, but once I'm done I want you to stay close behind me. You don't need to worry about doing anything but staying behind me until I track down Adonis, Mad Mod and Red. Once I'm in this 'state' I wont be coming back." Raven explained clearly, looking at all of them individually.

"What about the Demons?" Terra was in Starfire's arms for the 'journey' before the actual battle.

"I'll be much scarier." Raven replied as a sinister smirk appeared on her face.

Raven slowly walked out into the darkness of the hallways before coming to a Holt, she closed her eyes and tilted her head up towards the roof. She muttered something to herself as a large white blast of energy surrounded Raven where she stood; the others had to cover their eyes from the brightness as they felt the wind from the energy against their skin.

The energy slowly turned to a blood red colour as Raven opened her eyes, reviling another set of eyes just above her other set as all four were glowing red. Her hair shot directly up due to the energy that surrounded her as large red horns grew from each side of her head and a tail grew from her tail bone, her once pale skin turned to a blood red as sharp yellow pointed finger nails and teeth grew; her hair changed to a white in colour, a smirk was back on her face as the energy blast came to a stop.

"Let's have some fun." A malevolence voice came from Raven as she looked back at the others.

"Raven?" Beastboy asked in disbelieve as he stared at the monster in front of him.

"I advise you stay close other wise I might accidently send you to hell." Raven's smirk was evil and uncanny as she turned back around and started down the hall.

Raven glided down the hallway as the other followed closely behind, she came to a sudden stop as a group of demon stood in front of her, almost too scared to move. She smirked as she waved her hand in front of herself, causing the floor to crack open, ear-piercing screams came from the crack as heat and flames exploded, from inside a huge red hand came up out of the crack grabbing onto the demons as terrify screams were let loose before the hand dragged them down into the crack, then it disappeared.

They stood there shocked and they all looked terrified to the core as goose bumps appeared on Starfire's soft skin, Raven glanced over her shoulder to send them all a smirk before she continued on her way. She glided down the hallway with ease, sending demons to hell left right and centre, the group stayed close and together. They continued running until Raven came to a stop and hissed, in front of them stood a large beast like creature, it sniffed the air before turning around to see Raven, it let out a growl as it got into an attacking position. "Robin!" Starfire yelled as she went to run for him, Beastboy pulled back on her arm heavily tell her 'no'.

Raven smirked at the beast in front of her while it snarled back at her. "You've been a very bad puppy." Her voice was twisted, cynical it was her voice but so mutilated that it hardly sounded the same. "Here puppy." She tormented the beast as it growled ferociously at her.

The monster snapped it's jaw shut as it pushed of the ground using its hind legs, it ran towards Raven while she stood still smirking at it; Beastboy was holding onto Starfire's hand tightly as they both watched wide eyed. The beast pounced at Raven claws first as it growled, it became close and closer until it was right in her face then in an instant her eyes glowed red engulfing her hands as well, she whacked Robin back with one large thrust as the beast flew backwards hitting the floor two seconds later. "Robin!" Starfire screamed as tears silently poured down her face.

"Naw… what a poor puppy." Raven's demon voice tormented the beast causing it to jump back onto its feet and growl. "Come and get me." She smirked out holding her arms out either side of herself.

The beast took off once more as it raced towards her, Raven stayed in her position watching him as he ran so blood-hungry after her; he pounced once more claws out front ready to kill. Raven's eye shone yellow as Robin's beast came down on her getting his front two paws into both of Raven's shoulders, she smirked quickly thrusting her arm straight through his chest; Starfire screamed then a bright light shot out from the two as Raven threw back her head and let out a gasp. A white light shot out from her eyes and her mouth as the beast let a loud howl escape before it began to transform from beast to man; Raven's arm shot out of him as she stumbled over towards the closest wall. "Robin!" Starfire pulled out of Beastboy grip as she ran over to her lover.

"…Star…?" He moaned slowly opening his eyes, his first site as soon as his eyes recovered was Starfire bending over him in tears. "What… What happened?" He moaned rubbing his head gently.

"You… you…" Starfire burst into tears before she could even finish her sentence, she threw herself down onto his chest pulling his tattered shirt trying to get closer to him while he wrapped his arms around her.

"You turned into a beast… Raven saved you." Beastboy answered for Starfire as he turned to look at his soul mate, she was hunched up against the wall breathing deeply. "She turned herself to save you…"

Robin sat up with Starfire's help he looked back at Raven and the state she was. "…What is she?"

"She called fourth something to stop all this, too save you and she isn't coming back." Beastboy replied with no emotion in his voice, he stared at the demons back as it exhaled and inhaled unevenly.

"… Beastboy…" Her voice was dry but it was her own, she turned back to look at him, she had one set of eyes and one only. "I…I love you… but we need… to hurry…" She breathed deeply holding onto either side of her shoulders.

"Rae is that you?" Beastboy asked slowly making his way to her side.

"Stay back BB…I… I …want to have some more fun." And just like that she was gone again, she pushed herself off the wall and turned to face the group, she brought up her hand and licked her blood covered palm while she stared them down. "Let's finish this."

"What is she…?" Robin asked Beastboy as Starfire helped him to his feet.

"A demon we think." Beastboy replied turning away from him and slowly following after Raven.

Cyborg and Bee took a hold of Terra and quickly followed after Raven and Beastboy, leaving the two of them for just a moment; Robin quickly took her in his arms. "I know this isn't the time but Star I thought I lost you forever." He put his hand behind her head and pulled her head down to touch foreheads. "I love you."

"I thought I lost you too Robin, don't ever leave me." Starfire whispered pulling Robin down to her to kiss him, their lips touched gently as they kissed passionately for a moment, although it was a brief moment it felt like it was forever, she pulled away and looked into his eyes. "We must follow Raven."

Robin nodded taking her hand into his, entangling their fingers. He pulled her along as they quickly followed after Raven, he ran into the back of the others as Raven was throwing more demons into the depths of hell; he felt his skin break into goose bumps as the ear piercing screams filled his ears. "Oh my god…"

Raven snapped her head back around to face Robin. "There's no god here." She flew towards the main room breaking through the doors as it crashed open; the crash rang through the tower, echoing loudly down the hallways. Loud screeches followed the echo as thousands of thumping footsteps sound through the air, the group looked around nervously while the sounds became louder and louder. "I suggest you hold on… this could get bumpy." She smirked looking at the terrified group in front of her. "No really. Hold on."

The others looked at each other but nervously took a hold of the demon that possessed Raven's body; they circled around her holding onto her as best they could and as soon as they had all taken a firm hold of her a bright light shone out from around her blinding the Titans; the demons ran towards the light hissing and growling, claws at the ready. Raven held out her hand as she began to speak out in tongue her words fastened the closer the demons came to her 'shield' she had summoned for the others, her eyes flashed between white and red the faster she spoke in tongue, they were getting too close now, she had to finish them. "Go back to where you came from." She bellowed letting out a large burst of energy.

The energy felt like a bomb had been set off around them, they felt themselves be pushed back but they hardly moved at all, the bright light stayed around them as the ground on the other side of the light shield began to melt away; flames rose up from the ground once more letting screams fill the remaining titans' ears, they were screams that no mortal should ever be forced to hear… They were the screams of the dammed and tortured; they were the screams that would haunt even the evilest of evil mortals. The demons screeched as the ground around them cracked open to send them to the deepest depths of hell, the tower began to slowly disappear along with them falling into the fires of humans' nightmares; and then it was gone. Titans' tower disappeared as if it had never existed along with the demons that filled the tower; Raven slowly levitated them to the ground of the island that once held Titans' Tower proudly before releasing the barrier she had put around the group.

She fell to the floor letting out screams of pain, she dug her nails into the earth around her while her tail and hair colour began to recede back to where they had come from. "Raven!" Beastboy called out being down next to her while she let out screams of agony.

"BB… I'm… so… sorry!" Raven groaned out clenching her nails more into the dirt as part of her soul ripped out of her body.

"Don't be." Beastboy replied softly helplessly watching her go through hell. "You're doing great…"

"Raven before you go back to being a demon what do we do now?" Robin asked kneeling down next to the screaming girl.

"We… Find… the others and… take them out!" She breathed heavily trying not to let out the screams while she talked, the pain was excruciating. "I'll know… where they are as soon as I change… be ready."

"This is our last stand against them guys… We have to do this first time round… for Raven." Robin spoke to his remaining Titans while their eyes stayed planned on their friend. "We take them out, this is revenge."

"They… are coming…" Raven groaned out lifting her head up. "Now I can have some fun…" She smirked as the demon possessed her body once more; she pushed herself off the ground in one swift move standing in front of her group.

Just as Raven had told them, Red X Mad Mod and Adonis had come straight to them. "What happened to your tower, kid?" Red X smirked standing in front of his two accomplices.

"I ate your demon." Raven smirked taking a lazy step forward she licked across her sharp yellow teeth.

The three stared at the 'girl' in front of them while she made her way towards them. "What have you done, kid?" Red X asked back towards Robin.

"We are stopping you." He replied with a shaking voice, his legs couldn't move, his eyes just stayed planted on Raven. "Stopping…"

Raven stopped in front of Red X, their apparent leader her eyes were still a blood red colour, she moved closer to him so her lips were close to where she guessed his ear was under the mask, he couldn't move away or do anything in reply. "I might eat you as well." She whispered taking a hold of his shoulder with her left hand pulling him towards her, then in an instant she thrust her right arm forward using her 'claws' to rip through his stomach all the way through his back, he let out a groan while Raven held him where he was for a moment longer. "You picked the wrong team…" She pulled her arm back out letting him fall to his knees; she lifted up her right hand and licked from the bottom of her forearm to the tip of her index finger then sucked on it for a moment.

Adonis and Mad Mod stood wide eyed as they watched it happen, they had taken a few steps backwards by now. "I wouldn't worry too much boys, backup has arrived." Slade's voice called from the distance, next to him stood a nervous Speedy.

"Slade." Raven smirked turning to look at the masked man that had tried to get her onto his side all those years ago.

"Now, now Raven my dear, shouldn't you finish the job?" He mused from the large rock he stood on, he pointed to the gasping Red X on the floor as blood quickly pooled around him.

Raven glanced down at him. "I figured I'd save him for later." She smirked. "Let's just get this over with, Slade."

"As you wish." He let out an evil laugh throwing his left arm out to point at the small group. "Kill them, leave no one alive."

Every criminal they had ever come into contact with walked in from behind Slade, they smirked at the Titans purely because they knew how out numbered the teens really were; Raven walked back to the others still smirking. "Don't worry. Demons never play fair."

"Titans… we've been through hell together this passed week… I must say I've never been more connected to a group of people… This could possibly be our last fight we ever have… So I just… wanted to let you all know… I love you as family… and Star? I just god dam love you… Titans… Go." Robin called out pointing towards the large mob of criminal coming towards them.

The titans took their positions ready to attack as the criminals continued to walk towards them, Raven stood at the front of them with her arms folded and a smirk still firmly placed on her face. Cinderblock ran towards them first, Cyborg pulled out his lazar cannon and aimed it straight at him while Starfire threw starbolt after starbolt at him, he crash into Cyborg as they began the fight. Mumbo threw forward his wand ready to chant his famous words but Bee was all over him, Robin ran into a crowd of Slade's drones as Beastboy morphed into a Rhino charging into another group.

Raven spotted a large dragon stomping towards Beastboy and smirked, she flew at it as it charged at Beastboy; she landed in front of Beastboy attacking a group of Slade drones and looked at the dragon. "Ah sweet Raven, is it time for us to rumble already?" Malchior laughed through his dragon form staring down at the girl.

"I suppose you could say that." Raven's twisted voice replied glancing up at the dragon.

He charged towards her letting out a ferocious roar, Raven dived into the ground using her nails causing her eyes to shoot out a blood red glow; she began talking in tongue as a gust of wind blew around her, she threw back her head and laughed. "Come to me…" She hissed out as the earth around her began to crack, the earth split open randomly around the battle field large red demons climbed out of the cracks letting out screams as they clawed their way out, they were just like the ones Slade had used but bigger.

"Impossible!" Slade growled smashing his fist into the wall next to him. "You are not the rightful owner to the underworld crown!"

"Attack…" She commanded as her eyes went blood red, she let out a groan while she still had her claws in the ground, her red skin started to rip away from her skin; she tried her hardest not to scream while her red skin ripped away from her taking more and more with her each time. Malchior stood up on his hind legs getting ready to stomp down on Raven.

"Raven!" Beastboy yelled just after morphing human, he ran towards her as fast as his legs could take him, Malchior started to fall to the ground as Beastboy's eyes widened in worry; he dived forward crashing into her pushing them both just out of his range.

"Thank…. You… My… love…" Raven moaned out as the last of her skin turned back to its pale white colour. She snapped back getting up off the ground, Beastboy sighed softly as he watched her scale up the Dragon's body using her claws to do so.

He shook his head and morphed back into a rhino finding another group to charge into, Cyborg and Starfire had gotten Cinderblock down and started on a group of Slade's drones, Robin was with Terra working on Mad Mod, Bumblebee was finishing Mumbo off. Beastboy charged for Adonis who was still slightly shocked by everything that had happened as Raven's demons attacked who ever they could get close enough too to rip apart.

Raven threw back her arm before throwing it down onto the back of Malchior's neck taking a chunk of flesh with her. "Oh how I've wanted to kill you." Her demon self smirked climbing up to his head. Malchior slashed around trying to get her off his back, she dug her claws in deeper to get a better grip causing Malchior to let out a loud roar. "Struggling only makes me angry." She growled.

"There is still so many!" Cyborg breathed throwing a punch into a drones face smashing its robotic self to pieces. "Not even Raven's demons are making it any less!"

Robin leaped into the air kicking out his foot connecting it with Mad Mod's stomach, Mod bent over and let out a groan; Terra's eyes turned a bright yellow as she lifted up a large chunk of earth, she grunted as she threw it towards Mod, he couldn't move so the rock smashed into him hard. "We need to keep going." Robin replied a little breathless looking around at the continuous wave of people coming towards them.

Starfire's eye went a light green, her hands engulfing in a darker green glow she threw forward starbolts into another group of drones charging them from the left. "It is getting hard." Starfire called out feeling her energy drain from her body.

A large fire ball streamed through the sky causing the four of them to turn to look at it, the fire ball came closer and closer until it landed in front of them. "Hotspot here." He saluted the tired looking leader of the Teen Titans.

Robin threw a bird-a-rang into a group of oncoming drones. "Thank god you're hear Hotspot." He said letting out a sigh of relief.

"I'm not the only one." He smiled before throwing himself into another load of drones.

"Robin look!" Starfire called out pointing behind them.

Robin slowly turned around to see his Allies marching to their rescue, Argent stood at the front of the group, Kole and Gnarrk stood together behind her, Thunder and Lighting next to them, Jericho, Kid Flash, Jinx, Redstar, Wildebeest, Pantha and Killowat stood proud together. They quickly made their way towards Robin. "What's the situation here?" Argent asked.

"Just kill anything but Raven's demons and Raven herself." Robin called out over the fighting; Argent nodded her head letting him know she understood signalling them to attack, which they went off to do.

Raven climbed to the right side of his head. "Any last words before you die?" She hiss into his ear.

"You can't kill me you pathetic mortal." Malchior roar loudly throwing his head around.

She stabbed her right hand claws into his ear; he let out another loud roar. "I am no mortal." She whispered chillingly before she dropped from her position on the side of his head, she swiftly clawed onto the side of his neck once before flinging herself over to the front of his throat; she then dug her claws as far into his neck as possible just before she began sliding down his neck, slicing it as she went.

"No!" Malchior roared feeling his life drain from his entire body. "I... Deserved... better!"

The others watched as the mighty dragon collapsed to his death, Raven slid off him before she was crushed under his large body, and she was licking the blood off her claws with a smirk on her face. Beastboy was ripping apart Adonis as a strong, green lion, he took a glance over to her to see her licking off her blood and turned away quickly. Argent turned to Robin with a terrified look on her face. "What happened to Raven?"

Robin looked towards the ground. "I couldn't save them in time so she called fourth a demon to do what I couldn't… I couldn't save them."

"She's a demon?" Kole asked feeling her throat go dry. "Can she regain herself?"

Robin growled as he stared at the floor. "This was a suicide mission for her."

"Oh god." Jinx covered her mouth with her hands as tears began to well up in her eyes.

Raven turned to Slade as his side lessoned in numbers dramatically she sent him a smirk slowly walking towards him, he let out a loud yell running towards her spear tackling her to the ground. Everything seemed to stop as all attention turned to Slade and 'Raven'; he sat on her chest holding her wrists above her head. "You loose." He growled grabbing onto her both of her large red horn that sat atop her head; he began to powerfully pull causing Raven to let out a shrill scream. "I will rule the underworld!" He hissed continuing to pull at her horns, Raven threw her claws up into his chest, she let out a loud growl breaking through his armour, and it was magically protected against demon as it burned her hands and wrists.

"If I'm going to hell, Slade, I have no problem taking you with me!" Raven growled pushing her hands further towards his heart, Slade's eyes widened coming to the realization of what she was doing.

He let out a loud grunt giving one final pull, ripping her horns from her head but at that exact same second she clutched onto his heart and ripped it from his chest, they both let out a scream as a blood red glow shot out from Raven's body. "You stupid… girl." Slade gasped staring at her clenching onto his still beating heart.

"Go to hell." Raven's real self gasped lying flat on her back, she dug her free hand into the ground as hell opened up around it, she tossed his heart into the hole which made his body follow not far behind it; Raven let out a scream as her remaining demon features began to retract. He summoned demons fell back to hell as the ground fell from under their feet.

"Get every human you can away from the demons! Move!" Robin order towards his team while he picking up Mad Mod.

Raven's body shook in pain while everything around her fell into the burning depths of hell, the other Titans scrambled to save anyone they could from a fate worse then death. A bright light shot out of Raven, so bright the others had to cover their eyes or be blinded, the bright light lasted for thirty seconds and then…


The group stood together with as many saved criminals as possible around them, unconscious or wounded, Raven's body lay in the middle of the battleground covered in cuts and bruises.

"Raven!" Beastboy yelled as he ran towards her, his four best friends followed behind him slightly, stopping a bit more away from them, the others didn't move. "Raven?" He called bending down next to her.

Raven pulled a face then let out a groan. "Beast…boy…" She smiled weakly at the green changeling.

"Rae… You did so well…" He tried to keep his voice strong as he carefully lifted the top part of her body onto his lap.

"Everything… hurts… Don't... leave me okay?" She whispered looking into his emerald eyes.

"Its… its okay baby I'm here…" He replied gently stroking the strains of hair out of her face. "I'm not going anywhere..."

"I'm… I'm dying BB…"

"I know…"

"I'm... Scared of... leaving you..."

"I'm scared of you leaving..."

"I'm… so… sorry it happened… this…"

"Don't… Rae I'm the one whose sorry…"

She let out a strained laugh. "No… let's not be sorry…"

Beastboy gently placed his forehead onto hers. "I like that idea…" He whispered.

"I… liked… it when… you would force me… to play games with you… I… never told you this… But I enjoyed it…"

"I loved it when you'd read to me."

"BB... Can you ... kiss me... one last time?"

Beastboy tried his best to smile at her, he gently stroked her cheek taking a long look into her large, indigo eyes; he bent down and placed his lips onto hers holding this position for what felt like hours, a tear slipped out of Raven's eye and down her soft pale cheeks. He pulled away not much longer after that knowing his time with Miss Raven Roth was coming to an end.

"I… I wish I… I could of married you Garfield Logan…"

"I would have liked that too Rae…"

"I'm… going… to miss… you…"

"I'm going to miss you."

"BB… everything's stopped hurting… I can't feel anything anymore…That's a bad sign… isn't it."

Beastboy bit his bottom lip as a tear slipped down his cheek. "Yeah." He managed to get out while he nodded.

"Send my… love to… everyone… Especially your….self… BB… I… love…. You…" Raven slowly closed her eyes slowly.

"I love you too Rae, forever and always." Beastboy replied pulling her into a hug.

He held her tight for a moment, she then became limp in his arms as tears rolled down his cheeks but he continued to hold her tightly. Her body started to glow a shiny gold colour as Beastboy pulled away to look at her, the others watched in silence as tears ran down their cheeks.

Raven's body slowly began to break away into sparkly gold bubbles and lift off into the sky; he looked around as her body began to slowly float away in sparkly little bubbles, he reached out and grabbed one but it faded through his touch, he watched the last of her disappear, his body shook trying to hold back from breaking down he reached out and grabbed onto the last sparkly bubble she had turned into, it popped into five littler bubbles floating off into the sky.

"Bye Rae…"

The End!

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