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Note: Inspired by Through Wolf's Eyes.

Through Fox's Eyes
Chapter One

Hunt. Food. Pause…Sniff, run. Hunt, hunt, hunt. Scent…Find food, must eat. Dark comes, shelter. Home. Hunt. Day is ending, shelter, food—


Pause, sniff, search, run. Food. Need food. Hunt.


Pause, search, sniff. Sniff, sniff, sniff. Intruder! Run! Hide!

No! Fight. Mine! No, no, no! Intruder stronger, intruder take, kill, hurt. Hide! Hide, hide, hide, run!


Sasuke growled as he jumped to the next tree branch. "Damn cat." He muttered. This was the sixth time this week he and his team had been sent out to retrieve the damn cat. His eyes searched the woods and then glanced behind him at the setting sun. He knew the cat couldn't be out this far, he was miles away from Konoha, but he was enjoying the excuse to just search the woods. And the cat went away farther every time he ran…

A flash of movement in the forest caught his attention and he smirked, "Found you." He whispered as he set off to intercept the stupid cat. He darted between the branches and fell towards the forest floor, landing perfectly in an easy crouch. Reaching out, he grabbed at the cat, but was surprised to watch as his cat grew in size and back flipped out his reach. "What the hell?" He muttered as the creature took off once more.

He growled and took off after it. There was no way he was going to let whatever it was get away. He took to the trees again and followed the streak of movement closely, surprised by its speed. What the hell is that thing? He watched as the creature ran towards its home and smirked. There was no way out of the small cave. He landed quietly and began walking towards the cave.

But he was caught off guard as the creature attacked him seconds after he stepped inside the little cave. He just missed being scarred by those sharp nails and was surprised to hear a guttural growl come from the creature and a glint of light off his eyes. Sasuke removed a couple shiruken from his holster and watched for the creature again. He just barely caught the movement from his right and immediately brought his leg out, connecting with the creature's head.

A soft, surprised shriek followed with the creature's body falling to the ground. Sasuke frowned; he hadn't expected to take the creature down that easily even if his foot did completely connect with its head. He carefully approached the fallen creature and nudged it with his foot before dragging it out of the cave to look at it in the falling light.

"It's a…" He whispered as he stared at the young unconscious boy at his feet. Naked, dirty and disheveled, but very obviously a boy. Sasuke knelt down and carefully checked for a pulse, his nose wrinkling at the pungent odor rising off his body. Stale, red blood could be seen on his lips and at the corners of his mouth and his skin was covered in mud and excrement. His long, matted hair was covered in the same things, but Sasuke caught glimpses of blonde underneath the mud.

He knelt down and found a pulse, continuing to stare at the boy. He couldn't understand why a boy would be out here in the first place, let alone covered in extremities, mud and blood. Quickly deciding it best to take the boy with him, he removed his jacket and wrapped him in it before picking him up. He tried to ignore the smell and began his journey back towards his team. He shifted the blonde boy in his arms and was surprised to see just how light he was. Then he remembered his ribs and how they had shown—the boy looked as if he hadn't eaten in days or weeks. A weak whimper came from the boy's lips and Sasuke tightened his grip out him. He knew that he should take the boy in just in case he was an enemy or missing nin, but just looking at the mess he carried told him this boy was neither.

He walked slowly out of the woods to where his team were, still carrying the blonde boy, and sighed. Kakashi and Sakura were standing there with the damn cat, just waiting for him. Sakura squealed and showed him the cat, yelling something about how she found him all on her own and captured the damnable thing.

Kakashi frowned at the form in Sasuke's arms and told Sakura to stay back as he came to examine the find. "What's that?" He asked once he was close enough.

Sasuke shuffled his load and pulled his jacket down some. "Found him in the woods. Don't know who he is." He said stiffly.

The one-eyed ninja looked down and studied the sight before him, taking in everything he saw. The jounin instructor let out a small gasp and muttered something that Sasuke couldn't catch. He then looked back up at him, his headband covering his one eye. "Where exactly did you find him?" He demanded.

"Near a cave, a couple miles south of here." Sasuke answered, not showing his curiosity at Kakashi's behavior. The usually laidback and perverted teacher had suddenly turned serious and business like.

"It's impossible." He muttered and shook his head. He looked at Sasuke again, "Give him to me. We need to take him to Hokage-sama before he awakens. You and Sakura take back that cat." Kakashi ordered and taking the blonde boy in his arms took off across the rooftops towards the Hokage's office. The two Anbu posted outside of his door looked curiously at him, but let him pass, opening the doors for him.

"Kakashi?" Hokage asked from over his desk, staring at the silver haired jounin. "What is it?"

"I think you need to look at this boy. Sasuke found him…" He placed the boy on the couch and stood back as the old Hokage slowly assessed the prone figure.

"It's impossible…" The old man whispered, "Uzumaki Naruto?"

"Hai. Blonde hair," he said, point to the tufts of blonde not covered in mud, "elongated canines, you can see the three whisker marks on each cheek and just looking at him shows he's been living on his own." Kakashi answered.

"He's been missing for eight years. How could he possibly have survived?" Hokage murmured aloud and touched the boy's cheek gingerly, wiping a bit of mud off his cheek. He'd be needing new furniture now, but if this was truly Naruto, it was worth it.

Blue eyes snapped open at the touch and stared up at the two people hovering over him. He immediately lashed out and scrambled off the couch, dropping into a well protected crouch. One lip quivered, baring a canine, as his eyes stayed focused on the two men.

"I think we have our answer. Kyuubi's instincts must've taken over." Kakashi whispered, watching the blonde back up and take in his surroundings.

"The real question is has Kyuubi taken over?"


The blonde boy carefully stood up and began pacing the room, looking for the way out while also watching every move the two creatures made. Circling around, he concluded that the small opening to his left was the only way in or out of the den. He approached the opening, still watching the two, and froze once he reached the window, his eyes growing large. There were so many dens and he could see small creatures crawling around on the ground between the stone caves. He gave the air a hesitant sniff and wrinkled his nose at the disdainful scent of pollution in the air.

"Naruto?" The Hokage asked, but the blonde ignored him. Slowly, he walked towards the young boy and reached a hand out, but quickly retracted it when Naruto's reflexes suddenly struck out at him, swiping at his chest with his claws.

He growled and jumped onto the edge of the entrance, still watching the two men. He glanced outside and then at them before disappearing out of the room.

Sandaime rushed to the window and looked out, seeing the blonde boy land deftly on his feet and disappear into the city. "Retrieve him now!" He ordered and watched as six Anbu took off after the quick blonde who had just slipped out the window. The old Hokage sighed and sat down on the chair behind his desk. "So he's alive…"

"Hai Hokage-sama." Kakashi said, crossing his arms. "The son of the Fourth lost to us eight years ago is being returned…but he doesn't seem to recognize anything…not even us."

"He's been alone for eight years, we don't even know if he's sane." He whispered as he looked out the window.

"I assume we'll have to speak with Sasuke, he's the one who found him." Kakashi sighed, just more work for him.

"We will have to, but first we have to apprehend Naruto…again."


RUN! Naruto's mind screamed, dodging between the pathways and strange creatures all around him. He was scared, outnumbered and he couldn't smell right here, there was something in the air that was throwing off his sense of smell. These creatures looked like him, they had hands like him, walked on two legs like him and there were hundreds of them, but they spoke a weird language he couldn't understand and their bodies differed. The first one he had seen had a body of blue and white and it's skin seemed to be falling off…the second and third one he had seen had also differed, the silver one's body was black and gray and he only had one eye, a deformity covered where his other eye should've been, and the other creature had many loose layers of skin in bright yellow and even it's face was loose!

He had to get away, there were so many of them, everywhere he turned one of those creatures was there and there were so many dens he was lost. He yowled as six black figures dropped out of the sky around him, driving him left into a small path between dens. He spit at them, growling, his lip quivering in a snarl and watched their every move, claws ready to attack.

He glanced behind him and saw he was getting backed into a corner. He growled deep in his throat before jumping to the left, his nails gripping into the brick wall, and launching at the next wall. He quickly climbed up the den walls and clambered onto the roof, taking off across them with the speed and grace of a fox, sliding and jumping his way across. Yet the black creatures were just behind him and quickly catching up, he growled in annoyance and slid off the rooftop, dropping on all fours to the ground below.

Creatures gasped and moved away from him quickly, he growled and ran through the crowd of creatures blindly, clawing and spitting at anyone who was in his way. He sniffed the air, wrinkling his nose at the scent of fire and tried to move away from the fire. Fire was bad…it hurt, burned…Naruto froze. He spun around, sniffing the air, but the smoke smell was heavy in the air and all around him. He began to panic and darted off blindly down another pathway, hiding in the corner behind some crates and watching as the black creatures came closer to him.

One grabbed him and began saying something to him, but he couldn't understand and clawed at the creature to let him go. The creature shouted and dropped him when his claws connected with his arm and Naruto didn't waste the chance to dart between the black creatures and back into the street, yet he skidded to a halt as he looked up into the black eyes of the first creature.


Sasuke huffed, the naked blonde boy hadn't left his thoughts for a second since he had handed him over to Kakashi. His sensei had just acted too differently for him to dismiss it as he usually would have and he wanted to know what was going on with the blonde boy.

After returning the cat to his owner with Sakura, he immediately left, not even answering Sakura's pleas to go out to lunch with her. He wandered around aimlessly for a while before arriving in town, knowing he was heading towards the Hokage to ask him what became of the blonde boy. Regardless of him being 12, he was the head of the Uchiha clan and that gave him special privileges, such as requesting an unscheduled meeting with the Hokage.

A squeak coming from his left alerted him to the approaching figure and he turned to see muddy blonde hair, whisker marks and vibrant blue eyes skidding to a halt before him. He stared down at the same naked boy he had just been thinking about, frowning. Wasn't he supposed to be with Hokage-sama? He saw the quickly approaching Anbu and reacted before the blonde snapped out of his shock, grabbing him around the waist and holding his back against his chest.

The boy snarled angrily and tore at his arms, kicking out with his feet, but Sasuke refused to drop the struggling boy, holding him until an Anbu was able to place a Sleep Jutsu on him. Sasuke watched as the blonde's body fell limp in his arms and quickly knelt down so he could pick him back up properly this time.

"If you don't mind, I'll take him back." Sasuke said to the Anbu. "I have business with the Hokage anyway."

The six looked at each other once before the hawk masked ninja nodded. "You may take him."

Together with the six Anbu, Sasuke entered the Hokage's office and looked at his sensei and then the Third Hokage. Bowing to the Hokage, he tilted his head as to where to put the boy and then placed him on the couch at the Sandaime's gesture.

Kakashi quirked an eyebrow at his young student, his eye crinkling with amusement as he said, "You found him again Sasuke?"

He narrowed his eyes at the teasing tone in his sensei's voice. "The dobe almost ran into me, I stopped him."

"He's quite fast Hokage-sama, he'd make a great messenger." One of the Anbu said, "He had us running, that's for certain!"

Sandaime gave a small smile and approached the sleeping blonde, looking down at him with a mixture of awe and happiness. "Welcome home, Uzumaki Naruto."

I know this is short, but I wanted to know what people thought about this before continuing because I already have three other stories going on at once, but this just came to me so I decided to try it out.