Raven was just finishing up her crash course on Crystal Meth; she smirked as she read the last page. The door to the room flew open, Robin was panting and hunched over, Starfire's arm locked in his hand, her face was shocked. Cyborg also looked up from his notes that he had been taking, a questioning look on his face.

"Titan's, Starfire found Slade's location" Robin shouted excitedly. Raven allowed herself to float back down to the floor, her feet lightly touching the sandy carpet. She smirked. Cyborg walked up behind Raven.

"Good, because I have a fighting sequence" he said, a broad smile plastered on his face. Raven stepped backwards and smirked wider.

"And I found a loophole" she said monotonously

Robin smiled brightly "TITANS GO" he yelled.

The five teens triumphantly approached the looming tower, its appearance the same, but an uncanny feeling was present in the night air. The wind whipped around the figures, spraying the bay's water on their faces; a slight glint of red shot across the earthy floor just before the massive titanium door.

Cyborg grinned as he purposely dragged his foot across the train of red laser light. The blood curtailing screech of the alarm pierced through the sound of wind and water. Cyborg retreated back to the rest of the Titans waiting for Slade and his army to arrive, just as they expected, they came. Within seconds the Teen Titans were surrounded and battling the iron robots. Following Cyborg's carefully put together fighting sequence, the team was soon victorious.

Starfire used her alien strength to pry open the well guarded doors of the tower. What was inside shocked the Titans; the waiting chairs were torn to shreds, cobwebs thickly hung from the ceilings, draping down in strange curtains. The titans hastily made their way through the halls and crowded into the elevator. The elevator slowly pulled up, not used to carrying the weight the titans held. Eventually the doors swung open to the living room, this room was luckily untouched. Beast Boy and Cyborg sighed in relief when they discovered their game station was unharmed. Robin approached his computer that held all of the information he had gathered on Slade. After a moment of searching, a prickly feeling ran down his back, glancing at the reflection from the screen he saw Slade's figure.

Slade had some weapon in his hand; it was giving off some electric sparks. Robin pretended not to notice and reached his hand to 'scratch' his stomach just by his Utility belt. Just as Slade was about to strike him, Robin spun around and stabbed his Bird-O-Rang into his fathers gut. Slade's one visible eye widened in surprise as he clutched the wound his son had inflicted upon him. Blood pooled in his massive hand. Robin smirked cockily at his victorious hit. "Titans Go" Robin yelled, the titans all dashed from what they were doing to aid Robin.

Slade was taken aback when Cyborg tackled him from behind, the two of them wrestled, the other titans were afraid to interfere the battle. After the grappling was over, Cyborg was gasping for air, while Slade was merely panting. Starfire flew into the air and started to throw her green starbolts at the man, he backed up to the window. Just as a cloud of smoke settled, Starfire flew through it and put all her weight and speed into pushing Slade through the window. The glass shattered, shards flew everywhere, a few grazing Starfire's exposed shoulders. The two plunged down the 200ft drop; Starfire quickly grabbed Slade's grappling hook so that there was no escape from the fall for him. Ten feet above the ground, Starfire swooped up, allowing her prey to still fall, he landed with a thunderous boom.

A black shadow of a raven appeared; Raven herself stepped out of it, she quickly conjured up her black aurora and plummeted it down into the already made crater, which made it even deeper. The rest of the titans quickly joined the two girls, each in a battle stance ready to face Slade when he emerged. When the smoke cleared and no Slade came out the team dropped their guard. Just at that moment Slade jumped out and struck Robin, who flew back and hit the concrete wall of the tower. He winced in pain as dark red blood soaked his already red shirt.

"Robin" Starfire cried out in alarm, she quickly flew to their leader's side and helped him up.

"Starfire go back and fight, we have to stick to Cyborg's plan" Robin said fiercely as he gripped the Tameranian's arm tightly for support.

"Robin, your well being is more important than any plan" Starfire said, her eyes glowing green with anger. Robin just nodded his head no and pointed to the rest of the team, whose asses were getting kicked.

"Go" he said in a stern voice and started to stand up for his own. Starfire nodded and re-joined the battle.

Cyborg held up a two with his fingers, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy nodded. Slade jumped directly in front of Cyborg who had his laser cannon ready, he started to fire at Slade but missed; the beams hit the two girls and sent them backwards. Slade cackled with laughter, but it was soon cut short when an exploding disk hit him square in the chest. Slade was blown backwards, during the explosion, Beast Boy transferred into a fly and zoomed towards Slade's face, he entered his mask through the holes the man used to breathe. Slade began to claw at his mask; he was trying to poke his fingers through the breathing holes to rid himself of the pesky annoyance. Beast Boy then transferred into a T-rex, cracking Slade's helmet.

The mousy looking man covered his face and tried to back away, Starfire pulled a white package from her long boot. She quickly opened the bag and scooped some of the contents into her hand; Robin joined her and did the same thing. Starfire latched her arms under the Boy wanders shoulders and flew directly at Slade's face. Robin jerked the man's hands away from his face and smeared the concoction around his father's nose as Starfire forced it into his mouth.

The titans gazed at the man who was sprawled on the hard ground. Seconds later, Slade's eyes glowed orange.

"Get up" Robin said, Slade obeyed. Raven smirked from behind her leader.

"I told you my loophole would work" she said, slight amusement was traceable in her voice. Cyborg ran up to the gothic girl and gave her a high five.

"Beast Boy, good job at getting the mask off! Girls, sorry about hitting you with the cannon, but great distraction!" The Teen's quickly handcuffed Slade and led him to a very special prison cell the city had constructed for him.

Robin was finishing giving one of the guard's directions about what to do.

"One of the Titans will be coming by periodically to make sure he always has a proper dose of the drug in him" He explained to the guard. "Make sure no one else is allowed into the building without being accompanied by one of us" the guard nodded. Robin shook his hand in agreement and made sure to fingerprint him.

Back at the Tower:

"Alright Team, a job well done!" Cyborg said happily.

"Indeed" Starfire added with her usual brilliance.

"Sure" even Raven chimed in.

"Yeah Dudes!" Beast Boy yelled giving the thumbs up sign. Everyone looked at Robin when he did not respond. He sighed and shook his head. After a moment of thought he clasped his hands together.

"Yes, we did defeat Slade" He said, "But, there's still a problem" all the other Titans cocked an eyebrow waiting for him to finish. "Starfire and I haven't recovered yet" he said seriously, "And in order for us to be a 'safe' part of the team we need to make sure were drug free" The rest of the team nodded. "We leave for Rehab tomorrow."