Hey there! Wow, I haven't written a Digimon fanfic in years. But lately I've been pouring my angst writing into a fanfic base on a series that is for the most part, very lighthearted and sometimes goofy. I was trying to keep up with the feel of that show, but since Digimon Season 3/Tamers is a bit on the 'dark' side anyway, (man the D-Reaper arc was freaking creepy) I decided to put this series together. A few notes before I begin:

Purists, sorry but I grew up with the dub of the series. I got hooked on the show with the Myotismon arc and happily watched the dub until 'End of the Line' aired about 1-2 years ago. So that means that I will be using the ages of the US version, in which Takato and the Tamers that were the same age as him were aged up to 13.

Also, I haven't seen any of the 4 seasons/series in a while, so if my facts are off, please tell me. I'll try to correct them as soon as possible or at least try and keep it in mind for a future chapter.

Also, I must warn you: I can get a little perverted, so expect a few sexually charged instances. Nothing too bad, though… I am being held back by a PG-13 rating…

Anyway, with all of that out of the way, let us begin!


It was March 15, 200X. It had been 3 years since the 'D-Reaper Incident'. 3 years since the Tamers lost their Digimon. 3 years since Takato Matsuki disappeared. The other Tamers had eventually moved on went their separate ways. 2 years ago, Jeri and her family moved to America. Kenta, Kazu, and their families moved to other parts of Japan. Henry, Rika, and the others remained in West Shinjuku. Henry and Rika now attended the same High School. Yamaki was once again fired and Hypnos was given a new head named Jin Haburi.

Our story begins early in the evening, school long over…

We see a group of kids, 2 boys and a girl, in identical outfits facing off against a Mummymon in an alleyway. The Digimon was covered with black blotches. They were dressed in red high collar jackets, black pants, and white sneakers. The girl, however, wore a black skirt instead. The leader of the group, who wore a square pair of goggles on his head, had black feathered hair and red eyes. Also, unlike his teammates, his jacket was open. The others wore their jackets zipped up. He smirked as he held up a red and black D-Power, his Digimon standing in front of him. "Hmm, an Ultimate… Looks like Kasaimon won't be able to handle it…"

The girl, who had brown hair in pigtails, smirked. "No, but Beezlemon can…"

The boy, who looked to be the girls brother, had short spiky brown hair. He laughed. "A bit of overkill, don't you think? Oh well, what must be done…" He held up his own D-Power, which was gray and light blue. "Impmon, digivolve!"

The Digimon known as Impmon stepped forward. He began to glow in a bright light. "Impmon, digivolve to… Beelzemon!" The evolved Digimon held up his gun, blowing the poor Mummymon to bits. He sighed a bit. "Sorry, but we cannot allow the virus to spread…"


Digimon Tamers: Outbreak

Episode 1: Corruption

The Hypnos building. Having been restored after the incident, it looked as if nothing had happened. Henry Wong, Rika Nonaka, and Mitsuo Yamaki walked up to the building, stern looks on their faces. Henry, still dressed in his traditional black school uniform, had grown his blue hair out down to his shoulders and had it held in a ponytail. Rika now wore her hair down and was wearing her school uniform, the infamous sailor fuku. Both of their faces had a more mature look. Yamaki was wearing jeans, a sleeveless red shirt, black boots, and a black leather jacket. His old sunglasses would have finished off his cheesy 'rebel' look, but he had locked those up in a drawer. He wanted to put away his past.

Rika frowned, tugging on her unbelievably short blue skirt. "God, I hate these things… Whoever designed these ugly uniforms must have been a pervert… And what the hell is with girls gym shorts, anyway? No matter what school I go to, they look like panties… I swear, whoever designs uniforms needs to get laid or something…"

Henry chuckled, taking out his green tinted sunglasses with circle lenses out and putting them on. "Well, it could be worse, I guess…"

Rika glared at him. "How so?"

Henry rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Um… Forget I said anything, okay?"

A older boy of around 19 walked past and pushed his way past Rika. "Hey kid! Stop blocking the sidewalk!"

Rika winced as she landed on her butt. "Oof! Ow…" She looked up to see Henry blush and Yamaki look away. "What?"

"Um, Rika…" Henry began, pointing at her. Her skirt had flipped up and was giving the public a nice view of her white panties. "Um, you're, um… showing…"

Rika looked down and squealed in embarrassment, flipping her skirt down. Her cheeks were pink. "Oh god, I really hate these damn skirts!" She huffed, standing up and dusting herself off. She turned towards the young man that had knocked her down, flipping the bird at him. "Hey, pal! Show some common courtesy! Asshole!"

Henry covered his face, which was turning even redder. "Rika, please… not now…"

Yamaki turned away from them, crossing his arms. "I don't know either of you…"

Rika sighed, calming down. "All right, I'm okay… Look, let's just get in there and get this over with…"

Henry and Yamaki nodded. The group walked into the building, where they were stopped by some guards. Yamaki held up a pass. "We have a meeting with Mr. Haburi…" The guards stood down and let them pass into the elevator.


The group walked into the office of the new head of Hypnos. Haburi was a man in his mid 30's with slicked back blonde hair. He wore a gray suit and wore thin framed sunglasses. He smiled as they walked in. "Wong, Nonaka, Yamaki… Welcome! I was wondering when you would arrive!"

Rika walked up to the desk. "All right Haburi, let's get this straight…" She growled as Yamaki ran up and interrupted her.

"Haburi, you stole my job, you dick!" Yamaki screamed. "I swear, if I ever-" He screamed as Rika kicked him in the shin. "Ow!"

Rika glared at the man. "Just be grateful that I wasn't wearing my steel toed boots…" She cleared her throat. "Now where was I, before I was rudely interrupted?… As yes… Haburi, we must ask you to stop the 'Hypnos Tamers' program…"

Haburi crossed his arms, then laughed. "Are you serious, Ms. Nonaka? The virus that these 'Wild Ones' are inflicted with is extremely dangerous… Did you see what happened to a human bitten by an infected Wild One?"

Henry nodded. "We are quite aware of the dangers, but that doesn't give you the right to kill Digimon like that! Listen, my father and the Monster Makers are working on a vaccine and-"

"And what, Mr. Wong?" Haburi asked, staring blankly at him. "We're running out of time… The infected Wild Ones are Bio-Emerging quicker every week. It's getting harder for our Tamers to monitor them. If there were other options besides taking them out, trust me, we would try and implement it… At this point, this is the best we can do…"

Henry sighed, bowing. "Well, thank you for you time, Mr. Haburi…" He looked to the others. "Let's go… looks like this as a waste of time…"


"Damn it…" Rika muttered, as they walked out of Haburi's office and closed the door. "Isn't there anything we can do?"

"I'm afraid not, Rika…" Yamaki said softly. "Let's just hope that Renamon, Guilmon, and Terriermon aren't infected… After all, the D-Virus originated in the Digital World…"

Just then, Henry saw three figures run down the halls. "What the-" He began walking down the hallway he saw them run through.

Rika raised an eyebrow. "Henry, where are you going?" She growled. "Damn it…" She looked to the former head of Hypnos. "Yamaki, I'm going after him… Wait outside for us…"

Yamaki rubbed his temples in annoyance. "Fine, fine… Just be careful… Your parents are already gonna chew me out for taking you kids over here…"

Rika frowned as she ran down the hall after Henry. "Why can't they stop treating us like kids! We're 16 now, we can handle ourselves!" Her expression softened as she smiled. "It's because they love us…" She gasped as she saw Henry in a nearby room facing off against three kids with Digimon. "Are those- no, the Hynos Tamers wear uniforms… These kids are just dressed in anything…"

Henry glared at the kids. "What are you doing up here? How did you get past the guards!"

One of the kids, who had short purple hair and yellow eyes, stepped up. He was wearing a black dress shirt, cargo jeans, and black sneakers. Another boy behind him had long black hair hanging loosely down his back. He wore a white short sleeved button up shirt, black pants, glasses, and black dress shoes. He was the tallest of the kids. Finally, there was a girl with long light brown hair, a blue tank top, blue skirt, sandals, and a white bucket hat. They all had Digimon and were holding D-Powers. The first boy stared at Henry with his chilly yellow eyes. "Well, actually… We were just making off with these D-Powers we stole from Hypnos… And as for the guards… Well, hopefully they're still alive…"

Henry growled. "No, that's not all right! You put those down or I'll-"

The girl giggled. "Or you'll what?…"

They older boy adjusted his glasses. "It appears that you don't currently have a Digimon with you… Tamer Henry Wong…" He looked to his Digimon, a green creature that had vines for arms and looked like a small boy with green hair. "Vinemon, teach him a lesson!"

Henry gasped as the vines sped towards him. They wrapped around his neck and lifted him into the air. He gasped out for air as they blocked his air passage. His pupils began to lose life as he began to run out of air.

"Let him go!" Rika screamed, running towards the older boy and slamming him against the wall. "Call off your Digimon or I'll beat the living crap out of you!"

"Ahem…" The girl cleared her throat, trying to get Rika's attention. "You forgot about us…" She smiled evilly. "Mizumon, take her out…"

Rika's eyes widened as a small fish/seal hybrid Digimon blasted her with a powerful water gun attack. "Argh!" She hit a wall and fell to the ground. She stood up painfully. "You… won't get away… I won't let you…"

The girl walked up to Rika and smacked her in the face. "Stop being an idiot! Just face the fact that you can't beat us… You may have been the big hero during the fight against the D-Reaper, but now you're just a has been…"

The boy with purple hair yawned. "Kuraimon, finish her off…"

Rika screamed out in pain as her body with hit with a wave of darkness. She fell to the ground, writhing in pain. "Ahh! Why does my head hurt so much!"

The boy with purple hair grinned. "Nice, huh? The stronger your negative and dark emotions, the more it hurts…" He looked to the others. "Kazuya, Kiriko… Let's get out of here before we get the cops involved…"

They both nodded. "Right, Kenji…" They ran down the hall, their Digimon following.

Henry fell down the ground, gasping for air. He rested on all fours, trying to recover. He looked down the hallway, but the kids were already gone. "Damn…"


The kids, already out of the building, ran across the street. "Where are we going to go now?" Kiriko asked, rubbing her arm nervously. "This is getting to be a little more trouble than I bargained for…"

Kenji stared at her. "Come on, Kiriko… Don't wimp out on us now!" He held his newly stolen D-Power. "After seeing the Tamers with the power they possessed with Digimon… We finally have our own…"

Kazuya smirked. "Besides, I left them a little surprise…" At that moment, the floor that they had just been on exploded. "Whoops, there it goes… Went off a little earlier than predicted, but…"

"That's far enough, you three…" a boy said, walking up to them. He was followed by two siblings. They were the same kids from earlier.

"Shit." Kenji began. "The dogs of Hypnos…"

"Call us names all you want, but that won't stop the fact that we have you outmatched…" the boy with goggles crossed his arms.

Kazuya smirked. "You may be the leader of the Hypnos Tamers, Takeshi Yamato, but you sure don't act like one… You've had that Digimon for like, 2 months, but it hasn't even Digi-volved to the Champion level… When a Digimon that's too tough for yours shows up, you depend on Ai and Mako's Beelzemon…"

Takeshi grit his teeth. "Shut up!"

"Kuraimon, attack!" Kenji screamed, pointing towards Impmon.

Kuraimon, who was a small purple and black wolf, sent the same wave that incapacitated Rika at Impmon. "Darkness Wave!" It hit the Digimon head on, disabling their trump card.

"Impmon!" Ai and Mako screamed, running towards their partner.

"Damn you…" Takeshi said viciously. "I'll make you pay!" he gripped his D-Power, taking out a card from his pocket. "I hope this works…" He held his card up. "Ai, Mako! Grab Impmon and get out of here! I have no idea what this will do!" After the complied to his request, he slashed the card through the D-Power. "Digi-Modify! Zudomon's Vulcan Hammer!"

Kasaimon, a small blue dinosaur Digimon that somewhat resembled Guilmon but half of his head was cybernetic, as well as his arm, now had a huge hammer. It slammed it against the ground and watched as it cracked, swallowing up the kids and making them fall underground. The Digimon looked back to his Tamer. "Should we follow them, Takeshi?"

The boy shook his head. "No…" he smirked. "I'd like to see how far this goes…" He looked up to the building and sweat dropped. "Then again, perhaps it would be better to stop them before they cause anymore damage…" He looked to Kasaimon. "Ready to go underground?…"


Henry groaned rubbing his head. He had carried Rika out of the room and was running down the hall when the explosion happened. They were both sent flying and she fell out of his arms. Rubble had flown through the air and Henry had covered up his head to protect it. Hopefully Rika was all right as well. He crawled over to her and frowned. She was unconscious. He began to pick her up but gasped as he felt something wet. He moved his hand away and stared at it. Blood. "Shit…"

To Be Continued…


Well, that's the end of the first chapter. This didn't come out how I wanted it. But hopefully I can improve in future chapters. And don't worry, other Tamers will return in the near future. I just needed this chapter as setup to get the 'Hypnos Tamers' and 'Corrupt Tamers' into the picture. Hopefully as the next few chapters pass, things will improve.