Chapter 101

Prefects and Captains

Hermione, Ron and Harry all received basically the same letter from the head of their house saying that Harry and Hermione were made the fifth year Prefects for the house, and that Ron was made the Captain of the house Quidditch Team for his useful ness for tactics and planning, he was also brought forward to become the main Keeper, since Oliver Wood Graduated. Harry and Ron exchanged letters right away letting the other know what had happened. Harry and Hermione were sitting with her parents talking about what was going to be going on next year, and were happy that they were named the Prefects together, that way they were good to be the Heads of the school in a couple of years, little did they know. They had also received the owls letting them know that they were chosen for the Junior AUROR training program this next year, and informing them whom the others were going to be also. They found that they were going to have to go back to school the third week in August to start their training, and to get their new rooming assignments. They weren't going to be rooming in their dorms anymore, but still have their responsibilities for Prefects. They found out that the other 5th year prefects were going to be, Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson of Slytherin, Dudley Dursley and Padma Patil of Ravenclaw, Susan Bones and Justin Finch Fletchley (sorry about the spelling) of Hufflepuff, and Harry Potter-Weasley and Hermione Granger of Gryffindor. The head boy and girl are Mike Manjory of Slytherin and Cho Chang of Ravenclaw. "Well at least he is one of the nice guys in Slytherin, I know I don't have any problems with Mike. Do you Harry?" Hermione was trying to put something of a happy thought to that.

"No I don't have any problems with Mike, he's a great guy, a little ambitious, but that's what probaby what got him into Slytherin in the first place. I know he is a really nice guy, and Draco looks up to him. His family never followed the dark lord when he was around, and he is just he." Harry smiled at the look that Hermione gave him, and he gave her a quick kiss, before they went back to their homework that they had for the upcomming year.

"How do you think that they are going to be doing the rooming assigments Hermione, I mean look, the ones that are in the groups, are all couples that are friends of ours. It says that we will be assigned a Trainer, and they will also be our mentor for the training. I wonder who will be ours." Harry was thinking about this when they got a owl from Ron telling them about his becoming the Quidditch Captain, and congratulating them on the Prefect positions. Harry decided to send an owl out to Ron also, congratulating him on the Captanaincy and also for the getting into the group for the training.

They were getting ready for the others, who would be arriving in a week for Harry's and Neville's birthday party. They were planning a big picnic type party out on the lawn with the Elves and a few of their other new friends that were there. The elves were planning a surprise for the Birthday boys, and weren't telling anyone about it.

"So Harry, what do you think the Elves are planning for this birthday ceremony that they are doing for you and Neville?" Hermione was hoping that he had an answer to this, for she hadn't been able to get anything from the elves, besides that it would be a surprise, and not to worry.

"I know nothing Mione. I mean you are the one that is into the research all the time, I haven't been able to get hide nor hair from their leader. He did say that we aren't to worry about it tho, and I am tempted to believe him, for his tribe seem to be trustworthy with this. I am just going to sit back and enjoy this while I can. Now what would you like to do today, we have the house to ourselves for the next couple of days, for Tonks was just here yesterday. Did she look ok to you, she seemed to be having some troubles with walking around, and being in some pain the last time she was here. I hope that she isn't having the kids to soon, or is 2 months early to soon?" Harry was really worried, for she was his sister-in-law, and Charley would kill him if he let something happen to her and the babies.

"Don't worry Harry, I don't think that she was going into labor already, even tho from what I hear, 2 months early isn't that bad for twins, especially if their really magical, or if she is farther along than they have been saying. I don't think that is the reason tho, for they had been married for almost 4 months before she got pregnant, so why would they lie about something like that. Now the twins were probably just kicking, and they will calm down pretty soon." She smiled at the worry that Harry had over Tonks and her kids. She knew that he would be a great father to their kids some day, preferably after they get done with school. She knew that they had done that already a couple of times this summer, but they were careful and she wasn't worried about becoming pregnant anytime soon. "Why don't we go down to the lake and go swimming for a while, then we can come back for dinner, and maybe go see a movie. We still have a couple of days before your guys birthday, so let's go have some fun before we have to get set up for the party." She smiled at the look on his face when she had said this, and gave her a quick kiss.

"Ok," he said this next part with a wicked grin on his face, and a crooked lopsided grin. "With or without suits today?" He smiled innocently at her, and she had to laugh at that one.

"Well I think that we could go with suits today, for it is getting a bit late out, and also a bit cold. Don't worry, we will go without again sometime this summer." She smiled shyly at him and gave him a quick kiss before running upstairs to get into her Bikini.

Harry looked a bit disappointed, but not too disappointed as he watched her run up the stairs. He ran up behind her and headed into his own room, and slipped into his trunks before grabbing his wand and a towel and heading downstairs, where she was waiting for him. "Ready to go love?" Harry asked her with a smile.

"Yep, lets get going, this is going to be a quick dip only, for it is getting a little late." She didn't want to tell him the real reason that she was taking him out to swim for a couple of hours. The rest of the guests were coming for the party tonight a couple of days early, for the Elves had told them that their celebration was going to be a all day thing, and not to have anything else planned. They had decided to have it now, and to have a early Birthday party for the two of them.

They made their way down to the lake for a swim. Hermione dived in quickly and splashed Harry making him jump in also and splash her back. As they were having a bit of fun in the lake, the rest of the guests, minus Ginny and Neville were potkeying and aparating into the house to get ready. Mr. and Mrs. Granger also came home early, or in all actuallity they weren't coming home early, they were coming home right on time, just telling the kids that they were going to be later so that they could be there for the surprise party.

A/N: Ok, I think that I am going to end this story here, and start on the Sequel when I get some time. This story has gone on for way to long, and the first of two sequels will start with Harry and Nevilles Birthday Bashes, and then cover years 5, 6, and 7. Please if you don't like this idea, just think that it will be cutting it up into two stories. The sequel is one that I have an idea for a title, but if you have one that sounds better, let me know. My idea is to call it Harry Potter and the Order of the Half Blood Teacher, incorporating the titles of year 5 and 6 and what year 7 is going to be partly about, thank you for reading, and giving me great reviews. I will be starting on the sequel pretty quickly, but don't know when it will be started. Donald