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You are the smell before rain.
You are the blood in my veins.
Call me a safe bet. I'm betting I'm not.
I'm glad that you can forgive.
I'm only hoping as time goes, you can forget.
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Only the ones who had connections to Gifted Seers and Dark Lords knew of the Prophecy between Voldemort and Harry Potter. But even fewer knew of the Second Prophecy made involving these two destined wizards.

It was not that the Fates did not trust that Harry Potter would complete what was started at his birth, but concerns were made. Questions starting with "What if?" and "What will happen?" began surfacing, and exactly a week after Harry Potter was born, a complete warrior team of Aspects were born. These three allies were to become the powerful "back-up plan," just in case it happened that they were needed…


She was running quickly through the woods, hoping that maybe she could reach safety in time. She wondered how Death Eaters had found her in this remote village.

Her parents and, of course, Dumbledore had made sure that they were well protected from Voldemort, which meant that the Death Eaters had stumbled upon her accidentally. Or that Voldemort had learned of the threat that her family promised, and decided to kill them now. Of course, many thought that the Aspect Triplets were only legend. And they chose to believe that their precious Harry Potter would finally be successful in ridding the world of Voldemort and his filthy followers.

But, the triplets were created for a reason, and she and her brother and sister believed that there would still be a need for them in the future. No matter how hard Harry fought. That was the reason was why they trained so hard and were always prepared.

However, the three never thought they would ever be separated. Their power was in their connection, and right now the connection was very weak.

She quickly scanned for more Death Eaters and kept running. It was not supposed to happen this way, she mused. Suddenly, she saw a red flash streak out of the trees and hit her thigh.

"Shit," she muttered. Even though she absorbed spells easily, they still gave her the pins-and-needles feeling which made it hard to take weight. She continued to run, though slightly limping from trying to shake out the spell from her leg.

Theirs was the second prophecy made concerning the Dark Lord, though only Dumbledore and her parents knew the promise of what their birth held. She and her siblings were triplets, blessed with Aspect powers. She had the prophecy committed to memory, and knew that because of it, she might not live. Otherwise, it had not concerned her. Her sister, however, had studied it at great length, her interest sprouting mostly because dark and ancient magics were her talent. Her sister lived by those eight lines of prediction.

Seven days to the hour from
The One who can vanquish the Dark Lord

Will birth a blessed three

The connection between is strong

And each will inherit the power of Aspect

The One will call them to his side

They will challenge together

Seven days to the hour.

Everything fit, and their parents took them into hiding the moment they were born, one week to the hour after Harry Potter's first breath. Though confident Voldemort never knew they existed, hiding was still important since their Aspect powers were rare and covetable. Rumors would spread but the Aspects became legend only, since there was no proof of their existence.

However, Voldemort was so obsessed with killing Harry, that he never knew the Fates decided a "back-up" for Harry Potter was needed, if the time ever came.

And apparently, the time was now.

She heard the crack of more Death Eaters Apparating around her as she dodged trees and spells directed at her. She could feel each one's energy and location. Quickly taking count, she was suddenly afraid there would be too many for her to fight soon.

A Death Eater Apparated in front of her. Launching herself to the side, she rolled quickly to her feet, sprinting away.

"You can't run forever, Tynan" she heard one chant in a singsong voice. His words sent chills up her spine, but it didn't matter; she was almost at her house, where her brother and sister were hopefully waiting. Tynan, who was never religious, sent up a quick prayer. Only a few hundred feet, she chanted in her head. Then suddenly she was surrounded, they were all smiling under their hoods, anticipating the kill.

She wondered how she had completely missed their moving auras, and quickly dismissed thinking at all. It was time to fight for her life.

Lukas! Emlyn! She called out to her brother and sister through their power, but she knew her connection between them was too weak already, and her plea for help would never reach them. There was only one thing left to do, something she had never tried before. It was extremely dangerous, her Teacher had said, but how could she know when she never tried it…

When asked to explain her power, she likened it to breathing, or rather inhaling and exhaling. In basic understanding, Tynan could drain people of their magic, and use it for her brother and sister. She would "inhale" in their power, and "exhale" it to her brother and sister. She was the driving force behind the deadly Aspects; her siblings could do little with their talents without her behind them, supplying the fuel. Tynan was powerful, but there was one drawback.

The way Aspects worked together was complicated, a tightly woven circle that was only effective when all the pieces were in the right place. Tynan gathered the power for the group, but in twisted incongruity, she could not use the power for herself, she could only get rid of it by transferring it to her siblings. Her brother and sister were the attacker and defender. Thus, without her siblings, the only protection she had was herself. And her choices were limited.

Maybe that was the reason she was so cocky, her sister would say. She had to make up for her lack of physically being able to prove she could damage something. Her brother could destroy an attacker a trillion different ways; her sister could uses curses and spells to bring even the most powerful to their knees in fear. But for all the glory in the world, Tynan was the power supply. She had one job, though important, it was still the most unsatisfactory.

Maybe, she thought to herself, that is why I am out here. I want to prove myself, and what better way than to destroy Death Eaters. Tynan smiled to herself and began to look forward to the inevitable confrontation.

Reckless and overconfident, she could hear the Teacher scolding her. But, even if they didn't admit it, Tynan was the most powerful of her siblings. Her brother and sister relied on her; they used her gift to power theirs. She might be reckless and overconfident, but she was also strong and ruthless. Her grip automatically tightened on her power as she faced the group of black hoods.

Sucking in all her connections, Tynan focused on every single Death Eater that surrounded her. Pulling, she began to bring their magical power into herself. Inhale, she chanted, as she usually did during a training session. Too bad she could not use the great power she was amounting; her brother and sister would be so excited. Tynan smiled in spite of her situation.

A Death Eater took it as a sign of confidence and began to approach her. She saw him coming out of the corner of her eye and immediately released her hold on all the Death Eaters and focuses specifically on this one. He dropped to his knees in weakness, and Tynan inhaled until there was nothing left of him.

Everyone stilled. The Death Eaters looked at her in shock. No one moved, and in that moment, Tynan saw her big mistake. They did not know who she was before, obviously, and she had just revealed herself. The supposed leader of the group stepped forwards towards her, striding unfeelingly over the body that lay on the ground at her feet.

"Are you Tynan… of the Aspects?" he quietly growled, in almost an amazed, reverent voice.

"I know of no other Tynan," she said simply, realizing there was no point in denying or confirming her name.

"You are only a legend," another said.

"Where are you brother and sister?" yelled one, almost in panic, from behind her. All the while, the leader was slowly circling her, taking in her light blond wavy hair and blue eyes. Her cheeks were flushed from running, and her simple village clothes were in disarray.

"Legend or not," the leader said, "You will die here. And then we will find your brother and sister and kill them also." He laughed, and the rest of the group joined in heartily.

Tynan did a quick count of the Death Eaters around her, and felt despair settle in her stomach. She sent out one last call to her brother and sister, but it was more a goodbye than a plea for help.

Tynan held her breath, closed her eyes slowly. Grief and sadness filled her, but she knew what she had to do. The prophecy, her family, her parents, everything she loved flashed before her eyes.

Sacrifice. The word had been drilled into them by their Teacher. Sacrifice for your family, sacrifice for the world.

Tynan formed her plan, and slowly opened her eyes to look into those of the leader. She heard him gasp, and she knew it was because her beautiful blue eyes were now black with magic. She smiled slightly, caving in to more of a sneer.

"Follow me then," she challenged, "I am sure they would love to meet you," and with a flash she was free from the circle of men and sprinting unearthly fast in the direction of her house.

"Kill her before she reaches the other two!"

Tynan barely heard what was said. She ran and all the while she focused on pulling their power until they were too weak to fight. But she had never been faced with so many powerful Death Eaters, the energy the amassed might be to great for her.

She was inhaling, slowly expanding her lungs, mimicking her inhalation of the power. But lungs can only fill so much and not burst, and she unable to exhale the power. Tynan was suffocating under the strain. She was still running, and the power was filling her and she felt her hold slipping, but she could feel the Death Eaters slowing as she was bit by bit bringing them to their knees with weakness. If only she could hold on for a bit longer, they would not survive. She squeezed her hands tighter, trying to regain what she was losing. She felt one give up, his aura vanishing behind her. She smiled to herself, she was a powerful witch, and against one person she would leave her opponent with nothing left but shame and weakness using naught but the grip of her hand. She had never faced this many opponents before, however.

Still dodging trees, she prayed for an answer from her brother and sister but she knew it was useless. But she did not feel their connection call back, and knew they did not hear her. Her vision was going black, and she stopped, leaning against a tree. She opened her eyes to see that she had stopped just inside the clearing of her house. She smiled, relived, but she felt the power slipping, and the feeling was short lived. She could feel some Death Eaters growing weaker, and she did not let go. Just a little longer and she would be victorious...


The ordinary brown owl that Severus Snape used to communicate with Albus Dumbledore dropped a small roll of paper on the Headmaster's desk, then continued its flight back to its owner without stopping for rest.

Dumbledore slowly unrolled the parchment, surveying the contents quickly. Minerva McGonagall, who was in the office discussing the new desks to be installed in her classroom, recognized the look on the Headmaster's face to be one of shock and sadness. Though, she could have imagined it, as the expression was gone in a moment and replaced with his ever-smiling façade.

"May I ask what is wrong, Albus?" she ventured.

"You know I will always answer your questions, Minerva," Dumbledore said, smiling up at her from behind his desk then made no point to elaborate.

"Alright," she sat down in the squashy chair in front of his large mahogany desk, "What happened?"

The next half hour was spent revealing the Second Prophecy, the triplet Aspects, and the newly revealed death of Tynan to Professor McGonagall, who sat in stunned silence.

"They are in danger then!" she exclaimed, half rising from her chair.

"It is no use, Minerva. They are on their way here with their temporary guardian." Dumbledore said, peering down his long, crooked nose at the Transfiguration teacher.

"Headmaster, you know as well as I, that those children are not safe. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is most likely scourging the country for them," Professor McGonagall worried.

"Actually, the young adults you speak of are very powerful beings as you know, and would be no safer if you or I were to travel with them. They will be perfectly fine for the time being. However, they have a certain… cover," Dumbledore cleared his throat. "Unfortunately, Severus reported that the Death Eaters found three bodies in the rubble of the house," Dumbledore said sadly, "Which means…"

"Their parents are dead, along with Tynan. Oh, Merlin." Professor McGonagall finished sadly.

"Tynan is very smart, and she knew what she was doing. The Death Eaters recovered three bodies, one male, two female, and foolishly believed that they were those of the Aspects. Tynan saved her brother and sister from being hunted, a last act of love and brilliance. She saved them from Voldemort the only way she knew how. However, I can not be certain that Voldemort believes that the Aspects are gone that easily. But it will take some time for him to discover that. At least, they will have some time to recover." Dumbledore sighed, taking his half moon spectacles from his eyes and wiping the lenses slowly on a handkerchief.

"I did not know such a prophecy existed," Professor McGonagall said slowly, "Or, that Aspects are real. I can not believe they are real, and not a myth, Headmaster."

"That was the point, my dear; I believed that they would never be found. I am still unsure as to how Tynan was captured. Severus vaguely explains that the Death Eaters were in the area looking for someone else, and Tynan caught their attention."

"She is beautiful?" the Professor asked, confused. Dumbledore did not elaborate.

"Ah, the triplets were magnificent to watch in battle," he recalled. "I was fortunate enough to be present for the announcing of the prophecy, and blessed by their parents to be able to watch their progress. I saw them together just last year, and their power was astounding." Dumbledore was silent in his own thoughts, and McGonagall nodded slowly. After a moment, she spoke.

"Well, everything makes much more sense after hearing about this. Do you think he will be able to figure everything out this year?" McGonnagal mused, "Last year was a bit of a try for us all," she smiled sadly. Dumbledore chuckled.

"This will be a very interesting year, Minerva. But I believe this year will be much easier for Harry… in ways." Dumbledore's smile slowly faded into thoughtful silence again, and the two sat quietly.

"I suspect," he said standing slowly, breaking their moment of quiet, "that our guests will be appearing any moment. Will you accompany me down to the entrance to welcome them?"

Minerva silently took the arm he offered, and they left to meet the arrivals.


Two dark figures stood just beyond the tree line of a clearing, watching their family home burn. Barely noticeable, the dying fire light flickered across their faces which were covered in tears. But they were still safe under the cover of the trees… for now.

When they arrived, Lukas had used his Aspect to lessen the blaze that had consumed the house considerably, mostly so the trees surrounding it would not catch fire also. He was not able to stop the fire by the time he and Emlyn had reached the house. The frame of the house was now completely burnt away, and now all that was left were smoldering ashes. They had been too late to save their family and their home.

They were waiting until the Death Eaters left the ruins to look for their family, but Lukas and Emlyn had been standing watching their home burn for over an hour. Lukas held his sister's hand, and cried silently along with her. At this point he did not care if the Death Eaters saw them; Lukas wanted to set them ablaze along with his house. But he dared not move; he knew that Emlyn would not be able to fight. He could feel her grief and weakness in the moment. So they continued to stand and wait, unsure of what to do next.

Emlyn had heard her sister call for them; she knew Lukas had heard her too. The telepathic communication had been strong and clear, but in Tynan's pressure of the fight, she did not hear them calling back to her. The telepathy had been their special gift at birth, along with their Aspect powers. Another tear slid slowly down her cheek; she would never hear Tynan again.

Grief consumed her as she watched their house burn. Her parents, her sister, and everything she had loved were gone. At least Lukas was with her, she thought, and she gently squeezed her brother's hand for reassurance. Another tear escaped, and she felt Lukas squeeze back.

A sudden shock of anger shot through her, as she watched the Death Eaters parade around the burning house. But, strangely, her anger crept towards another individual.

She recited the prophecy in her head; its words held special meaning to her. She had studied it so often that she knew every little syllable had its purpose. Just as she now had a concrete purpose. She would find the man responsible for her family's death, and make him pay.

"I want revenge," Emlyn whispered. She now felt rage flow through her freely, and she began to utter a spell. Lukas quickly clamped his hand over her mouth.

Not now, Emlyn, he said to her, save the power you have left. She nodded silently, and he took his hand away. But, her mind kept working.

Lukas knew what she was thinking, and he knew she was wrong. Ever since her studies of ancient and dark magic and curses started, she had picked apart their prophecy. And because of it, she had gotten into her head that there was one person responsible for their existence.

They knew from birth that they were the True Aspects. Tynan was the Lifter, himself the Elemental, and Emlyn the Ancient. They were the back-up plan, the warriors to bring peace, should other measures fail. Through training and education, they had all known this day would come, the day they would actually fight.

But, Emlyn got it into her head that one person was the cause of it all.

And there would be only one person she wanted revenge upon.

It has started, "We need to leave now," Lukas whispered, and withdrew back into the trees pulling Emlyn along with him.

I want revenge, Emlyn told him again.

Our time will come, I promise. Voldemort will pay.

I did not mean Voldemort, and you know it…

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