Word count: 380

Lovely she is

Come up to meet ya, tell you I'm sorry
You don't know how lovely you are
- Scientist, Coldplay

No. Robin doesn't know how lovely she is. Even as she sits there, quietly sipping at her cup of coffee, she is oblivious to my gaze. I love the way her hair falls over her eyes, I love the way her pale skin glows in the morning light from the window. I love –

Amon has arrived. Like a hawk, he shoots a dark, shadowed gaze in each direction, glaring for a brief moment longer at a certain fifteen year old. He hides it well underneath those sharp, narrow eyes, but I know better. We all do, I think.

And I think we're all half in love with you, Robin.

The girls do too, though not in the way I do. They love you like a sister. You're our sister, Robin. Can't you see that? And siblings tell each other everything. But still, still you hide behind those glasses, underneath those black sweeping dresses, under that quiet shell you always don. But with him, it's different. You're ready to throw it away at the sight of Amon, I can tell, all too noticeable in the way your green eyes light up with expectation. That idiot disappoints you every time. But you keep on hoping, always, constantly hoping.

Somehow still, he never manages to break your heart, but he hurts you too. Each time he ignores you, each time a harsh word is spoken, you withdraw a tiny bit more, soft, silent, as always. But maybe I can change that, Robin. Give me a chance.

You stand up and start to move away, and I can no longer see your beauty through the unusual emptiness of my computer screen. I push my glasses higher up on my nose, and watch out of the corner of my eye as you approach Miho and speak with her about something, your voice subdued and gentle. No one sees me looking. No one ever does. Sometimes Amon does, and I can read his emotion all too clearly. He doesn't like it when I look at something that is his.

She-- Robin-- is heading back now. I swivel round to my normal position, and focus eyes on the computer screen again. Because that's the only way I can have her-- through the flickering light of my computer.


A/N: Inspired by an awesome WHR amv, to the 'The Scientist' by Coldplay.