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Febuary 12, 2005

Eerie Queerie/Ghost: Ichi, Mitsuo, Mikuni, Hasunuma

Warning: Probably PG-13. Shonen-ai meaning boy and boy love. Lime.

Summary: IchixMitsuo. Ichi is confused and Mitsuo's not helping.

A/N: I decided to post another of my stories that I've written. I was gonna wait until I got some reviews from Haunting Me but it's ok. Hopefully I'll get some reviews for this one. I wrote this story for my friend, Jobanni150. I did it cause shesort of asked me to and cause I've always wanted to after she got me hooked on Eerie Queerie.She also cameup with the title for me. (Thanks Chris this is for you.)

Disclaimer: I don't own Eerie Queerie. SadlyIchi, Mitsuo Mikuni, and Hasunuma don't belong to me. (Sigh) Oh wellon with the fic!

"The Sad Life of Ichi "

It was a cold fall day. Ichi and Mitsuo were walking to school. Hasunuma was nowhere in sight. (how convenient)

"Brrrr," shivered Mitsuo. "I-I-It's c-c-cold." he said while gripping his jacket tightly and bending slightly. 'Gosh Mitsuo looks so cute when he's shivering. This is my chance to get closer to him and have an excuse,' thought Ichi while he sidled real close to Mitsuo. "Is that better?" Ichi drawled sexily. "Yeah! I feel much warmer!" Mitsuo said happily. Must be that hat I just put on! Haha. You know Hasunuma bought it for me right Ichi?... Ichi?" Ichi had his face planted on the floor.

(Next Day)

Ichi is slowly walking through the school hallway contemplating his pitiful life when...

"Ichi! Ichi!" Mitsuo ran to Ichi like in a dream. Dumbfounded Ichi could only gawk in awe. "Ichi do you know where Hasunuma is?" "N-N-No. Haven't seen him," said Ichi. Is that lip gloss on your lips?" "Oh," blinked Mitsuo. Oh yeah. My lips get chapped very easily in the cold and I have to wear lip-gloss. Why?" "Oh no reason," replied Ichi as he stared at Mitsuo's lips with hunger as he licked his own. 'He was tempted. Sorely tempted by Mitsuo's luscious lips. He was entranced not only by his lips though but by all of him. Just looking at Mitsuo's creamy face sometimes made him want to lick his cheek like it was his own treat.' Ichi shook his head to get rid of his thoughts. "I got to stop thinking like this," he muttered to himself. "Wha?" said Mitsuo. "Nothing".

(Later that Day)

'Why do I feel this way about Mitsuo? Am I really gay,' Ichi asked himself. 'No no no no. That can't be Maybe it's what Hasunuma said and I see Natsuko in him. But no. I know in my heart that that's not it. Maybe it's because even though I tried to push him away he still tried to reach me, help me forgive myself. That must be it I admire his kindness and what he has done for me. Phew I'm glad that's over with. I'm perfectly normal' "Hahahah-brrrring" The phone rings. "Hmm. Who could that be?" Ichi asked himself as he picked up the phone. "Hello?" "Hi Ichi!" greeted Mitsuo excitedly. At the sound of Mitsuo's voice Ichi suddenly turned red and felt very hot. "I know it's late but would you mind coming over. I really want to tell you something."

"N-No. It's okay. I'll be r-right over," stammered Ichi.

(Over at Mitsuo's house)

Creak "Come on in Ichi," said Mitsuo. You gotta see this. Little Mikuni said his first word. Guess what it was? Ok .Ok. It was Daa daa. Isn't that sweet." said Mitsuo enthusiastically. "Yeah...yea, sure." Ichi said disappointedly. "Maybe I can make him say it again for you." replied Mitsuo as he walked to the counter where little Mikuni sat in all his adorable glory. Mitsuo bent over the counter as he talked baby talk to Mikuni, trying to urge him to speak again. As he did this Ichi noticed that Mitsuo's sweet tush was right in front of him tempting him.

'Ichi walked up to Mitsuo and grabbed him from behind nuzzling his neck, which Mitsuo arched just for him. Ichi's nimble fingers slowly unbuttoned Mitsuo's shirt. His fingers brushed against Mitsuo's chest eliciting a groan from both of them. Panting Mitsuo decided he had enough. He turned himself around and offered his lips up to Ichi who readily accepted and plundered them thoroughly as his fingers trailed ever lower...'

Thump Thump The sound of someone at the door awoke Ichi from his fantasies. "It's Hasunuma!" exclaimed Mitsuo as he hurried to open the door. "He-ey babe. How you doing?" Hasunuma asked as he wrapped his arms around Mitsuo. "I'm fine" blushed Mitsuo. I wasn't expecting you tonight. What are you doing here?" he asked shyly. "I'll always be there to protect you—he turned toward Ichi–from perverts like you," he replied snidely while Ichi fumed.

Isn't it time you left? It's late," he continued."Yea it is late." said Ichi dejectedly. Maybe I should go." "See ya," said Hasunuma without looking back. "Bye Ichi see you tomorrow!" shouted Mitsuo from Hasunuma's arms right before the door slammed. "Yea see ya.," said Ichi as he walked out the door and down the lonely street. "Another day I see Mitsuo and anotherday Igrow steadily insane," he muttered.

The End

A/N:Poor I hope you enjoyed it andI hope you review.Chris wants me to write a sequel and I might if I get enough reviews. Till next time. Ja!