DISCLAIMER: I do not own Gravitation, or any of its characters. But I do own the plot of this story, and anyone who attempts to use it without my permission will have their eyes gouged out and fed to rabid giraffes.

WARNING: This story contains adult material, including violent sexual acts/rape. If this kind of material offends you, do not read this story.

Healing his Wounds: Prologue

The apartment was nothing short of silent; not a single organism stirred...save for a young aspiring author. He was in his room, busily tapping away at a keyboard, in the process of creating yet another novel in hopes of getting yet another best-seller on the market. With cramping hands, he hastily types the final words of the epic tale and hits "Save". Excited, he immediately brings his laptop to his editor, two days before the finished work is due. Within minutes, though, his editor hands him back his computer and tells him that the story is very dry and it needs major revisions. Eiri, apparently hurt, leaves without a word.