Title: Protector Of The Weak

Author: Jmaria

Rating: PG-13 to R

Disclaimer: Not mine. Joss owns all things BtVS, and somebody else owns K.A.

Spoilers: Season 7, and the movie King Arthur

Summary: While on a patrol, Dawn finds herself pulled into England's past. Will she ever find her way home, and if she can, will she even want to?

A/N: Yes, I'm obsessive-compulsive over King Arthur. It should wear itself out in a few months . . .give or take. I also know nothing about England/Scotland's landscape (I'm from the Mitten) so, there's gonna be some artistic license. This is going to be a 5 part story. It's also for the Fic for All pairing #1122 Dawn /Dagonet.

Protector of the Weak

1. Through Space and Time

The tall brunette woman dodged the charge of the oncoming vampire. Dawn Summers ducked quickly out of it's path and watched as it stumbled forward. Hefting the broadsword, she aimed for the neck. The vampire screamed out as it disintegrated into dust.

She could hear the fighting of the slayers who were attacking the main vamp nest. Dawn was in Scotland overseeing the Slayer Summer Camp before heading back to college in the fall. Technically, Giles was in charge of this camp, like he was in charge of all of the slayers and the Watchers. Buffy hadn't been too happy when she'd learned that Dawn was going to go on active patrolling. She was a grown woman, after all - or very nearly anyway. Besides, Buffy was in happy 'normal girl' land with her stupid boyfriend, The Immortal. No, she wasn't jealous at all. She sheathed the broadsword at her hip. If anyone saw her, they'd think she was just a re-enactment nut who was out of costume.

Dawn dusted her clothes off and reached for her cell phone. Buffy was the first number she called. It always was. The slayer retreat was north of Hadrian's wall, and the Watcher's were based in London. She knew Buffy was there right now, holding the fort while Giles ran the retreat.


"Hey Dawnie. What's up?" Her sister asked breathlessly over the phone.

"Just wanted to check in and tell you that I haven't been eaten by any vampires or demons."

"Dawn, don't be like that. I worry about you -"

"Buffy, you have me call you at least twice a day, or you send out a slayer squad to make sure I'm safe." Dawn rolled her eyes. "Anyway, I've got to check into the activity leader."

"Call me when your in for the night, Dawn." Buffy answered. "I love you, Dawnie.

"Sure. Love you too, Buffy." Dawn hit the end button. "Even if you worry way too much about me and treat me like I'm five."

The wind had started to pick up then. Dawn could hear the distant rumblings of thunder. Great, just what I need, she thought as she punched in the direct line to the retreat base.

"SSC HQ, Miss Summers. Go ahead." Anthony St. Clair, the dispatcher said crisply.

"Yeah, I've got the northern quadrant clear. Tell Rory, the tech guy sitting probably five feet away from you, to update the tracking devices. One vamp, no others. Tell Mr. Giles to have the girls check back in a few days. Empty nests attract homeless vamps and demons."

"Yes, Miss Summers. What's your ETA?"

"Give or take a half hour. I've got a storm coming in over here. Could be longer." Dawn looked up at the gathering storm clouds.

"Good night, Miss Summers."


She slapped the cell phone shut and made her way over to where her car had been parked. Granted, it was a little ways away. She glanced around her cautiously as she crossed through the high grass. Dawn berated herself. She should have never worn these stupid chunky heeled shoes. They were giving her blisters.

Soon Dawn had very little time to contemplate her shoes. The ground shook fiercely and she felt herself falling to all fours. Wind began to squeeze down on her, pushing her farther from her goal. She began to roll downward. Letting out an undignified screech she felt her body collide heavily with the ground and the nearest tree trunk - which was odd because the nearest tree was at least twenty feet away. She wasn't the heaviest person around, but even she knew the wind couldn't possibly push her that far.

That and trees didn't groan, unless she was in the land of Oz. She saw a blue skinned creature land funny beside her, setting an arrow off. She could hear horses and the yelling of men. She tried to back quickly away from the creature beside her. Dawn could hear arrows whizzing past her. She slid down the incline towards the horses.

Dawn hadn't thought to grab for the sword. She had a bad feeling that her cell phone's reception was gonna be nonexistent. Especially when she saw the chain mail the men. One of the horses reared. She covered her head with her arms.

Dawn had a really crappy history with chain mailed riders.