I dunno. I always had a fear that Paul was a guy who wanted Suze only for one reason: Because he's a stubborn jackass who can't take no for an answer, and he just wanted her because she was the only thing he COULDN'T have.

So I wrote this.

I am aware that it isn't as good as some of my other poems. But meh. Deal with it.

I mean . . . um . . . please review, you kind, lovely people.

Love ya,


- 8 -


I'm a guy

Who loves a chase

I'm the type

To win the race.

I don't give up

I do not quit.

Another runner falls

Don't give a shit

Something I want

I aim to succeed

By any means

Gluttony and greed.

Now you're here

Things are divine

But what will I do

Now that you're mine?

I'm in for the game

I love to play

I listen to every

Word you say

My kisses are soft

I do not force

You're reciprocating

No remorse.

Is the battle won?

Has the race ceased?

Why is it that your love

Matters the least?

You've given up

On your ghost

You're mine, now.

Not that I boast.

The weird thing is . . .

I've won. Whoohoo.

But – I don't know.

Now I have you.

Don't take this badly.

Suze, you're great.

But I beat de Silva.

The guy I hate.

Maybe the only reason

I wanted you

Was because you were

Forbidden. Taboo.

But after you're mine,

There's nothing to say.

Other than that,

. . . You can't stay.

I've got what I want.

The trophy was won.

The chase was fast

The game was fun.

But Suze . . . it's over.

So goodbye, adieu

I'm victorious.

And I'm done with you.