Rurouni and Battousai


It's been a year since I've stayed here in the dojo. Its been quite peaceful… except for a few minor problems, we've managed to pull through. Kenshin smiled as he continued to wash the laundry. The only problem around here is sessha and Kaoru-dono…

I'm glad you've got that right… idiot.

Stopping in mid-motion, he winced internally when he realized just who had answered his thoughts. His second persona was out to torture him yet again.

Ohayou to you to, Battousai.

Hmph. You know exactly what's the problem you damned idiot.

Sessha has no problem.

Yeah right. You keep on telling that to yourself. Baka

What exactly is your problem! The rurouni yelled to Battousai deep within his head

You! Why can't you just accept the love that she is, or should I say, has been willing to give to you!

Don't you understand! She doesn't deserve sessha… she deserves someone much better than a demon like us.

Are you really that stupid, rurouni! Can't you see her eyes, the way she's hurting! Just leave me alone The hell I will! Why don't you just…

His head snapping up at the sound of a loud noise, Kenshin blocked the debate raging in his head to investigate what had happened. Dropping the clothes he was currently scrubbing at that time, he dashed towards the commotion. Skidding to a halt, Kenshin coughed at the dust that had emerged from the storage room. As soon as the cloud had settled, he finally saw the mess inside… including an upside down swirly eyed Kaoru Kamiya.

Carefully entering and watching his step, Kenshin made his way to her and helped her to stand up.

"Daijobou ka, Kaoru-dono?"

Still swirly eyed, Kaoru merely handed him a worn out notebook and walked carelessly out of the room ion a daze, occasionally tripping over the litter, and mumbling something about finding an old recipe.

Looking at the notebook in his hands, he opened the pages and noticed that it was actually pretty old. The writings were faded and some had already been erased. His eyes catching one particular entry, he began to read it out loud.

"A spell as old as time,

A life as bright as the morning sun,

Reveal the truth

Separate two hearts

Separate two souls

Give each a freedom to do thy will

A sacred spell by the four constellations

Ignite thy power

In the circle of the full moon

So mote it be."

Kenshin scratched his head and closed the notebook. "What is this all about de gozaru?" he wondered out loud. Shaking his head, he placed the book inside his gi and followed the dazed kenjutsu shihondai out of the storage room.

Unfortunately for our dear Rurouni, that night was the start of the full moon.

Early the next day, Kenshin awoke to a faint throbbing in his head. "Oro… my head hurts de gozaru…." He muttered out loud as he rubbed his head gingerly.

"Kuso. You can say that again."

Kenshin's eyes snapped open as he bolted straight up from his bed, only find himself face to face with an amber eyed version of himself.



"What the hell's going on!" came the duet with an additional de gozaru coming from the amethyst eyed rurouni.

Both head turned to the doorway when it slowly opened. "Kenshin, what's wrong? I thought I heard you…" voice trailing away, Kaoru stared at the two identical red head before her. One amber eyed, the other amethyst eyed. She stared at them for quite sometime before she fell to a dead faint.


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