"Sarah Williams is dead, long live --High Queen Sarah," a beloved voice laced with inexplicable sorrow penetrated the young woman's dreams.

Opening her eyes, Sarah looked around in confusion. "Wh--"

"Emilek is dead..."

Sitting up, her hand carressed Jareth's face. "I know it was hard for you to ..."

Placing a finger over her lips, Jareth shook his head. "I did not execute him...Mother did. She -- I never killed, though legend attributes murders to my hand. She wished it to remain so... and she felt responsible for his existence. " His head bowed. "She has exiled herself."

"What? But--no- that's wrong, terribly wrong!" Sarah yelled.

Gentle hands stilled her. "This I know, my love. This I know."

"You have to do something, stop her. Please." The last word was replete with pain and begging. Sarah had just been lost to two mothers, must she lose a third?

"I have been declared High King, and when we wed at sunset, you will become the Queen of all the Fey lands," he continued on a tangental thread.

"I don't care about being High Queen--!"

"Of course, someone must rule the Goblins, and I can not, from the High Court, not effectively. Tell me, who would you say is most capable, of all beings you know who live?" His eyes probed hers, a smile mixed amid the pain.

Realization blossomed on Sarah's face. "Yes."

"Then, the decree shall read, by order of her Ladyship, the High Queen Sarah, in acknowledgement of the service done for the crown in dispatching the traitor, Emilek, son of the former king, and also killer of the same, Lady Moira is hereby given Rule of the Goblin Lands for all time."