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Chapter 2

Albus sat silently in his study, he needed an alibi. The thought of him lying to the whole wizengamot was not one he was looking forward to. Though he knew Minerva was right if he wanted to stay out of prison he needed to lie. Minerva… she had been on his mind almost all day, how could she have such power, to just be able to walk back into his life and have him smitten in less then a minute. No Albus corrected himself he wasn't smitten, he was shocked to see her she had grown up she was different and he wanted to know how different nothing more. His feelings were platonic, friendly even he had got on with her well when she was under his care at Hogwarts and what he was feeling now was nothing more then protective feelings and a lust to know who she was now. Lust… an interesting choice of word really… the thought of her crept back into his head again for a brief second before he chased it out again.

"You are a foolish old man Dumbledore… foolish." He whispered to himself burying his head into his hands, never had his own feelings confused him so much.

He felt his head jerk up suddenly at the sound of his faithful pet screeching. A letter was attached to his leg, quickly opening it and treating Fawkes to a sherbet lemon he read.

Dear Professor Dumbledore

I do hope this letter finds you in good health; I would like to meet for a drink tonight at the three broomsticks to discuss your alibi, I wish I could say more but I wouldn't put it past the opposition to interfere with my mail. Lucius Malfoy is helping the Aurors who found you with their defence and he is most certain to try and sabotage this trail.

Best wishes and safe journey


Albus stared at the letter dumfound she wanted to meet up with him for a drink… was this usual Ceartas action? Albus was quite sure it wasn't… and now Malfoy was getting involved with the opposition! Albus could feel his head banging violently, oh why didn't he just leave his brother to fight his own battles! A part of him was quite sure that Minerva would get him out of trouble… but the thought of Malfoy being opposite him was not a pleasant one, Albus knew that Malfoy had the power to twist all the wizengamot around his little finger, and Albus at the moment wasn't particularly popular with the ministry as it was. Banging his head one last time against his hands he went to shower and dress for his evening with Minerva.

Albus felt like a school boy again, he scolded himself again and again every time he looked in the mirror and wondered if Minerva would like what she saw. 'This is a business meeting you fool not a date!' he scolded himself again and again.

She's 80 years younger then you he told himself as he walked through Hogsmeade, she's probably all ready got a boy friend her own age he told himself again and again she has no interest in you!

"Professor!" She greeted him softly when he entered the three broomsticks. She looked stunning, her practical green robes had been replaced for a much lighter red one, her hair was still drawn back but it didn't look anywhere near as foreboding as it had done before. "I was starting to worry you wouldn't come." She smiled lightly at him.

"My dear leave such a beauty as you sitting here alone, never!" Albus couldn't believe he had just said that, he mentally slapped himself thousands of times and only just managed to resist the urge to do it physically. Minerva didn't seem to mind quite the contrary in fact, a pretty pink blush fled around her cheeks as a nervous smile graced her features.

"Thank you Albus…" She whispered softly.

"Now my dear why did you call me here?" Albus asked softly as he ordered the drinks.

"It's not safe to converse through mail anymore Dumbledore. Only a few minutes after you left I received a letter that had already been opened and I'm quite sure Malfoy is behind it, but that doesn't matter I really do need to know your alibi so I can get to work." Albus felt his heart drop, he had been so concerned with how he looked and scolding himself he had completely forgot why she wanted to meet up with him. He avoided eye contact with the woman in front of him, he felt so stupid and now he was going to have to tell her he didn't have one.

"Well?" Minerva asked impatiently.

"I…" Albus started softly looking down at his feet and refusing to look back.

"You don't have one do you!" Minerva snapped Albus felt himself shake his head softly as if he was being scolded by his mother. She sighed softly and Albus with out even looking could feel her eyes seizing him up, but he could tell she wasn't angry… more disappointed. He could almost hear exactly what she was thinking 'typical, absolutely typical'. Albus had made himself look like a fool many times before but he had never felt as bad as this… he… he wanted to impress her to shower her with his knowledge he wanted to see her hanging onto his every word. He had always hated the way women threw themselves at his feet and hung to his every word he had never wanted that, but now he wanted so much for the woman in front of him to be even slightly like that, he wanted her to notice him.

"You were meeting with a friend that night weren't you Albus?" Minerva asked quietly.

"Hum… oh yes." Albus said clicking onto what she was saying.

"You were meeting your friend there so you could walk into the nearby village for a drink away from the eyes of the press correct?" Albus nodded slightly, he had spent some of the after noon thinking up alibis how could she come up with one so quickly.

"But I don't have anyone to prove it…" Albus whispered making sure no one could here him.

"Its common knowledge that you and Alastor Moody are friends; well he owes me a favour."

"You're extremely devious for a Grythindor Miss McGonagall…" Albus muttered more to himself then her.

"Ah yes… but what would you do with out me?" Minerva teased softly as she sipped her gilly water.

'What would you do with out me?" the question rang clear through his mind hours later.

'Not torture myself with images of a much younger woman.' Albus found himself answering to the wind as he walked back to the castle.