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I lift my sword and release another Kuu Ha Zan attack. Man, things are really BORING! You never realize that most things in Japan are REALLY weak. Only a few are really tough and they are usually smart enough to know when NOT to fight with the other tough bastards. I look to the group of shivering refugee demons and sigh. Another demon settlement's been destroyed…Japan is in almost constant strife so its no surprise that villages pop up and disappear in the span of a decade or two. I lost count of the decades I've been wandering. I made a promise when Kikyo died that I'd make a world she'd be happy to live in. Unfortunately I am far from there. I've saved a few villages and even a few demon villages, or settlements since some demon clans don't build houses and such like humans. But there is still a lot of hate, fear, mistrust and plain bigotry from BOTH humans and demons.

As I wandered I tried to show to both sides that there is more than just survival. Surviving is NOT living. It's just a pale imitation of life. But people are weak. Troubles seem without bounds. For one village I save three more fall and a few rise. In times like these fear is abundant. By traveling and helping all those I can I want to give hope to the people that there ARE people who care. People who want to help not for gold or for power, but simply because it's the right thing to do. I still get stoned at some villages. Even a few I saved a decade or two before. Humans have short memories as well….

I, however, haven't been idly wandering. I have succeeded in something that goes beyond even what I thought possible. I created a village of humans, demons and hanyous. I call it Outkast. Simply put it's a village where people with no where else to go can go. Naturally most demons don't want to live with humans but that's fine. Those are the type of demons we don't want living there anyway. People and demons, like the ones I just saved, are all welcomed there. In fact I'll be leading them to the village shortly where they can rest and, if they want, join. If they don't we'll send them on their way and they can live how they choose.

The village is composed an assortment of people. There are of course weak demons. The type of demons that their clans rejected because of their weakness and tossed out to die. Separate, they are weak. But if you have a group of them and properly train them, they are formidable. We have a few hanyous there. Some are as young as I was when I was separated from Mother and Yasha. I have a particular soft spot for them and do my best that they have a hell of a better childhood than me and my brother had. Finally, we have the humans. Some are from destroyed villages that wandered in and stayed for the protection of having a village full of demons and hanyous. Some are weak to somewhat powerful mikos that decided to settle down. We even have a few demon hunters, though most are retired. I know, demon hunters in THIS kind of village. Well, I personally know all of them. It helps to be the personal friend of their village elder.

Last I heard Kohaku was ill. I've healed him a few times with my sword, but its only a matter of time. He's human and he's old. But as long as he's willing to fight I have his back. Like old times.

We also have a few monks in the village. Fortunately they are nothing like Miroku. If they were I think the village woman would have made sure they didn't have the necessary tools to BE with a woman again. Trust me some demon women are just plain DANGEROUS. Unfortunately Miroku, at least the one I traveled with, passed away almost….ten years I think it was. A demon managed to get him since he slowed down in his old age. When I heard about it I came but it was too late to revive him. I had to settle for showing that demon why it was very…..unwise to kill good friends of mine! We have a big mix of humans and what not from a lot of walks of life. That's the reason why I'm proud of it. Its HARD to have so many different people together. But we are all together for the same reason. To live. That's reason enough for us all. Now to take these forsaken wolf demons back to the village to heal their wounds.

It took about four days and two attacks but we've reached our destination. The village is big by Feudal standards. I remember when it was just four or so houses. Now we have about twenty or so. If these demons want to stay, probably more. The eldest of the demons thank me and they head toward the town square. People here are friendly toward new faces since they've been on the opposite end enough times. I move toward the Village Head's house. I haven't seen her in a while. I make it to the front door when an elderly woman with gray hair and still bright eyes welcomes me with a smile.

"Hello Mog-chan, how did your journey go?" I mock growl. She's one of the few people I allow to use that nick name. Hell, I gave it to myself when I talked to her all those years ago. "Not much Nena-chan. How's the kids?"

She rolls her eyes. "If you mean mine you should know they have kids of their own they are taking care of. If you meant the village children, fine. Though they do miss you." I shrug a bit. I love playing with the children and taking care of them, but I have SO much to do. "I'll stop and say hi. Then I'll probably go back out"

Nena looks a bit saddened though not surprised. Why should she have been? I've been doing this for years, more than years, DECADES. She looks at me. "Mog…Tomasaru" My ears go up. She only calls me by my name when she is serious about something. "Don't you wish to settle down? At least stop your travels for a few years." I sigh. This is an old argument.

"You know I can't. There are too many people out there. Too much to do for me to just sit down and relax." She looks at me evenly. "I think you've more than made it up for her." I tense. She and I both know who HER is. "No, it's not enough. It will NEVER be enough." She shakes her head. "Do you think she'd want to see you destroy yourself like this? You've never stayed in this village more than a week unless you've had a grievous injury! You never even look or respond to the advances several of the village women make toward you! You only bring people here. Talk and train , then leave again to fight. I do not think Kik.." I turn around on her "DO NOT….Just don't say her name…"

"Tomas….its been YEARS. You can not be held responsible for what happened. You saved Japan, nah the WORLD, by ridding us of that jewel. Her life was important but it was one life…and her choice you recall." I look toward her fire. "I recall every moment. That's what keeps me going." She smiled at me. "Yes. It is quite amazing you've been going as you have. I don't think there is a single individual, human, demon or otherwise that DOES NOT know you."

I snort in amusement. "Yeah, but what about me would you be referring to? That I'm a demon giant that slaughters the wicked by the thousands? That I'm a human sorcerer under a curse punishing others? Or the people that actually do know something about me and say I'm nothing more than a fool. A strong one but a fool none the less."

"I prefer the rumor that if you are ever in need, with no where else to turn. Tomasaru will help you." I shake my head. "That's one of the more RARE tidbits of gossip."

"So now what will you do?" I rise and head to my room. "Get some sleep, I got some training to do tomorrow."

The morning comes a bit too quickly. I shrug off the soreness of my body with practiced ease. I don't have time to be hurt. I see that there are a number of people waiting for me. News of my arrivals come quickly since I tend to leave just as quickly. A group of twenty were waiting for me. Ten demons, five humans, and five hanyous. I've taught them about fighting together and not against each other. If a fight does break out I take on the two or more bakas that started it and finish it…..HARD. After that I tell them I won't be so gentle. I'm glad we don't have too many idiots in this village. I've been teaching them all my sword fighting techniques. Not ALL, just as much as I can. I also work with them on their strategies. We have two mikos for the humans and I want them to learn to USE that in a fight. I remind them I'd never have beaten Naraku by myself and neither would any of my companions. It took ALL of us to do it, and that's what I expected of them. After about three hours I excuse myself. I want to look around the village.

I never get tired of watching a human and a demon work together in the fields or hanyou and a demon playfully arguing about something. I wish she was up there somewhere, watching down on me. Watching how I'm trying to make things better in this world. But I know she's not. Her spirit is five hundred or so years in the future. Damn, how many decades has it been? I think five but I don't want to get hopeful. Although its been a while I really want to see Yasha again. Although I don't know how I'm going to explain everything that happened after he was sealed….

After a long day of just mingling in the village I jump up to the roof of the Headmaster's house. Sure I sleep there when I am in the village but I can't be called the Head Master. Truthfully, neither can Nena. When I founded Outkast I made a ruling council. The head of the council Is Nena. I vouched for her which was enough to get her landslide of votes. I created it for a lot of reasons but the main one was I wanted everyone in the village to feel like their voice mattered. If all human, hanyous would feel left out as well as demons. The same could be said of any of the three so I made sure that three of each had a place on the council. It's a little B5 but if it worked for the Minbari….

I just look at the sky watching how the sun is starting to set. I've traveled so far, done so much. Has it made any kind of difference? In a year, ten years, a hundred years will Outkast still be here? Will there be other villagers like it? Or will it be destroyed for being too radical? I know Sess was livid about it. That and all the treaties I've been making with neighboring demon tribes and human settlements. I want them to think we are as little and as uninteresting as possible so they don't decide we are a threat. Needless to say the backing of the Demon Slayer village makes even the toughest of demons think twice about attacking. Sess doesn't seem to like the idea of me making treaties and looking after villages. I've gotten into more than one fight with him about it. In one or two fights he completely loses his cool. I've NEVER seen Sesshomaru look angry! I mean face, body, yelling, everything. Usually it might be his eyes that grow angry and he might raise his voice a bit. He was shouting, red face, the works.

I have no idea WHY? Its not about my sword. He didn't even ask for my sword. I guess his bastard brother's hanyou fangs are too disgusting for him. Is he angry I'm MAKING a place for hanyous and other undesirables? People he'd kill without a second thought because they were too weak? I just don't know.

Man, I got so much on my mind I can't even enjoy the setting sun. How the clouds hide it just a bit. The changing of the colors in the sky. The sparkling shards that seem to be flying everywhere……

I bolt up. Shards! No way! It hasn't been…..wait, one two…three…wait no, Kohaku is close to seventy…..he was in his twenties when we…..OH CRAP! Well, at least I know he's awake. Well, at least I know ONE thing happened like it did in the anime. I hop down off the roof and head inside. I have to tell Rena I'm leaving tomorrow….

I walk briskly to Kaede's village. I could run but truth be told I wasn't in any hurry to get there. Kaede told me in no uncertain terms how unwelcome I was and she was hell bent on proving it. I visit Kik….her shrine whenever I could. Sometimes I could pray to her in peace. Sometimes…..Kaede tried to kill me. First she tried wards. Then arrows, then traps. She tried the Rosary necklace but I have a lot more control over myself and my demon energy than Yasha. I'd outrun the beads and the one time she DID manage to get them on me, I wrapped and inverted my energy onto myself so that I excluded no demon energy whatsoever. With no power to hold the beads on I just took it off like a regular necklace. Oh, Kaede was pissed at that…..

Well, if the jewel was shattered, that means Yasha is still alive. I really hope he's not still angry over that thing with mother. For me it's been sixty or so years. Not that anyone can tell. Heh, being a Hanyou rocks. I look like I aged a year or two at most. I guess being a hanyou AND being trained in the Hiten Mitsurugi lets me age better than most. I'm close to the village. I smell Yasha and another scent. A scent that's been burned into my heart long ago. But its slightly different. Its not her. It will never be her.

I march into the village. The people are looking at me with wary looks. It doesn't matter. No one truly remembers who I am here. Only Kaede. I ask one of the villagers where her hut is. I smell that Inuyasha has left, probably with Kagome, to find jewel shards. I think me and Kaede need to have a chat. I want to make sure if she wanted to kill ANYONE, its me and not Yasha. I get to her place and I take a sniff. Well, its sorta like the scent I remember. Its been a while. I step through the door. She looks at me.

"Inuy…..YOU!" Her eye grows wide and shines with hate. "Why are YE here?" I sit across from her and shrug. "My brother's finally awake." I got his scent and it seems to be moving south. "I'm glad you didn't kill him like you said you would." Her eyes calmed but her body was rigid. "Those were words spoken in the heat of anger. Your brother did no wrong. It was Naraku that attempted to kill my sister. YOU were the one responsible for her death." I sigh. The words still stung. The truth is still the truth no matter how long. "I apologized and live the live of a wanderer to atone for it. I'm pretty sure everybody has heard something about me in my journeys."

She has an edged smile. "Yes, many things. Though be they truth none know." I smile though I don't have an edge. I can never really hate Kaede. She hates me for the same reason I hate myself. "Well, I know, and most of them are pure horse crap." Her eye brow raised. "I didn't think ye bested a guardian of the Divine Kami" I look at her surprised. "No, that really did happen. I was thinking more along the lines of I never cracked open dragon eggs just to lure the parents to me in order to slay."

She blinked. "But I met someone who said they met you and you offered him an omelet while the corpses of two dragons lay dead at your feet." I wince. "Well, at the time I was hungry and DIDN'T KNOW they were dragon eggs, so I just saw some big eggs and decided to make an omelet. The parents were…..a bit angry…" Keade looked at me in anger and a bit of disgust. "I wouldn't be surprised…"

"Well, I did have leftovers for a few days after that!" Keade just glared at me. Sheesh, its almost like I'm with….well she's acting a bit like her sister. "You mind if I wait here a bit? I want to be here when my brother gets back." Her glare intensified. "I DO mind. Now GET OUT!" I sigh and I feel my ears go down a bit. Well, I'll wait by the Bone Eaters well. Kagome HAS to go there to get home. I suppose I could track them, but…..I'm tired. I'm tired of traveling and moving around. Staying in one spot is just what the doctor ordered!

Two days later….


Damn, after the first day my body is telling me move, MOVE! Damn. I don't think I CAN stay in one place for any length of time. I just get up and do some more training. That's what I've been doing for…..I guess fifty or so years. Wake up, train, move, fight sleep and repeat. No rest, no stop. Just keep moving, keep fighting. If I stop I'll think. If I think I'll remember…If I remember I might not ever start again. I might just end things so I didn't have to think I'd be without her til I died. May as well quicken things up to see her again. If I do that then I'll break the promise I made to myself and her all those years ago. I promised I'd make a world she'd be happy to live in. I can't stop, I can't rest until I do.

A familiar scent washed across my nose. Familiar but not her. I see a girl of no older than 16 come stomping into the clearing muttering about "stupid jerk". I think I know who she's talking about. I sit on the well and wait for her to notice me. She keeps walking. I blink. She'll look up soon. She's stomping closer. She looks up. "Ekk!" and pushes me down the well. THAT wasn't the reaction I was expecting. I fall to the bottom gracefully…..headfirst. Fortunately I've been hit on the head a lot so I'm used to it. I jump up and land back on the spot I sat on.

The girl is flustered. "OhmygoshInuyashaI'msoSORRY!" I blink. "It's ok lady, and my name is not Inuyasha." She looks at me funny. "Did you hit your head when you fell?" I blinked. "Well yeah." Her eyes tear up. "Oh, I'm sooooooo sorry Inuyasha. I gave you brain damage. Oh god, How could I have been SO STUPID!"

I blink again. I haven't been around people too much in the last couple of decades but I think this isn't normal…..then again from what I remember when I socialized this is mild. I think I better stop her rant before she passes out from lack of oxygen. "Lady, listen, I'm NOT Inuyasha, I'm his brother. Ok? My name is Tomasaru." I smile as I remember something. "TO – MA – SA – RU! Not Inuyasha!" My sensitive ears and nose tells me Yasha is coming here fast. Well at least this girl will see us both at the same time so she'll know I'm not crazy…..much.

"Don't worry Inuyasha, maybe another blow to the head will fix it." I smile at her. There's no way she can hurt me. That fall barely hurt. She takes a deep breath. Inuyasha jumps into the clearing, behind Kagome, sees me and rushes. She looks at me and Yells "SIT!" Yasha stops in midair two feet behind Kagome and falls flat on his face. The shockwave causes Kagome to turn around. "Inuyasha, but, you're over there…" she points to me "..then how are you there…? WHAT'S GOING ON?"

I chuckle a bit. "Ok, lady, here's the short version. Me and him are twin brothers. The end." She blinks. "Oooookaaay…." Meanwhile Inuyasha gets to his feet. He gets into Kagome's face. "Why the hell did you do that you stupid girl?" She just got right into his. "I thought he was you only with brain damage!" I wince. Gee, thanks a lot for your first impression of me Kagame….

Inuyasha just gets angrier. "So you SIT me because you think MY brain is BROKEN? What sort of stupid, girly, logic is that?" Oh boy Inuyasha, you should learn to take the verbal lashing. Its much better compared to the…."SIT BOY!" Ouch, the physical ones they get you with.

Kagome just turns to me with fire in her eyes. I raise my claws in surrender. I may be a strong hanyou, but I know better than to take on a pissed off woman on a full head of anger! "Whoa! Calm down. I just told you my name, no need to glare at me too!" Her glare softens a bit. "So what brings you here?" I point down at the crater that was home to my brother. "Heard he was awake. Wanted to catch up, say hello. You know, the whole family thing."

He gets up and glares at me. "We aren't family! You abandoned mom and me YEARS ago! Now you think you can waltz back into my life like it was NOTHING!" I glare right back. Selective memory Yasha…."First off, I didn't abandon you, I was training with Master Hiko. Second, I offered you the same thing, you refused. Third Mother was OK with me training with him. Fourth she died of illness and there was nothing either of us could do about it!" He looked at me with loathing in his eyes. "Like I'd want to be trained by some WEAK human! I've gotten along fine without training."

I looked at him. "So that whole decorating the tree thing was for kicks the past fifty years?" He lunges for me. "You BASTARD!" I flow out of the reach of his attack. "Come on Yasha, I came here to talk, not fight!" Snarling he launches himself at me again. "Too bad!" He comes at me again. Really, this is getting boring. He uses the same moves over and OVER again. Does he think I might get bored and let him hit me if he keeps trying?

I grab his extended claw and do a simple judo throw. He lands on his feet and prepares to jump at me again. "Inuyasha! Stop it right now! He's your brother!" Inuyasha just snarls at Kagome. "Shut up girl, this doesn't concern you!" She gets a look in her eye and I'm suddenly reminded of….her. When she'd grab my ear and then yell down it for good measure. "SIT!" Inuyasha becomes one with the ground again. I find this rather amusing. Usually its me who's on the receiving end of punishment. Although it is my brother…..but he WAS attacking me…..ahh, I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

She looks at me and I see none of the homicidal rage she'd show just a second prior. "So, tell me about you and Inuyasha. He's a bit of a grump." I look at his prone form, and the prone form outline in the ground. I look at her and mutter "Yeah, just a bit of a grump…."

"So what's it like to be Inuyasha's brother?" I shrug. "We're brothers. Its what we've always been, even if the grump doesn't like it." The grump just growls. "Damn it Yasha! What do you want from me?" He gets up and tries to stare me down. Its like looking into an angry mirror. "I want you GONE! I've gotten along just fine without you! If it wasn't for that….BITCH Kikyo I wouldn't have been stuck to that tree!" I try to rein in my temper but when it comes to Kikyo I don't have a lot of restraint.

"Shut UP! You have NO idea what REALLY happened with yourself and Kikyo!" He just snarls at me "And you do?" My face closes. I backed myself into this corner. Though I'm surprised Kaede didn't tell him.

"I came to the village the day you were pinned to the tree. I got the whole show of you getting shot and dropping the jewel. Kikyo was badly wounded so I healed her. While trying to get her not to shoot me a demon revealed himself. His name was Naraku. He could change his shape. He set the two of you up against each other. He also stole the jewel…." Inuyasha interrupted me "STOP LYING! Come on, shape changing demons, and Kagome had the jewel inside her. How do you explain THAT?" He looked smug. I looked bored. Kagome look haunted. I think she's getting some memories with this story…

"If I can continue? Thank you. As I was saying Naraku stole the jewel. Kikyo then realized she was tricked and was heartbroken. She was determined to chase down Naraku. I helped her since she was too weak to survive on her own. She didn't even have the power to set you free, which I asked her to do several times. Anyway, long story short, we beat him but she badly wounded. She asked me to bring her body back to the village and burn it with the jewel. I did, the end." OK, I skipped over a few major details but he DOES NOT need to know!

He looked a bit stunned. And devastated. I know the feeling bro. I've been feeling it for fifty years…

I look at Kagome. "So, Kagome is it?" I wait for her to nod. "The jewel was inside you?" She nodded. "Yeah, but I don't think I'm Kikyo reincarnated! I'm just a junior high school student!" I smile at her. "Stranger things have happened." Yasha growl and Kagome looks intrigued. "Like what?" I smirk at Inuyasha. "House training a hanyou." Miroku was a bad influence on me….

Inuyasha got up and looked like he wanted another round with me. Without even glancing in is direction. "Kagome…" She smirked and I saw Yasha pale in my peripheral vision. "Sit boy." Again he slammed into the ground. Hmm, maybe THAT'S how he toughened up. Like the boulder training in Ranma…..endurance training for hanyous. I shake my head. I'd have learned…..well ok maybe we are more alike than I thought. Well, I'd at least try to guilt her into not doing it so often. He got sat QUITE a few times!

"So, where is the jewel?" I see them both wince. Yup, probably happened JUST like the anime. I listened, I nodded. Yup. JUST like the anime. Shattered. "So you are going to look for them all?" Kagome nodded. "Yeah, it IS my fault it shattered." Inuyasha just growled. "When we get all the pieces its MINE! I'm going to become a full fledged demon!" I shake my head. "Yasha, you DO know that to become a full demon you'll be getting rid of mother's blood right? Do you hate her so much?" He got tense and looked at me with murder in his eyes. "You don't have ANY right to say that! At least I stayed by her side instead of playing with humans!" Only Yasha would call training with Master Hiko as playing….

"Well, I've lived a pretty good life as a hanyou and I've made a difference. I wouldn't change what I am for anything." Kagome smiled at me "Good for you. At least you know what you want out of life and DO it. I have NO clue what to do about my future!" I shake my head. "Truthfully I don't know either. All I can say is trust your heart. It usually won't let you down" Inuyasha just snorted. "That's a bunch of garage! To have a future you need to be strong. You need to be able to kill anything looking to kill you!" Crap, I knew Yasha was bad off but to be THIS bad. I look at Kagome. In the series she was the one to save him. I know I can't. Nothing I say will reach him. Damn it!

I rise up. "Well, I think I'll help in your journey. I'll gather whatever shards in my travels and when I find you guys give them to you. This way we can cover more ground." Kagome shook her head. "But how will you find the jewel shards? Only I can see them." Inuyasha threw in what he thought. "Whatever shards you get you better give to me!"

I glare at Inuyasha. "Damn it brother. I had the WHOLE jewel and I honored Kikyo's request to burn it with her! You think I'd take jewel shards when I could have had the WHOLE thing?" I shake my head in disgust. I turn to Kagome. "As for not knowing where the jewel shards…..To be blunt it won't be too hard. Just follow the carnage and I'll probably find them." Kagome blushes. I'm sure that was so simples she wondered why she didn't think of it.

As I rise I turn back to them. "If you are ever south of here. There is a village called Outkast. They'll help you as much as they can." Yasha looked distrustful and Kagome looked interested. "Why would they help us?" Kagome asked.

I smiled. "Well I founded the place, so I have a little pull…." Inuyasha just looks at me in disgust. "Licking the boots of weak humans." I glare right back. "Those weak humans are former demon slayers as well as current, not to mention some impressive mikos. If that's not enough we also have a few hanyous and demons there as well!"

Kagome looked excited while Inuyasha looked shocked. "Wow, a mixed village, that's so neat!" I look proud. "Yeah, we are the only one though. I'm hoping others will realize that we are all not so different from eachother, powers aside." Inuyasha looks to be in thought. Well, at least I shut him up. I know he has anger issues but DAMN!

I start walking away from the well. Without turning around I tell them "We'll meet again so take care of yourselves."

Once I get far enough away I slump. Damn, that was tough. Well, as first impressions go it was better than most of my other ones. Hell, only Inuyasha tried to kill me. Though I got thrown down the well head first it still went pretty good. Now I have to look for jewel shards. Well, at least its something new. Also there's no Naraku this time so it should go MUCH easier. I think about visiting Miroku's temple to see his descendants or visit the demon slayer village. In the end I decide not to. It's not their fight. Miroku and Kohaku were caught up in the crossfire of Naraku and his evil plans. There's no need to get anyone else involved with that cursed jewel. It only knows how to bring pain and misery.

As I walk I think to myself about a jewel I have kept out of mind since after Naraku. Created from the purity of a mighty priestess and the evil of a monstrous demon. Two total opposite stuck into one piece of glass. I look at my claws. On that day so long ago I said the jewel was a hanyou in jest. Now that I think about it that is a good description of the jewel. Like a hanyou when it becomes too filled with dark emotions it turns into a monstrous creation. When in balance it shines with a beautiful light. To be totally purified the jewel must be purged of the evil inside it. But is the evil the demon part or the human one? My friend would probably bash my head in for this question but its something I think is important.

Humans can be just as evil as demons, even more so. Naraku was once a human and look how evil he was. My father was a demon and yet he was more noble than some of these human rulers the people are subjected to. So which is evil? Both. Which are good? Both. Damn, I have paradoxes…That's EXACTLY what the jewel is. A damn paradox. Existing in two time periods, bringing evil to both. There has to be balance. There is no good without evil. No light without darkness. Too much light we burn. Too much darkness we freeze. Is there a way to destroy evil totally, probably not. Would I do it if I could? I….can't say.

There is a purpose for everything in life. Very rarely does something exist just to exist. With me being in this introspective mood I can't help but try to imagine the world without evil. Without struggle. It would be…..boring for one. Also people would probably atrophy and decay. Why train when there is nothing to fight? Why fight at all? People will just…..exist. Be in just a rut. Why create new weapons when we have nothing to fight? Some weapons research yields advancement. Look at the atomic bomb. We created a whole new power source from it. Best case scenario with no evil. We advance everything in technology without any thought to defensive and offensive capabilities. If we find one hostile being we are dead. Evil, or the fight against it, keeps us strong. It keeps things in perspective.

Right now Inuyasha needs perspective. He's living in the moment with no real thought of the right and wrongs of his actions. I was like that as well but there was one thing I ALWAYS kept on my mind. "Would I like this done to me?" or "What would I want in that situation?" I try to keep myself centered on others by knowing how I'd react given certain situations.

Bah, dark thoughts. The jewel is doing its work already…Now I have to travel and hope I get lucky. Well, I've been doing that for years so go with your strengths…

Two weeks. TWO damn weeks and NOTHING. Big fat zippo. Crap. I would think it would be a bit more….I don't know. More carnage than usual. So far all the demons I've killed are the same in one way. All weak and when I kill them they stay dead. None of them have any pieces of the jewel. Now I know WHY everyone flocked to Kagome. A shard detector would be reeeeeeeaaaalllly helpful about now. Crap. I might have to go back to find Yasha and Kagome….damn I can't DO that! They need alone time for her to work her magic. As I walk I can't help but think I'm forgetting something. Something important having to do with Kagome…..well it'll come to me. Besides she has Inuyasha by her side. She'll be fine. I'm probably remembering something stupid.

One week later.

I pass by a village when I catch a scent of something. It….it can't be….She's dead. I HELD her as she died. How is this possi……oh SHIT! THAT'S what I forgot. I'm so STUPID! Bakabakabakabakabaka. Kikyo got revived when some witch stole her ashes. Crap. And she's a soul sucker. Double crap. Well, I may as well see how my favorite dead girl is doing.

I watch her from the bushes playing with the children. She always loved children. When we wet to a village she could baby-sit the entire village's children for HOURS. She would have made a good mother….

She shoos the children away. Hmm, she probably senses me. To confirm this she asks for the person in the bushes to come out. Of course she had her arrows out…

I come out with my hands raised. "Hey Kikyo, long time no see. She scowls. "What do you want Inuyasha? Do you still want me to die?" I look at her confused. I look down. Yup I still wear my blue kimono. I look back at her confused. "Kikyo, its me, Tomasaru. Come on, you know I don't like red." She looks straight ahead with her no nonsense stare. I try to lighten her up. "Come on, you know red would like, totally, clash with my sword!" I smile. She doesn't. Well shit. Whats up with her….?

"Kikyo, come on, stop playing around. We spent more than a YEAR traveling together. Don't you remember the villages, Kohaku, Miroku, the Kamis, Totosei? ANYTHING?" I was getting a bit freaked out. I thought she'd remember. Hell why WOULDN'T she? Its not like it was forgettable. She just stares at me coldly and pulls tighter on her bow. "I remember only until I sealed Inuyasha to the tree with my sacred arrow." No….no way. Everything we did. All we accomplished. She couldn't have lost it ALL!

"Kikyo, you HAVE to remember! Hell, ask Kaede. She hates me but at least she'll tell you the truth!" She stares at me evenly. "What is the truth?" I stand up straighter. This is something I always feared. In my nightmares Kikyo had her bow drawn, liten t me confess my sins and shoots me. "You died because of me. Because I couldn't save you".

"You are responsible for my death?" I look her dead in the face and swallow. "Yes." She still looks at me coolly. "Why do you tell me this. Do you wish to die by my hand?" I shake my head. "It's….not that. I promised you, PROMISED you I'd protect you. I also…I also wouldn't lie to you, ever." She smiled at that. But it wasn't the smile I remember from her so long ago. This was full of dark amusement. Like I told her something she knew was false. "How convenient. Telling me you will say no lie when I do not remember you. Why you have swayed me already!" I square my shoulders. Fine, you want proof, lets do it!

"How about I tell you about yourself? Things you never told anyone, not even Inuyasha. I know because you told me you didn't tell him!" She just slipped back into her mask. "Fine, if you are wrong you die." I close my eyes. Remembering all the stories we shared, all the laughs and the tears. "When you were five your miko powers surfaced. People were told a miko felt the power within you then and decided to train you. But that wasn't it. You were playing with your cat, you called her Fuzzy because when she got wet her hair puffed out and made her look like a huge hairball. You were petting her one day and felt a tingling. Not knowing what it was or how to stop it you incinerated Fluffy. The only thing left was smoking remains. You ran to your house but you mother called you a witch. You friends started making fun of you and you hurled a stone at one of them accidentally charging it with your energies. Your friend, Kimiko's head shattered splashing you with her remains. In shock you stayed there for hours until the miko found you. Want me to go on to some more things?"

Her bow dropped halfway through my little monologue and she fell to her knees at the end. "I….not even Kaede knows that…." I nod. "I also know that's why you were always so serious and dedicated to your studies. In their memory and to insure it NEVER happened again." She shook her head and seemed on the verge of fainting. I don't know if the dead COULD faint and if they did would she need to suck more souls…..hmm, we have to fix that.

I thought of what I could do. I definitely wasn't going to kill her. I just couldn't do that. I know of a few people but they really don't know much about this sort of thing. I can think of one thing. When you don't know who to go to, go right to the top!

"Kikyo. I think I know of someone who can help. He's someone you met….well, met before….that you don't remember but he'll know you!" She smiled a little like how she used to. I really hope she'll remember everything. "Who is it?" I respond, "Well, its the Kami and Life and Death. Oh yeah, and the Sky. He looks really old and….hey, you ok?"

She looks at me angrily. "I do not need to to….patronized like this!" Oh, yeah I guess saying we are going to see God would sound a little farfetched. "I'm serious, totally, completely, honestly serious. Please trust me!" Her face looked at me in shock before shaking her head. "Why should I trust you? I don't even KNOW you!" I smile and scratch the back of my head. "You know me, and I know you. I know it's a lot to take in. I know it sounds fake and totally untrue but it is. All I ask is a few days of your time. If I lie you can do whatever you want to me. Please Kikyo, let me help you."

"I do not need your help!" she said in contempt before turning and walking back to the village. Oh Kikyo, why oh why do we have to do things the hard way? I hit her in the back of the neck and she drops like a sack of potatoes. I catch her before she falls and lift her up in my arms. I mutter deja vu and go to find some rope like I had to do with her last time.

My ears were burning. I learned a lot on how a miko's powers work so I effectively shielded myself from getting zapped. I actually came up with it when we traveled together the first time. I never showed her I could do that. I let her believe her little shocks hurt. The ear pulls though….THAT hurt. Anyway, Kikyo was proving to me once again why she could peel the bark off a tree with her insults. Damn, I think I heard a few new ones too. Kikyo is cool and in control when in a normal situation. Being thrown over my shoulder like a rug while she is tied head to toe in rope is not a normal situation for her……well the Kikyo from before the jewel chase. Anyway I've made good time and am hopping up the mountain we traveled on so many years ago to bring the immortal tengue, Sango, home to her daddy. I got to the summit. Crap, how do I open the door?

I put Kikyo down and rub my chin in thought. She looks at me and smiles. I know THAT smile. "Can I shoot you now?" I gulp. "Not yet, I can figure this out!" She just growls and squirms more. Crap. Sango opened the door last time. How did she do it? What was it Kikyo said….the blue giant entered at the word…

"Challenge. I am here to challenge!" Kikyo just ignored me and tried to loosen her bonds when a huge door appeared in the middle of the summit. As the door opened the jolly blue giant stepped out. He looked at me and Kikyo and sighed. "What do you two want THIS time?" I smiled nastily at him. "Remember that favor your master offered us. I'm here to collect!"

We enter through the doorway and I see the familiar throne room. Then I see the familiar Kami who looked like the Ancient from Kung Fu the Legend Continues. "I know why you are here and it is foolhardy at best!" I smile, desperate hope swelling. "Foolhardy, but NOT impossible, right?"

He shakes his old head sadly. "I may be a powerful Kami, but I am not omnipotent. Only the creator can give birth to souls." I shake my head. "She's got a soul. I need you to give her a human body and make the soul permanent!" He looks at me sadly and gestures to Kikyo, knocking her out. "She has a soul, yes but incomplete. It is possible to create a new soul from this piece of one but there is too much anger and darkness. Will you condemn her to hell for your own selfishness?" I look down. It WAS selfish to want her back….but….but…

"I won't let her fall into hell. I'll drag her to heaven if I have to kicking and screaming. I know this is a big chance but we can do it!" The Kami looks at me sadly before making a gesture and talks. "Do you know of fate and destiny? They are undeniable. Inescapable. Unstoppable. It was Kikyo's fate to die. And she did. It was her fate to be brought back as she was. It has happened. The only thing standing in the way is yourself. You are but one person. You cannot stop fate nor can you change destiny."

I clench my fists. I look up at him in fury. "Fate, destiny? Forget it. The only fate I make is by myself. I shape my destiny with my own hand. I will NOT allow anything to happen to Kikyo again. I failed her once by every God in EXISTENCE I will not fail her again!" He just shakes his head. "You can not stop what is to come. Destiny is always in motion. It cannot be stopped by a pebble in the road." I just stare harder at him. "If I do nothing destiny and fate will run its course. If I do it STILL will run its course. No, I don't buy that! I have a choice. I have free will! I will NOT allow this to happen! Now I am calling in my favor, can you do it or not?"

He looks at me in regret. "There will be consequences young one." I nod my head. "There always are. But I'm going to make sure I am the one who bears it. Kikyo WILL have a normal life, live to be a normal woman just like she's always wanted even if I have to kill every god in Japan to do it!" I was shaking in anger. Were lives really so meaningless? Did destiny mean no matter what you did or how hard you tried if you were destined to fail you would? No. I REFUSE to believe that whatever created us did so in such a clinical way! I was sent here to help. I can't believe that I would be placed here to watch helpless to change anything…

"Very well. Realize this young one. Her fate is sealed as is everyone you know. Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Kohaku, everyone that you know has a fate that they cannot escape. Kikyo's also. You may alter the river of fate's direction, but you can not stop its flow. Kikyo was destined to die at the hands of Naraku. You changed that fate and she lived a bit longer. However in the end she died at his hands. That amount of time she was never supposed to have so it was blanked from her being. She will probably NEVER remember all you went through together." I look at Kikyo's still form. Everything we went through. Everything SHE went through. All our joys, all our sorrows. EVERYTHING was taken because she wasn't SUPPOSED to have it. No support, no friends, no help… hope.

"It… doesn't MATTER! She may not remember but I do. I remember everything we ever talked about. I remember her laughs and I remember her tears. I remember….what she said she always wanted. I'm going to give that to her. For everything she's ever done for everyone…..and everything she's done for me." The Kami looked at me sadly. "You cannot stop what is to come alone. Her presence is needed. She will not have rest nor peace. She will fight…..and she will die. What we are discussing is if she will be reunited with her entire soul or be damned with part of it." I clench my fists. Damn it Kikyo, what can I DO? What should I do?

I suddenly remember one night at camp. It was toward the end of our journeys together. She smiled and asked me "What are you thinking about?" I looked at the sleeping Miroku and Kohaku. I shrug. "Thinking if we are all going to make it once we get to Naraku. He's damn tough, and with the jewel he'll probably be unstoppable. I'm wondering how we are all going to survive that? What can I do against power like that?" I remember I saw her smile at me. It was a smile full of hope and promise of a better tomorrow. "Trust yourself Tomasaru." I looked at her confused. My ears were at different angles. "You care too much about all of us to allow something to happen to any of us." I shake my head. Kikyo wasn't the type of woman to be naïve. "I'm not THAT powerful. I can't protect us all. How can you look at me and say that I could?" Her expression never wavered. "I know you Tomasaru. I know you will do everything in your power. Fight the very heavens for us. That is why I trust in that you will do what is right. Not only because you think it's right because it simply is."

That memory was days after I got my new sword and we were following the compass the Kami I am facing gave us. I look at Kikyo's prone form. Can I trust myself? Is what I'm doing just for my own selfishness? In the end, am I just no better than Naraku in trying to possess Kikyo? Another memory flashes. Kikyo looks at me in my embrace. I whisper to her "I want to see you happy." She looked a little sad. "Even if it's not with you?" I replied that whoever made her happy I'd make sure she had.

It may be tough. It will be dangerous. But I have to do this. I won't let her fall into hell. If she does I will personally go down there and get her out! I look at the Kami in determination. I say two words "Do it!" He looks disappointed but complies. Kikyo glows with a bright, white light. It seeps into her very being. In a few seconds the light show is over. "She is now human and her soul is her own. Since it is a piece of her original soul it will grow and shape itself on its own accord. I pray that the darkness in her heart does not deform it." I look at her and I say with confidence. "It won't. She won't let it and neither will I"

He just looks tiredly at me. "Leave, the debt has been repaid. I hope you do not come to regret your decision this day." I mutter to myself "Me too"

I carry Kikyo off the mountain. I put her down gently and go to gather some firewood. It'll be getting dark soon. When I return I find she is awake and looking over her body with something akin to awe. "Like the new you?" I say to her. She looks up at me. Its not a happy expression It's full of anger. "How DARE you do this tome without my permission! You are no better than that witch that resurrected me!" I put my hands up. Damn, can't a hanyou win ONCE!

I look at her and reply "Well why WOULDN'T have you wanted it. You now have a human body so you can eat like a regular person. Your soul is now once again your own so you have nothing to fear from Kagome sucking it back up. Also, a bit of a bonus, you don't have to suck up souls anymore. I'm sure dead children, you know like the ones you played with in the village, will be happy to know their immortal souls can be laid to rest instead of consumed!" Kikyo just crossed her arms and looked stubborn. Damn it….

She then looked thoughtful. "How did you know I feared my reincarnation from stealing my soul?" Oh flaming piles of dog crap…Well, may as well go with the edited truth.

"Well I met Kagome, your reincarnation. You are here. Only have a piece of your soul. I talk to a Kami about your condition. Do any of these things give you the clue I wasn't making things up as I go along?" Heh, sarcasm and deflection 101.

"So what will you do with me now?" I sigh. That's the million dollar question. "Well, it depends on you. You're free Kikyo. REALLY and TRULY free. You have your life back, your soul. You can do what you want, be what you want."

She looked expressionless at me. "And what do you expect for this?" That comment hurt. Especially coming from her. I remind myself she doesn't remember me and continue. "I want you to be happy. That's all I EVER wanted from you. So this is what I am offering. I have a village. You are free to go there and do whatever you want to do, be whoever you want to be. The only thing expected of you is to pull your own weight in the village. You're free to go or stay." She locked her eyes on me. "If I choose to leave." My heart ached but I was relentless. "Then you leave. No one will follow you. You are not a prisoner. Not mine and not of Fate. Not any longer. You're free Kikyo." She's starting to look a bit torn.

"Look, go to the village, see how you like it. If you don't you got all of Japan you can go not to mention your sisters. The world is open to you now Kikyo. Its finally your choice." She looked at me and I can see the gears turning in her head. "Show me this village. I will decide for myself where I will stay." I nod. That was the best I could hope for anyway.

I guess I'll stop here. I could go on but I want to post what I have and get some feed back. I'm trying to make this bigger. Like Al Pacino said on Any Given Sunday, "I don't mind you making mistakes, I'm not going to eat your lunch….but if you're gonna make a mistake, make them BIG!" Hope you are all enjoying my mistakes!