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Chapter 10, Darkness

Alendra had been sorting through data pad after data pad in search of anything suspicious. The data pads themselves had been "borrowed" from unofficial offices of the Senators. Marth had been strolling in one day when he had seen them, and naturally taken them due to his own curiosity and narrow mindedness.

'What if you'd been caught?' Alendra had cried when she had found out. But he hadn't, and there could be valuable information in one of these pads regarding the Extrodites and their elusive leader.

She sighed, remembering Marth's idiotic nature. She really did care for him, though in what way she wasn't sure. There was just something in the back of her mind, every time he spoke, every time he put his foot in it. Something telling her not to be too hard on him. Because, thinking about it, if he were to make a move, or show his feelings, she knew she would feel the same.

Her thoughts were taken from her suddenly. There was a crash and a bang and Alendra stood up suddenly, and grabbed her blasters. She had one in each hand. She walked carefully, avoiding any loose stones on the floor. Her footsteps were barely audible compared to the thud of boots coming nearer and nearer.

Her heart beat quickened as she continued to tip toe around the room.

Blaster fire shot, bouncing off of the walls. There was return fire and smoke rose from the rubble of what had once been a wall. Alendra didn't think before letting out the wheezing coughs that engulfed her as she inhaled the smoke.

Agrath leaned towards her and dug his vice like grip into her arm, drawing blood and creating instant bruises.

He grinned maliciously, drool falling from his teeth.

"Where are the Jedi?" He asked her, growling each syllable. She looked up into his eyes and the fear in her own was reflected in his green and yellow orbs. She quivered and squirmed, desperate to get away.

Just then, a blaster fire shot straight past his ear and made a hole in the wall in front of him. When Agrath turned around his long range electro jabber was gone, fallen on his way to Alendra's hiding place. More shots, again and again until the attackers couldn't see past the rubble and smoke, but Alendra's rescuer could see fine. He shot at the shadows and they fell down dead. Agrath felt a prickle of fear 'What was this menace?' his men were either running away or dead. "Show yourself phantom!" He growled, trying to sound menacing.

The rubble cleared and Marth stood in the doorway, two blasters at his feet and two more in his hand. His face was filled with anger.

"Step away, Terradin." He hissed "Or I will kill you"

The Terradin stepped away, his hands in the air, Marth stepping towards him. Alendra let out a whimper as the fist was let go, and her arm hung limp. Marth instantly looked to her direction in fear and worry of her condition, and it almost cost him his life.

Agrath had backed away to the fall and had slowly leant down and picked up his electro jabber. He shot at Marth, who was temporarily distracted and the shots whistled through the air hitting him hard in the shoulder. Alendra screamed and Agrath directed his attention to her once more. "Where.Are.The. JEDI!" He bellowed, pointing his blaster to her.

Tears fell down her face, Marth hadn't moved.

"I don't know, I don't know." She shook her head. Agrath sighed in annoyance and shot at her with the jabber, she was hit in the arm and the force was enough to make her fall to the ground, slumped over what had once been a part of a wall.

"Sir!" One of Agrath's charge called to him. "The Jedi have been spotted!"

Agrath smiled. He took Alendra and Marth's unconscious bodies and hid them carefully. Then again, he realized, he wouldn't allow the Jedi to get this far into their hiding place. No, they would be dealt with quickly.

Qui Gon had been watched by the large burly, bodyguard-like Terradin for some time. His keeper was ensuring the boy's capture was not to be intercepted. Obi Wan was long gone and his Master knew it.

After what seemed like hours, but in truth was no more than half, the Terradin received a radio call through his comm., that even to Qui Gon's trained ear sounded no more than un-intelligent grunts. The Terradin took out his blaster and pointed it directly at The Jedi Master's head, and just as Qui Gon was about to muster the strength in order to force-push it away, he felt the dull end of it thwack him at the base of his skull. He was unconcious instantly.

The Terradin left, giving Qui Gon's limp form a kick for good measure.

Madame Lowrie had not given instructions to kill the Jedi, or the rebels known to be hiding there, and the Terradin's wouldn't dare go against their Mistress. Ever.

After being taken away from his Master. Obi Wan had been knocked out, his captor explaining in a snide tone that the Jedi couldn't know where they were taking him. Something collided with his head and he felt dizzy suddenly, but at the same time the back of his head felt heavier than the front.

His eyes seemed suddenly heavy and before he knew it something was shoved on his neck and pulled down tightly to ensure it wouldn't come off. Obi Wan tried to call to his Master, but as he reached out to the force, that that symbolizes the Jedi, and all that is good, was gone. Only an icy blackness that slowly made its way across Obi Wan's vision and he was enveloped in darkness.

When he had come to the first time, he had not been on the floor. He had been suspended from chains attached to the ceiling and the floor, a position that reminded him of his horrible memories of seeing his own Master at the hands of Jenna Zan Arbor. His feet and hands shackled, and now he was in the same predicament.

He looked around as much as he could. Large manacles were around his wrists, and he could barely see his palms. The manacles had two thick chains on either side. One lead up to the ceiling and was secured with a large, and very sturdy bolt. The other ran to another chain tied around Obi Wan's waist, another doing the same on the other side while two more chains ran from the waist to Obi Wan's ankles were there were a second pair of manacles chained firmly to the ground.

Obi Wan couldn't help the fear that rose in his throat, and a part of him felt no shame for it. It may not have been befitting for a Jedi, but he was chained securely in a small cell, with no hope for escape. His attempts at using the force had failed miserably. At first he had assumed his still dizzy state had been the cause of this, but soon after the presence of the force-collar made itself known, something that only brought more fear up to the surface.

The door swung open to reveal a cloaked figure. Lithe, thin, and tall. It walked in like a shadow, keeping to the walls, not out of fear, but of misplaced curiosity, this figure was fascinated, not only by Obi Wan's presence, but of his manner of capture. The shadowed figure was followed by the large bulky character Obi Wan vaguely remembered as his kidnapper.

As Obi Wan tried to un-fog his mind, and memory in the process, all he received were jumbled up images. Flashes of large hands around his neck, colliding with the wall, trying to keep calm like his Master. His Master on the ground. Documents on the floor.

Obi Wan had been focusing on these images, and had not heard the quiet question he had been asked. He was not aware of his surroundings even, until that large hand made itself known, once again it was wrapped tightly around Obi Wan's neck. Cutting off his air supply and causing black dots to appear in front of him.

"Answer." He growled, and Obi Wan wanted to cock his eyebrow at him, but knew better than to do so. His air was being cut off, and his lungs burned for oxygen. How exactly was he supposed to answer when he couldn't string two words together?

"Let him go then." A female voice said sarcastically, as if reading his mind, and Obi Wan saw that it had come from the shadowed figure.

Long, bony fingers reached up and took hold of the edges of the hood and pulled it away, revealing her face to him. Surely it was a dangerous move? What if he identified her later on?

Then again, Obi Wan realized, with growing dread. Maybe she has no intention of letting me go.

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