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Summary: A blonde bomb shell model. A former weird headed laid back cowboy. One defected plane. That crashes on one island. How will they ever survive...each other.

Lost Island

Chapter 1: Two different worlds

The lights shone down brightly upon a carpeted strip. Music beat loudly. Camera flashes went off randomly about the anxious crowd of people. At the base of the runway strip were the words 'Vogue'. Written in a cursive font, it glowed pink.

Slowly, one by one, girls began to walk the runway. Sporting the seasons fashions they zombied the walk. Some of them were new comers, others were old hands at it. Back stage was a much different world. Back stage was chaos. Girls were jumping from outfit to outfit. Hair up, hair down. Straight or curly.

"Ashley! Hurry up with my hair" A certain blonde yelled to her hair dresser

"Yes miss..." Ashley did a few more wisps through the girls hair before freeing her to go.

"bout time..." the model smiled sarcastically. She then huffed off towards the runway. Her hair dresser rolled her eyes. She didn't mind her job, but that one girl in particular...grated her nerves.

She was on of the 'top dogs' in the modeling world. And she acted it no doubt. She never seemed happy. Who couldn't be happy making thousands a day just walking in a line? Like her job was that hard! Ashley tossed her mind of those thoughts. She instantly went to tending another girl's needs.

Ashley's former client waited for her turn on the strip. Something she despised doing. Waiting. God forbid she wait for anything. She ran her slender fingers through her layered, just below shoulder length hair. It had been flipped outwards, and her highlights sparkled in the light.

Her turn was now. She strutted down the lane. Her designer dress glided along behind her gracefully. The spot light was on her, and only her. All cameras were pointed at her, and only her. Like every other time she was on the runway, she was the center of attention. And she loved it.


(out side the city limits)

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa" yelled a man as he flew over the back of a horse. He hit the ground with a hard thud. He took a deep breath and rolled off of his shoulder..

The man stood up and then leaned up against the wooden fence of his round pen. At noticing his cowboy hat was on the ground he leaned down and retrieved it. He dusted it off with a few waves of his hand before perching it back atop his dirty blonde head. The little spotted filly that threw him stood, some feet away, staring. She seemed to be enjoying this. He could of swore she was laughing.

"You..." he pointed his index finger towards her "...you...lil..." he chuckled "..you're a trip you know that" he then smiled

The cowboy rubbed and moved around his shoulder. Inspecting it for faults. None were found. He then walked to the filly. He took off her saddle and blanket, and then her bridle he patted her on the neck a few times before laughing again.

"Now, let me show you how its done..." He put two fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly. Instantly, beating hooves could be heard thundering his way. They got louder and louder. Finally to the right of him a jet black mare cleared the fence. The animal stopped in front of him and dropped her head low.

"Good girl jinx" He rubbed a rough hand over her face. He scratched her ears and patted her neck. The filly watched from the side with curiosity. She watched as her owner bent down for the saddle and blanket. Her slung it on this other horse. He tightened the girth. He then slide the bridle over her head. Mr. Western then hopped up on his horse.

He clicked his tongue and said "lets get outa here..."


(back in the city)

Miss. Self Centered strutted back down the runway. Her time was up, for now. She walked back stage and headed for her make up table. She sat down. She decided she was thirsty and reached for her bottle of water. As if on cue her cell phone rang.


she picked up her glittery pink cell phone.

"hello" she asked semi rudely

"Helga! Baby" An excited male voice said

"what do you want David, im busy"

"how does Australia sound? They want you on a runway there"

she sighed "i dunno ill have to decide "

"sorry girl, i need an answer now."

"what kinda accommodations" she poked

"Five star! First class personal plane"

"how much do they wanna play" she asked

" 10 a day, baby"


"that's my girl! Have you stuff ready to go by tomorrow" he then hung up. Helga closed the phone and sighed.


(out side the city limits)

As the cowboy galloped along on his horse he felt his cell phone vibrate. He slowed his horse to a stop, and proceeded to tend his phone.

"Hello" he asked

"so you know how you said you wanted to explore the Australian wilderness" replied a young sounding male


"i got an awesome deal for you to go.."

"Private plane? Ya know i hate large planes..."

"of course. Arnold, what kinda travel agent do you think i am"

Arnold laughed "you're awesome dude"

"all right dude, airport, tomorrow at 7:00am"

Arnold ended the call and turned his horse towards home.

A/N: okey dokey that's chapter 1. okay, so iv always thought Arnold could be a good cowboy. He just has that look, and Helga, she seems like the type to be the ugly duckling as a kid but would grow up to be really pretty. so..um i hope all you guys like it. ). leave me some feedback please. Don't be too harsh. Please! Anyway...stay cool kids!