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Chapter 2

We meet again

It was around 6:30 a.m. And it was already very hot out. The sun was rising above the buildings ever so lightly. The moon could still be seen. But only barely. Arnold stood in front of a old wooden stable door. Its random chips, flaws and kick marks each told stories. For it had been there for many years. Behind it jinx ate greedily. Slightly pawing the ground to ward off any potential food stealers.

"well girl, i'm gonna be away for awhile. Lila is gonna take car of ya till i come back." He leaned against the wooden door. He kicked some dirt with his boot and it dust balled away. He then reached his arm over and patted her on the neck. Jinx snorted and kept eating.

Arnold chuckled " you keep lil' booger over there in line. You hear me!" he pointed to the youngest member of the barn. He examined his watch and decided it was time to go.

Arnold walked across his yard, shooing a few chickens as he went. He didn't live on a farm. Exactly. He just had his horses and those few chickens. Which he kept because they ate bugs. He climbed the steps of his porch to his single story log cabin. In his living room he did some last minute packing. Packing only the bare essentials. When those tasks were finished he locked up and headed out in his old pickup.

(Helga's House)


Helga cursed to herself as she attempted to squeeze a suitcase into, the already packed, trunk of her convertible SL500(mercedes). She pushed and pushed but it still wouldn't budge. Unlike Arnold, Helga believed in bringing everything you might need, and anything you might not. She laughed at the bare essentials. Bare essentials...whoever though that up must have not been as fortunate as she. Or at least that were her whole out look on that situation.

She finally gave up cramming it in. She dragged her remaining piece of luggage around to the passenger side where she flung it into the seat. She then made her way about around to the drivers side. She flopped down into the seat, cranked the car up, and sped away.

(With Arnold)


Arnold scurried up the plane shoot into the small craft. He stepped into the door, clearly designed for short people, and glanced around. There were a 2 rows of seats, a bar area and a tv. The seats looked to be leather. The stewardesses looked very ditzy and slutty. Like something you'd see at a bachelor party. He slightly grinned to him self. He then casually made his way to a empty seat. He scooted all the way to the window. His favorite spot. There were about 4 other people on the plane already. It didn't bother him any. As long as it was compact, and small.

(With Helga)

"Is the the plane to sidney?" Helga leaned over the ticket table starring the host in the eye. She tapped her fingers very rapidly against the wood.

"yes miss, right down that hall way" the hostess proceeded to point out the way.

"Thanks..." Helga shrugged her back pack back on her shoulder. She briskly began to walk towards the tunnel.

"Hey aren't you-"

"Helga G. Pataki! Yeah yeah take a picture it'll last longer!" She rolled her eyes before heading down the shoot.

The hostess blinked "...actually i was gonna ask for you ticket...but...okay..."

Helga stepped into the plane and cocked an eyebrow. There were other people in there. What were they doing there? Her bright blue eyes fell upon the only open seat. The seat next to Arnold. She was gonna get to the bottom of this. She imminently flipped open her cell and punched in a number skillfully.

"Hello?..." A sleepy male voice asked.

"David! I though you said it was a personal plane?" she whispered angrily

He paused "...it is..."

"Well there are other people on my plane!"

"that's as personal as i could get it.." David yawned

"let me tell you some-"

"pipe down, think of it as reality Tv..." Helga went over the idea in her head.

"Yeah well, the only seat to sit in is right beside Indiana Jones..."

"deal with it..." with that he hung up.

"Uh! Rude much!" Helga pouted

Helga frustratingly marched over to Arnold's seat. The only seat available. He had the window too! She pouted even more entirely. She always had the window. She was going to die with out the window. Who did he think he was! Arnold looked from the window to her, and tipped his hat.


"um...hi" she fell down next to him.

"Going to Australia eh?"

"yeah..." she replied a bit annoying while giving him a 'your still talking to me' look

"well, no sense in being strangers. Im Arnold Greene" he extending his hand

Helga about choked

"Arnold?" she ignored the hand

"yeah?" he cocked and eye brow

"oh wow..." she put a hand to her forehead gathering her thoughts "...its me, Helga Pataki" she laughed

"whoa...long time not see. How you doing these days?"

"umm...good you?"

"...great..." He sighed. His eyes never peeling away from her. He was having a hard time digesting that this was his childhood tormentor. This beautiful creature beside him.

"so what brings you to sidney? Going crocodile hunting? " Helga asked very seriously

"umm...no" Arnold replied a tad bit offended. "what brings you to Australia? Modeling?" he retorted

"actually, yeah" she perked up and smiled

"oh...wow..never thought you'd end up in that buisiness..." he scratched his dirty blonde head.

"Hey! What's that suppose to mean bucko?" Helga became defensive.

"...nothing" he leaned over to the window. He then realized that she was still most likely the exact same person he left in high school some odd years ago.

"that's what i thought...football head" yep the exact same person


" plaid shirt/skirt..."

"pink bow..."

"Crocodile hunter..." Arnold Grated his teeth at that one. The plane hadn't even taken off and she was already on his last nerve.

"look!" he semi yelled "if were gonna get through this agonizing ride were gonna have to make some peace or at least attempt to get along! I know its difficult but try!" He was now scowling

Helga simply looked at him a blinked. Oh how she wanted to laugh. He was funny when he was mad. She run her fingers through her hair.

"well, i was till you had to go be all rude and shit." typical Helga. Always had to get that last comment in.

"Stewardess! Drink Please!" Arnold waved his hand desperately in the air. This could potentially be life or death. A small brunette came a prancing to his aid.

"What would you like sir?" her squeaky voice made Helga quiver.

"Scotch...just bring me the bottle. Im gonna need it." she smiled and glided off to the bar.

"Don't mind him! He's just cranky!" Helga called to the stewardess. She heard a thump. Upon investigating it she found Arnold with his head against the window. He breathed in deeply. This was gonna be a long ride. Oh if he only knew how...

A/N: whoo. Glad that chapters over. It was boring. But you gotta have some lead way to the good stuff right? Im trying to make it were Helga and Arnold just like, grate each others nerves really badly. They don't each other they just don't necessarily see eye to eye. Im also trying to make their personalities really shine through. Like Helga being sort of snobby and Arnold being down to earth. If you have any ideas for anything tell me. Id love to here them. Anyway leave me some feed back! Bye:)